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Thursday 17 November 2022

IPOB Have Maintained A Peaceful Self-determination Activism, Amidst Divers Provocations

  IPOB Have Maintained A Peaceful Self-determination Activism, Amidst Divers Provocations

It has been established without any ounce of equivocation that, the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) follows the standard of International laws in their quest for Freedom of Biafra from Nigeria. It is also true that, IPOB “peacefully" maintains their stand on their right to self-determination. According to African Journal on Terrorism and Insurgency Research which was recently published with headline “Self-Determination Agitators or Terrorist Affiliates: Interrogating the place of the Indigenous people of Biafra of South-Eastern Nigeria” part of the report said that, the Indigenous People Of Biafra have continued to maintain the standard of International laws in their quest for Freedom. 

“There appears to be confusion about whether IPOB is a self-determination or terrorist group, especially after its proscription as the former by the Nigerian Government. Hence, this study investigates the true position of IPOB employing a descriptive analysis of relevant secondary data sourced for this purpose while anchoring it on the new social movement theory. 

Leveraging on submissions and facts that emanated from the data, especially the group compliance with international practices that is enhancing her global recognition, the study concludes that IPOB did not adopt terrorists' strategy in the course of actualizing its self-determination agitation but rather comply with some of the international principles. 

Therefore, the paper recommends that the Federal Government of Nigeria needs to review IPOB proscription and engage the group in a peaceful discussion to entrench a lasting solution amongst others.”

Self-determination is the legal right of a nation or people to decide their own governance, without the influence or interference of a foreigner. And, it is as well a core principle of international laws, by virtue of its relation to everyone. This moral excellence has been on play since the first day IPOB began to seek the independence of Biafra.

Countries have always gotten their independence through referendum, and were economically viable and lighthearted, which is the benefit of self-determination, when respected.

America for instance, exited from the United Kingdom in 1783, Panama did same from Colombia in 1903, Bangladesh left Pakistan in 1961, Algeria seceded from France in 1962, even the newest independent country, South Sudan, who seceded from Sudan on July 9th, 2011. This has been how people realises their national freedom, and it is why IPOB have argued that there is no reason for Biafra Nation to be left out hence continue to follow the international standard and practices to realize Biafra restoration.  

Not minding the series of massacres that have taken place in Biafraland, consciously carried by the Nigeria government, IPOB have remained peaceful in all her exercises. The Onitsha and Aba massacre of June 6 2016, the military invasion of the home of  Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader; an incident that claimed a minimum of 28 lives, Obigbo massacre 7th October- 4th  November 2020, to just mention a few of the more gruesome incidents, were good reasons for IPOB to turn violent. Despite all, the movement maintains that the peaceful measure of 'freedom through referendum' is better than war.

Nigeria government through their media agents, and their loyalist whom they have paid hugely to opposed Biafran independence, have unleashed a lot of lies and blackmails against IPOB. As if that is not enough, Nigeria government has ordered their military to engage peaceful and unarmed Biafran protesters and keeps killing them in cold blood. Notwithstanding, IPOB have remained peaceful and continues to advance in her quest.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB was abducted, tortured and illegally renditioned to Nigeria since June 2021; An act that violate both local, international laws and Kanu's rights. More provoking is the fact that he has been held under worst conditions in the dungeon of the Department Of States Security(DSS), against several court rulings that pronounced him guiltless and orders for his release. This alone is something Nigeria government thought would provoke IPOB into turning radical. Yet, the movement remains unshaken, but focused on their goal. 

While IPOB cannot be forced into picking up arms prematurely, the movement can never be strained to stop, or give up on the demand for Biafra freedom, as well. The tempo will remain steady until Biafra is recorganize as a sovereign Nation.

Lasting peace requires the respect of a people's right to self-determination by all people, without discrimination. It is something very important in maintaining local, regional, and international peace and had seen it as one of the strategy to prevent conflict.  

Changes cannot be made except people’s right to self-determination is recognized.  In other words,  "Give me freedom or, if death is within your power, give it to me". 

Written by Nwaeze Goddy

Edited by Ezinwa Biafra

For Family Writers Press International .

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