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Thursday 3 March 2022

Ohafia Bloodbath: The World Needs To Speedily Intervene In Biafra-Nigeria Case

 Ohafia Bloodbath: The World Needs To Speedily Intervene In Biafra-Nigeria Case

There have been a great silence from the world, It has always been that way. The global elites and mainstream medias have rarely ever seen reasons to focus their attention and camera to Africa. Of recent, their focus is in Ukraine, where a despot has chosen human catastrophe and humanitarian crisis over diplomacy. But all is never well in Biafra, where a human carnage of immense proportion, greater than the evil going on in Ukraine, have taken place for decades.

Today is roughly three days after Nigerian government spoke of sending help and army to Ukraine, when back home, a bigger war is ragging, which they have not been able to control. And it is quite laughable and hypocritical that in a country where her leaders completely have no clue on how to contend a long lasted Islamic terrorism and extremism, statement of assistance is being issued to another country under a more technical siege.

It was bad enough that Russia aided Nigeria to kill Biafrans in a most gruesome way in 1967-1970, but worse is that the world is seemingly pretending that Russia is doing it for the first time, and focusing all attentions on Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Nigerian government, with the help of United Kingdom is inflicting maximum pain on the people of Biafra. The same United Kingdom is at the forefront of global alliance in total condemnation of savaging behaviour. And a question for United Kingdom is: Why accept the savage of Nigeria on Biafra, but rejects the savage of Russia on Ukraine? Are Biafrans subhumans?

The first night of the March 2022 was a sad night for the people of Amangwu community of Ohafia, Abia State, in the south east of Nigeria(Biafraland). A joint armed force, comprising of Nigerian military and Ebube Agu security operatives invaded and killed innocent civilians of the community, set numerous houses ablaze without provocation. According to report obtained by Family Writers Press International from the village, a minimum of five innocent youths were killed that night in cold blood, many others were abducted to unknown destination, houses and businesses were set ablaze while many narrowly escaped.

This sorts of Nigeria military activities have continued as a ritual in Biafra for over a decade now, and the world is keeping deaf ears.

It is being said that Russia, who is not a democrtic have no right meddling in the political affairs of any democratic country, or use it as a pretext to invade Ukraine. But no one also remembers to say that Ukraine as a democratic country owe the Luhansk and Donesk people what every democracy gives – referendum! 

That is the same way the rules of democracy are being disrespect in the case of Biafra and Nigeria. The Nigeria government have been allowed to continue visiting Biafrans with kidnaps, illegal arrests, torture, imprisonment, killings, etcetera. And the world keep pretending not to see it. And at most, say that Nigeria is a sovereign nation and in a democratic setting, you should not interfere in their affairs. But no one wants to think that the same democracy permits a referendum for Biafrans.

Resolving issues and maintaining world peace is easy. Unfortunately, the globalists that control the big pharmaceutical companies and the military industrial complex prefer war resolution instead of prevention. This is sad!

The Biafran people must be freed from the combined forces of Fulani controlled Nigeria government and United Kingdom’s bureaucrats. Otherwise, like the people of Ukraine, we will be left with no choice but to defend of our land. There is only so much an oppressed people can take – Biafrans have had enough!

Another impending humanitarian crisis needs to be averted. The time to act is now!



Written by Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International.

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