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Friday 22 July 2022

The Biafran Territory Needs Defence Now, More Than Ever

 The Biafran Territory Needs Defence Now, More Than Ever

The alarming presence of Fulani forces who have been accumulating themselves in our forests and bushes calls for very decisive actions now, more than ever. Just like amoeba engulfes its prey, so do they plan to engulf the whole of Biafraland. Their plan is very simple. It is to subdue us, kill us, take control of the recourses in our land, process, and sell them for more funds with which to finance other terrorists in the world for total and global islamisation.

But, their greatest hindrance so far remains the Eastern Security Network(ESN), formed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenious People Of Biafra(IPOB). The gallant ESN men and women are the ones who are in Biafra forests and bushes, providing security for Biafrans and preventing these terrorists from sneaking into Biafran towns and villages for their terror acts.

The Islamic Fulani terrorists have top sponsors from around the world, including Garba Shehu, Shettima Yerima and so many of them in Nigeria.

They also have sponsors from the United States through whom they as well sent some retired U.S. soldiers to Nigeria, who are training the terrorists in Maiduguri forest.

All the money Nigeria government fraudulently borrowed from China during the COVID-19 outbreak were never used for COVID-19 vaccines as Nigerians were deceived to believe. They were actually used to purchase heavier fire-arms, such as; grenades, Amoured carriers, the 12 Super A-29 Tucano jets which Nigeria government bought from United States in 2021, which has never been used against terrorism in the country, but rather supplied to the terrorists.

The more pathetic thing is the action of the governors of the east, whom the terror sponsors in Abuja told to hunt down the only savior security force of the east, ESN, and who agreed to willfully obey such order and began to hip up the 'innocent people' killer squad of the Nigeria army to kill every ESN personnels they see. These governors even go the length of sending the soldiers into the bushes in search of ESN camps to kill and destroy, while the actual enemies of the Biafra people are chilling in their camps unhindered.  

These governors never appears to remember that if the Fulanis succeed in killing ESN who are the only barrier against their terrorists plan to take over our land, then the invading terrorists will come out from the bush and begin to operate fully in our soil unhindered, selecting on which  and how many of our people to slaughter daily. By then, they must have blocked every escape routes and nobody will flee. But the good thing is that even the Nigeria soldiers will not save you politicians if that day comes. We pray it never comes.

You as governor today that has the opportunity to defend yourself and your followers  may not have the opportunity to escape this coming slaught. Even if you do, for how long will you be exiled in another man's land?

The Biafra we are defending today may not contain us with you that is against us when you might have been forcibly sent packing from Abuja by the terrorists.

Therefore, it is better for all to look inwards now, to see what Nnamdi Kanu saw many years ago and join this IPOB's fight of defence of the motherland(Biafra).

'A stitch in time', they say, 'saves nine'.

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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