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Friday 14 July 2023

Do Not Hide under The Guise Of Sit At Home to Unleash Terror On Our People ---IPOB Warns New Chief Of Army Staff, Lagbaja

  Do Not Hide under The Guise Of Sit At Home to Unleash Terror On Our People ---IPOB Warns New Chief Of Army Staff, Lagbaja

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has called on the Nigerian government to release its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, as various courts and the United Nations have ordered if it cares about the destructive effects of sit-at-home in the South-East.

The pro-Biafran group said releasing its leader would automatically end the illegal sit-at-home, while accusing the government of holding its leader against court orders because the government wanted to use his detention to destabilise the South-East and blackmail IPOB.

IPOB stated this in a release issued on Friday by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, while opposing the deployment of soldiers in the South East under the guise of fighting insecurity.

IPOB however, warned the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Lagbaja Taoreed, not to hide under his ethnic bias against Ndigbo and IPOB to unleash terror "on our people in the guise of going after sit-at-home enforcers. The government of Bola Ahmed Tinubu should not toe the same line of the past janjaweed government by sponsoring crisis in the East to justify murderous military python and crocodile dances."

The release partly reads, "IPOB worldwide condemns the statement credited to the Nigerian Army linking IPOB to the incessant and destructive sit-at-home orders and enforcement in the Southeast. 

"The army chief, Lagbaja Taoreed, will not claim ignorance of all the previous press releases written by IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu disassociating ourselves from Simon Ekpa and his criminal sit-at-home enforcers. 

"For the avoidance of doubt, IPOB is not responsible for Mondays nor failed 7-day and purported 2-week sit-at-home orders and enforcement. The reckless and abusive sit-at-home strategy is from the autopilot group led by Simon Ekpa. 

"Why are they hiding like ostriches pretending as if they don't know that it was Simon Ekpa's group, not IPOB, who is responsible for the violent enforcement of sit-at-home? They want to destroy IPOB from within Igbo land, but they will fail, and all of the people involved will regret their involvement. The Nigerian government and her compromised security agencies run, but they can't hide from the reality of their atrocities. 

"We in IPOB oppose every military intervention in the East because they are usually of evil motives. We support them if they arrest the criminals and enforcers of the forceful sit-at-home, but they must do so at their camps. We will not support the government's plan to invade Igbo land because we will continue to protect our innocent fathers, mothers, and youths. 

"The Nigeria Army uses every opportunity to extrajudicially murder Igbo people any time they are deployed to the East. That is why we object to their presence as much as we detest the malicious sit-at-home and violent enforcement from agent provocateurs. we oppose military interventions because they will be used to kill and destroy the livelihood of our people.

"The Nigerian military must not use this as a conduit to illegally arrest, detain, and kill innocent Igbo youths, mothers, fathers, and even innocent IPOB members and ESN. IPOB members have no hands in the sit-at-home. We advocate that anyone caught violent entry enforcing the oppressive sit-at-home should be arrested, investigated, and their sponsors brought to book. The Nigerian military should not allow ethnic hatred and biases to becloud their professional ethics.

"ESN and IPOB are for our people, and we can not afford to destabilize our land. The Southeast Region is our territory, and we must protect it. The promoters of insecurity are not IPOB members but sponsored agent provocateurs and infiltrators working to derail IPOB and MNK's achievements. Their sponsors fearing that the Biafra agitation is gathering global momentum sponsored them to derail the Biafra restoration project. 

"Irrespective of all the attacks, IPOB will not retreat until Biafra is restored. As we fight to free Biafrans from the damnable Republic of the animal kingdom known as Nigeria, our ESN Operatives have been deployed to fight Fulani rapers and kidnappers in our bushes and forests. ESN Operatives has rescued many of our people who were kidnapped without making noise or announcing it. The recent viral video of rescued kidnapped victims from Ebonyi and Enugu State was the tip of the iceberg. This work to protect our people in Biafra Land has been ongoing

"If indeed the Nigeria government and her Security Agencies are interested in the peace of the Eastern Region, they should release Mazi Nnamdi KANU unconditionally as pronounced by the Appeal Court of Nigeria in Abuja, and see their sponsored criminal agents using Mazi Nnamdi KANU's detention to perpetrate crime go into oblivion and fade away."

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