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Sunday 24 April 2022

Biafra: Will You Be Among The Worthy Hundred Men?

 Biafra: Will You Be Among The Worthy Hundred Men?

The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has severally said that all he needs to restore Biafra is a hundred (100) men. These are to be individuals who undiminishingly posseses the entire qualities required for wholesome emancipation of Biafra

And whenever I remember this, it brings back the memory of what King Martin Luther said in his book, "Stride Toward Freedom". Luther said: “For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be, what is once well done is done forever.” 

Mahatma Gandhi never had more than one hundred persons absolutely committed to his philosophy. But with this small group of devoted followers, he galvanized the whole of India, and through a magnificent feat of nonviolence, challenged the might of the British Empire and won freedom for his people.

This method of nonviolence will not work miracles overnight. Men are not easily moved from their mental ruts, their prejudiced and irrational feelings. When the underprivileged demand freedom, the privileged first react with bitterness and resistance. Even when the demands are couched in nonviolent terms, the initial response is the same. Nehru once remarked that the British were never so angry as when the Indians resisted them with nonviolence, that he never saw eyes so full of hate as those of the British troops to whom he turned the other cheek when they beat him with lathis or heavy stick. But nonviolent resistance at least changed the minds and hearts of the Indians, however impervious the British may have appeared. “We cast away our fear,” said Nehru. And at the end, the British not only granted freedom to India, but came to have a new respect for the Indians.”

The above statement has just brought home the clarity of what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has in mind when he said he only needed 100 men.

The implication is not lost on most people, although only a few understood the real life application. Hence, only a select few knew that to move the world, the only thing needed is just a lever and a support. With as little as 100 people Mahatma Gandhi conquered British imperialism and by extension the supposed valmighty America and forced them to their knees. And these things happened at the time the world is still developing!

It is at this point of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu being away, incarcerated in DSS dungeon, that the question has become imperative. It is this moment that has indeed afforded us the weapon to separate men and women from boys and girls. Indeed, many have resorted to fighting each other, name calling, overwhelmed by manipulative cognitive warfare, misinformation and duplicitous character. Such people who embarrassingly confess loyalty to Paul or Apollos thereby creating a schism in the body of Christ are not worthy of the call, according to the "Holy Bible".

As the saying goes, “what is worth doing, is worth doing well. Are you doing what you supposed to do or you are busy looking for whom to accuse. With all these emotive and immature attitude of many of many who claim to be fighting for freedom, it will be assumed they do not really understand what freedom fight is about. Many want to be noticed on social media. They want to make a video or an audio. They want to have one million followers. They want to monetize freedom fighting, Biafra freedom fighting. Only a few knows how to read and make sense of it!

You may wish to ask "what is the lesson to gain from Gandhi"? It is that Gandhi used a nonviolent approach. The same approach that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is using today in a far more pronounced terms than Gandhi did.

The only difference is the the presence of infiltrators. The 100 men of Gandhi was pure within themselves.

This is why Kanu is in need of such spotless men and women. With that, Biafra will be restored within the shortest imaginable time.

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

Family Writers Press International

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