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Monday 22 May 2023

30th May: Remembering Biafran Heroes And Honouring Their Sacrifices

 30th May: Remembering Biafran Heroes And Honouring Their Sacrifices

The 30th of May holds immense significance for Biafrans around the world. On this day known as Biafra Heroes remembrance day, the Biafran people gather to honor and remember the Heroes/Heroines who sacrificed their lives in defense of their culture, traditions, value system and land from external aggressors. This solemn occasion serves as a time for reflection, prayers and a call for justice because the wounds inflicted upon the Biafran people have remained unhealed and unappeased.

The Biafra Heroes Day commemorates the Biafran Genocidal War, levied by Nigeria and Britain(United Kingdom), that took place from 1967 to 1970, when the Biafra sought to establish an independent nation. This quest for independence was driven by various factors, including; cultural and ethnic differences, economic disparities, prevention of genocide and the desire to preserve the unique heritage of the Biafran people.

The abundantly blessed land of Biafra by Chiukwu Okike Abiama(the Supreme Creator), possesses vast reserves of mineral and human resources. These blessings became both a source of contention and a catalyst for the tragic events that unfolded. The British colonialists, driven by greed, envy and jealousy sought to control and exploit these resources, leading to the suppression of Biafra's aspirations for independence.

The heroes of Biafra valiantly defended their land against overwhelming odds, standing up against aggression and oppression. They fought to protect their cultural heritage, their way of life, and the future of their children. Their unwavering determination in the face of adversity serves as an inspiration for this generation and generations to come, an embodiment of the resilience and spirit of the Biafran people.

Regrettably, despite the passage of time, justice for the victims of the Biafra Genocide remains elusive. The United Nations, the international body entrusted with upholding justice and human rights have yet to address the atrocities committed against the Biafran people. The British government with its historical involvement in the region, continues to be the minds behind the diplomatic oppression and marginalization of Biafrans in the 21st century.

On Biafra Heroes Day, it is essential to honor the innocent lives lost during the conflict and afterwards. The blood of these heroes cries out for justice and recognition. Their sacrifice must not be forgotten. They must rather be immortalized through remembrance, education and efforts to seek redress for the wrongs committed against them.

The call for justice remains ever pertinent. The international community must acknowledge the genocidal acts perpetrated against the Biafran people and support their pursuit of justice. It is incumbent upon the United Nations, in keeping with its founding principle of a guardian of global peace and security, to heed the cries for justice and ensure that those responsible for the atrocities are held accountable.

Biafra Heroes Day also serves as a reminder to the current generation of Biafrans to cherish and safeguard their culture and traditions. It is through the preservation of their heritage that the Biafran people can pay homage to their fallen heroes/heroines and ensure that their sacrifices are not in vain. The younger generation must be educated about their history, instilling a sense of pride and resilience in the face of adversity.

As the struggle for self-determination continues, fueled by the memory of the fallen and the quest for a brighter future, it is imperative for the international community to recognize the historical injustices perpetrated against the Biafran people. It is a moral obligation to address the atrocities committed during the Biafran Genocidal War and ensure that such human rights violations are never repeated.

Efforts towards justice and recognition should include truth-seeking processes, the establishment of memorial sites and reparations for the victims and their families. By acknowledging the past, society can move towards a future where the wounds of the past are healed and all individuals can coexist in harmony and mutual respect.

Furthermore, Biafra Heroes Day serves as a reminder that the fight for justice and the protection of culture and traditions is an ongoing endeavor. The current generation of Biafrans must keep holding strong the mantle and continue the struggle for self-determination, equal rightsand social justice. It is through their unity, resilience and peaceful advocacy that lasting change can be achieved.

Education plays a vital role in preserving and promoting Biafran culture and traditions. By teaching younger generations about the history and struggles of their people, they can develop a strong sense of identity, pride and a commitment to safeguarding their heritage. Cultural events, art, literature and music can also contribute to the revitalization and celebration of Biafran customs.

Ultimately, Biafra Heroes Day serves as a regrettable reminder that the sacrifices made by the heroes of Biafra should never be forgotten. Their courage, determination and unwavering commitment to their land and people deserve eternal recognition and gratitude. It is through honoring their memory, seeking justice and preserving their legacy that the spirit of Biafra will continue to inspire generations to come.

On this Biafra Heroes Day, let us remember the fallen heroes, pray for their souls, and renew our commitment to the pursuit of justice, freedom and the preservation of Biafran culture and traditions. May their sacrifice always serve as a beacon of hope and resilience for the Biafran people and all those fighting for justice and human rights around the world.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Chibueze Daniel 

For Family Writers Press International

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