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Monday 1 August 2022

FWPI Editorial: A Society Devoid Of History Knowledge, And The Regrettable Rooms For Fulani Intruders

 FWPI Editorial: A Society Devoid Of History Knowledge, And The Regrettable Rooms For Fulani Intruders

History is unfortunately not an attractive subject to many, especially young people in Nigeria. Many who have later paid attention to the subject, and at their adulthood age, regretted not doing so early enough because it has cost them lifetime damage. Nigerians, especially the youths, rank at the top of world destinations for poor historical knowledge. And it is not appearing to have any remedy soon. For instance, the seasonal distraction of "Big Brother Naija(BBNaija)" sadly indicates that the problem will continue. So, it is on this note that i will at this point, humbly urge you my reader to pay utmost and rapt attention to this article.

The globalists (i.e: the liberal Eugenicists that wield the global economic and political power) have a strange concept for improving lives. They imply that famine, climate change wish-list, abortion, wars and diseases, etc. are essential for achieving that goal. The key word is essential. They have a well thought out strategy. They would not stop until they convince you to abandon common sense and submit to their mind control game, either wilfully or by force; unless you do something to stop them on their track. Unfortunately, their plan includes the Fulani. And you might want to ask, how?

When Prophet Mohammed claimed to have received a revelation from Angel Gabriel to be the last of the prophets, he began his preaching in Mecca, his city. For 12 years, he was only able to convert or recruit his friends and family. So, he decided to go to Medina, an Arabian city where the Jews did business. And even though he copied the Jewish way of worship and incorporated it into Islam, the Jews did not accept his message. Since no one would accept him, he turned himself into a military commander and embraced the use of violence. So, the Islam he started and preached for the first 12 years of its beginning, suddenly turned from a spiritual movement to a political movement, covered in religion. 

Prophet Mohammed employed two principles vis-à-vis the principle of lying, called "Taqqiya", and the principle of war and Treaty, called "Al-Hadibeeya". The first simply means that Muslims can place their hands on a Koran and lie, knowing fully well that they are lying, but equally believing that Allah will forgive them, because they are advancing the cause of Islam. And the second is a war strategy Mohammed used when he attacked ancient Makka(Mecca). As his soldiers suffered defeat at a place called Hadibeeya, he quickly signed a 10-year treaty with the province of Makka, that he would never go to war with them, but only live in peace with them, and leave them in peace.

But, against the agreement, he quickly build his army, and attacked the city when they least expected, in just two years after the Treaty. And the rest is history!

The Fulanis are the Wahhabis. The Wahhabis practice Wahhabism. They are not a different sect. Wahhabism simply means following the direct teachings and lifestyles of Prophet Mohammed. You should never believe anything they tell you because they mastered the art and principles of lie(Taqqiya). Neither should you reach any reconciliatory agreement with them because it means nothing to them, and they will only see you as a useful idiot, someone too gullible and uninformed.

Do not take my words for it. All you have to do is watch the 1964 interview of the then Premier Northern Nigeria,

Ahmadu Bello, by the British Broadcasting cooperation (BBC). Then, read the recent confession of the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai on the unforgiving spirit of the Fulani, and how he paid terrorists as a way of encouraging them. Or, even visit the Twitter tirades of Muhammadu Buhari's daughter, Zahra. You will find that these people offer us a mirror to see Prophet Mohammed for a terrorist he really was. There are many things Mohammed did, like; forcing people to pay protection tax to be able to live. This, the Fulanis are today, already replicating all over the northern Nigeria, especially in Southern Kaduna.

Instead of describing that Mohammed properly, he was given a prophetic title, even though I am yet to read or be pointed to a single prophecy from him. And just in case you insist that they are few or minority, just know that Hitler started slowly with harassment and intimidation and with the snap of a finger, the Nazi expanded. But the practical proof of what is explained lies with the 2013 Pew Research Poll, conducted in 5 topmost Islamic countries of Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria and Bangladesh. The research found that 77% of Muslims interviewed in the poll want Islamic caliphate, Islamic State and Shari’a law over the constitution. Yes, that is right.

The globalists use climate change as  partisan political issue. And since science does not support them on that issue, they have chosen to be anti-science and against common sense. While everyone knows the existence of climate change, the solution is not in funneling billions to fund political wish-list. A knowledge of elementary biology shows that planting more trees is the answer. The trees will be an easy solution and cultivate an ecosystem. However, the globalists prefer disbursement of money to their friends and allies with phantom companies they claim produce green energy. Their original plan is to stop energy from oil and gas. Farmers use that energy to power their tractors and machines while truckers need it to make delivery. In addition, they now want ethanol from carbohydrates as a preferred source of energy. The objective is to cause food scarcity and control your access to food. If they can control the flow of food, they can control you and be able to cause hunger and deaths. However, this strategy is for civilized and developed countries.

The Fulanii come handy in their strategy for underdeveloped and developing countries. Nigeria is the only country in modern history vehemently in rejection of ranching. It defies common sense. Yet it is happening in 2022. The goal is to deny farmers arable land and cause food scarcity. This is pursued in two front. First, the terrorists are armed with sophisticated weapons to assault and kill farmers on their ancestral lands. So the surviving ones refuse to farm on their lands for fear of being killed or because they could not afford the protection tax demanded. Secondly, the government’s official policy of Rural Grazing Area(RUGA), with the water resources bill are deliberately designed to seize fertile lands from farmers.

The story of ‘the witch and the baby' is quite symbolic in Igbo land. Whenever the witch cries at night and the baby dies in the morning, it is usually attributable. Now, there is need to look beyond the witch. The Fulanis may have told you that "they would not stop until they dip the Koran into the Atlantic ocean", but the real deal is that they are serving the interest of a fringe group, the globalists. They are not going to stop unless something is done about it. When Prophet Mohammed began the expansion of Islam by force, he was stopped at the gate of Vienna on Nine-Eleven (September 11) in a process that ended the Islamic caliphate in 1924, after it lasted for 1400 years and resulted in the death of over 270 million people by sword, without weapons of mass destruction. This latest attempt at resurrecting the caliphate in Africa through the Fulani, with the support of the globalists will require the Central Africa Republic treatment, to cut a long story short.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) that he(KANU) leads do understand this, and so do every indigenous person of Biafra that has been following Kanu's teachings at the University of Radio Biafra. So, good luck to the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi. But his candidacy does not change anything. What happens after his 8 years? We cannot afford to shift the resolution of this problem to another generation, to our children. Do you think the Fulanii, in their characteristic Leopard skin, would change after 8 years? Do you not think it will serve them the opportunity to utilize the ‘principle of lying and art of war’ better? That is exactly why a beloved brother in the Biafra restoration struggle, Mazi Elochukwu Ohagi wrote, “2023 will be a win-win for IPOB. Rig Peter Obi out and they would have given IPOB more voice. Give it to Obi and IPOB would have more ground to push for their freedom. …”

Anyone nursing the idea of reconciling with the Fulanis, should perish the thought. What we need is a chance at deciding our future. Continuing in a country with Fulani, will never allow that. Get in control of your emotions and condition your mind for what is about to happen. The Ignorance of what is archived on the pages of history about these lying blood suckers(the Fulanis), is why we Indigenous people gave way for their instruction in the first place.

A word is enough for the wise.



Chibueze Daniel writes from Ala-Igbo

Editor, Family Writers Press International

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