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Friday 16 September 2022

IPOB Doesn't Kill And Doesn't Know Who Killed Sheikh Iyiorji

  IPOB Doesn't Kill And Doesn't Know Who Killed Sheikh Iyiorji



We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to disassociate ourself from the murder of one Muslim cleric and Sheikh Ibrahim Iyiorji of Ebonyi state. 

We therefore warn Daily Trust media outlet owned by Fulani bandits to stop propagating falsehood, fabricated, fallacies, and unconfirmed news against IPOB Worldwide. 

We wish to let other media houses assisting them in their desperation to tarnish IPOB to beware of their evil reportage against IPOB. 

IPOB does not engage in such barbaric  killings and cannot be part of such heinous crime against humanity. IPOB does not kill flies talk of human beings and an Igbo man for that matter irrespective of his religious belief. 

Daily Trust and other compromised media should leave IPOB alone, get focused and stop encouraging Nigeria compromised Security Agencies on their state sponsored reportage against an innocent group, IPOB. 

So Nigeria Government has gone so low to the point of consulting witch doctors for fake narrative to accuse IPOB? Zoological Republic Security Agency's security intelligence is no longer working that they have to resort to consulting Witch Doctors for assistance. 

It is on the public domain that Nigeria Government and it's Security Agencies went to a Witch Doctor in Cross River State to ascertain who murdered the Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Iyiorji. After their visit they came back with negative reports that IPOB killed the young man.  

Important Questions to ask are:

Why will IPOB kill this Igbo Islamic Cleric? 

Is he a threat to Biafra movement? How many of our known enemies have we killed? 

Similarly, some unscrupulous elements and petty thieves are constantly stage- managed by Security Agents to lie against IPOB members and ESN Operatives. We understood that Nigeria Government and it's compromised Security Agencies some times arrange condemned and hardened criminals from prisons and tutor them to claim IPOB membership, ESN, or to be among the unknown gunmen that killed many Security Agents and burnt down their Police Stations in the South Eastern Region, and use them for lying against IPOB. 

For instance, a few days ago, Security Agents arranged a certain guy in a viral video who claimed to be ESN at the same time an Unknown gunmen. When he was asked who their camp leader was, he said their leader is a Coordinator (laughable). The guy couldn't even remember his rehearsal correctly. The guy is a known petty thief around his  town. Some time ago he was caught when he stole a phone in Ihiala, Anambra State and was later released.  Also in 2020 he was also caught in Nnewi where he stolen a motorcycle .  

So the Nigerian police  keep making mockery of themselves in an effort to tarnish the image of IPOB and ESN.

We won’t accept stage managing criminals to tanish the image of IPOB/ESN, not today and not ever.

IPOB and ESN never killed any Army Officer, Police Officer, or DSS Agent despite all provocations in the name of unknown gunmen since we started the pursuit for Biafra freedom. IPOB and ESN is not hidding its activities and can not be called Unknown gunmen because we are not faceless nor cowards. We are fearless before our enemies. 

Anybody linking IPOB to this murderous attitude of the Nigeria government must be examined properly and investigated to the extent that his or her brain must be properly examined. 

IPOB is only interested in protecting our people in our farmlands and bushes from Fulani invading terrorists. 


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