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Friday 8 July 2022

TERRORISM: Nigeria Will Face A Total And Consuming Madness, Should Anything Untoward Happen To Kanu--IPOB Warns

TERRORISM: Nigeria Will Face A Total And Consuming Madness, Should Anything Untoward Happen To Kanu--IPOB Warns

IPOB rally

A proverbs in Igboland says "Atukàtàkwà Ikputu àkpà, ọtaa aru". "Ikputu" is the dangerous snake, viper. It is believed that Ikputu does not bite immediately it make contact with its prey, but has a number of counts it make before doing so. Therefore, the proverb is a warning that, while these number of counts is not completed by the Ikputu, anyone who thinks he/she can carry it up and down, match or walk on it, should as well have it in mind that ones this dangerous snake completes its count, it will bite. And definitely, no one survives the bite of a viper.

Nigeria should understand that though the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) is a peaceful movement, it is the peaceful "Ikputu". And the peacefulness has long been abused and taken for cowardice by the Buhari led government of Nigeria.

A press release on 7th of July 2022 by the IPOB media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful informed the public of an intelligence report about the recent attack on Abuja Kuje Prison, and how there is a subsequent plan being directed against Nnamdi Kanu, the illegally detained leader of IPOB.

According to Powerful, "Kuje prison attack was pre planned with full knowledge of the Security agencies". 

He also noted that there is a plan to attack the IPOB leader in the Department of State's Services(DSS)'s dungeon. Saying, "We want everybody to understand that The reality of the Fulani agenda to Fulanise Nigeria is around the corner. All Fulani calculated plan to attack our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in DSS custody is being done with the full collaboration with the DSS."

Recall that the IPOB Leader was Kidnapped last year in Kenya, and extraordinarily renditioned to Nigeria by the Nigeria secret security. Since then, he has been subjected to multiple incarceration in the DSS detention, while Nigeria has ignored all legal demands for the release of Kanu. Precisely through the manipulation of Justice Binta Nyako's Court.

Now, IPOB has reliably uncovered that Kanu's continued detention in that DSS dungeon is now very dangerous, because of the elimination plots of the all Fulani sponsored terrorists, in collaboration with the DSS

If it were that those at the helm of Nigeria's affair rightly learns from the pasts, they would have clearly understood that their continued underrate of IPOB is majorly what has led them into so many troubles that are hunting them today. This can be proven. A country with a leadership that is beclouded by unimaginable hatred for a region, and which hatred has restricted from heeding the warnings they were given in regards to the danger of grooming vampires.

What did not start today is the Nigeria government's romance with internationally designated terrorist groups like Boko-Haram, the Islamic State's West Africa Province(ISWAP), and an unending nature of others like the Herdsmen and Fulani extremists. This has resulted to several terror attacks, especially in the northern part of the country. And all can be blamed on the government's refusal to take right advices.

As at this moment, IPOB is again advising the Nigeria government to unconditionally free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or at least, move him to a detention facility in the eastern part of the country.

As contained in the press statement by Emma Powerful, he said, "Our leader is not safe in Abuja". "The impostor president is aware of what happened in Katsina and Kuje prison yesterday". "The next attack is DSS and their singular target as always will be Biafrans detained in the custody of the DSS and our leader Nnamdi KANU is detained in the DSS custody." "We are therefore demanding that our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU be transferred immediately to a prison in the Eastern region for his safety because if anything untoward happens to him Nigeria will see and feel total and consuming madness even after the Biafran Nation's freedom is fully achieved they will never have peace. "...if anything happens to our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in DSS custody, the story would never remain the same and the consequences is better not imagined."

One thing still very uncertain is whether the Nigeria government will listen to this IPOB's kind advice, or not. But it calls for the immediate concerns and prayers of both lovers and haters of Nnamdi Kanu. The government should be made to listen to the voice of reasons because, irrespective of what you feel about Kanu and IPOB(love or hate), that will make no difference, should anything unlikely happen. God forbid!



Written by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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