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Friday 18 November 2022

Criminality In Biafraland: IPOB Declares "Rough Money" And His Gang Of Villains Wanted

  Criminality In Biafraland: IPOB Declares "Rough Money" And His Gang Of Villains Wanted

Family Writers Press International(FWPI) deem it of exceeding importance to very extensively educate Biafrans in regards to the recent pronouncement made by the leadership of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), being the Directorate Of States(DOS). 

It is no more news, that criminality has thrived in Biafraland, since Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader has been in the illegal detention of the Nigerian Department Of States Security(DSS).   

Recall that Nnamdi Kanu was abducted, tortured and illegally renditioned to Nigeria, and since then kept in DSS solitary confinement. These ongoing criminality are being deliberately perpetrated by agent provocateurs, in a bid to blackmail him(Kanu) and his IPOB. 

Verifiably, the Fulani Cabals overseeing the government of Nigeria have been using Kanu's present condition (which they engineered) as a dice to gamble their ways into the minds of gullible Biafrans. They have been in the business of recruiting ignorant youths from all parts of the South, using them to wreak havocs in Biafraland, in search of ways to incriminate the IPOB leader and his noble movement.

FWPI have obtained some useful informations through our investigative journalists who delved in to investigate the situation. And at this point, for records purposes, we will detail out who these Villains on Biafran soil are, and what we discovered about them. People who have foolishly accepted to be thorns on their own people's flesh, recruited by the agents of the Fulani government of Nigeria to tarnish the noble image of IPOB.

The people of Biafra should understand what crimes these evil souls have committed against Biafra because, according to IPOB, there will be no mercy anymore for any of them apprehended. 

The first: Rough Money - He is a brother to one 'Temple, also called Butuzor' in Umutanze, Anambra State. Rough Money has been terrorising the whole of Umutanze Community, taxing fifty(50) thousand Naira, a cooler of rice and two cartons of beer, from every home that is organising marriage or burial.

Secondly, the guy called, `Number One'. This guy kidnapped "His Royal Highness(HRH)", the king of Amaebu in Imo State, collected ransom from the King's family, but still murdered the 'Male ruler' who doubles for a native doctor. And till date, there is not a trace of the Kings dead body. 

Another person is called "Sky". In every two weeks intervals, this Sky goes to Ochiri in Amaifeke of Orsu, Imo State, forcefully collects people's hard earned money in bags, goes to share the money with his Boss, "Temple Butuzor“, somewhere at Orsu Valley. 

We also uncovered another guy called 'Obi', from Okporo. This Obi and another guy called 'Chimezie'(son of a Rabbi) had good records until they were deceived into the camp of 'Temple'. Presently, they want to leave Temple's Camp because Temple killed Rabbi's brother, "Ogbunike". Obi and Chimezie fears that Temple might betray them like he did to Ogbunike. So, they wanted to leave, but Temple discovered, and is currently holding them hostage. 

Temple Butuzor and one Miss Chinaza also have a very young boy they are keeping in their Orsu valley camp. They claim the boy is their child, but they actually snatched him from his mother in one of their operations.

Another guy called 'Zuma' discovered that IPOB have known about his crimes, and have beemed their light on him, so he relocated into a hideout in Okikwe. 

IPOB have placed these criminals on watch list. Anyone who finds them should communicate the appropriate authority. 

For clarity purpose, The security wing OF the DOS, alerts the people that there is currently no operatives of Eastern Security Network(ESN) in Orlu. They have been ordered to vacate the area. This will help Biafrans and the wider World believe that IPOB/ESN is never associated to the crimes happening in the area.

In a 17th October, 2022 address from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's lead Counsel, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor stated that Onyendu Kanu whom his legal team visited on the said date, at the DSS custody, cautioned Biafrans to remember that Biafraland is sacred, and it is why the devils are out to desecrate it. But, Kanu encouraged his true followers to "never give room for the enemies actualize such".

According to Ejiofor, The IPOB leader categorically "emphasised that our people should jealously guard our land".

It is on this note that the DOS maintains that, “Biafraland must be defended". 

Ogah C S Maduabuchi, reporting

For Family Writers Press International 

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