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Wednesday 4 October 2023

Your Recent Sponsored Documentary Against Our Allies is Dead on Arrival--IPOB tells Britain

  Your Recent Sponsored Documentary Against Our Allies is Dead on Arrival--IPOB tells Britain 




The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have noted with dismay the latest British psychological operations to sway Biafrans away from possible Russia and Israel alliance. Britain should know that this generation of Biafrans that Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB are leading are wiser and can't be fooled.

Britain is already sponsoring a documentary on how Russia supported Nigeria to bomb Biafra Land and Isreal Government's double role during the genocidal war levied against Biafrans by Nigeria and Britain between 1967 and 1970. The recent British declassified documents aimed at exposing Russia and Israel's roles during the Biafra Genocidal War is a serious mind game.

We understand that the British psychological operations were at work. They wanted Biafrans to start antagonizing Russia and Israel. 

The declassified documents were British sponsored act to mess up our current relationship with Russia and Israel. No Biafran should be fooled. We are looking into the future, not the past. We decide our alliances, and Britain and Nigeria will not decide for us.

If Britain like let them declassify every document about Biafra genocide now, we are not going to be fooled to take our eyes off those behind the Biafran genocide which was Britain and countries they confused to join them. We are not ready to throw tantrums about nations that were deceived by Britain to join the coalition of forces to exterminate innocent Biafrans in the 1960s. It was Britain that advised Gen. Yakubu Gowon not to honor the negotiated agreement between Nigeria and Biafra  in Accra, Ghana called "The Aburi Accord." Instead of giving Biafrans autonomy per the negotiated agreement, Britain and Nigeria rolled out military tanks to exterminate Biafrans. Britain used their propaganda media, BBC to demonize Biafrans and convinced the world that we were rebels and many Nations joined and murdered over 4 million Biafrans. As a result of Nigeria's government aid blockade, millions of Biafran children were starved to death.  Our land was destroyed, and many Biafran children, taken as refugees into many friendly countries, but never returned even after the war. Britain should not remind us of our painful past with their self-serving declassification of Biafra genocidal civil war documents.

Biafrans can't forget in a hurry the colonial and post-colonial roles of Britain against Biafrans. Britain knows exactly what to do if indeed they have the interest of Biafrans ar heart. First, they must use their diplomatic clout to free their citizen, Mazi Nnamdi KANU, who was kidnapped from Kenya and extraordinarily renditioned and is being detained in a solitary confinement in Nigeria for over 2 years now. Secondly, they should decolonize Nigeria by persuading their puppet Government of Nigeria to conduct a referendum for Biafrans to decide their fate in the forced union called Nigeria. When the two conditions are met by Britain, perhaps we may begin to consider whatever message they have on who to be our ally and friend.

Biafrans have moved on, and we decide our friends. We are not ready to build alliances with any country where our interest will not be considered.

The recent psychological operation from the British and Nigerian governments with recent declassified documents and security Intel leaks respectively are dead on arrival. We expect them to move into the next stage by creating fake social media handles using Igbo and Biafra names to antagonize and abuse Russia and Israel. We trust that the affected nations have the infotech ability to decode the truth.

We advise all Biafrans to be circumspect in commenting on the latest declassified documents from Britain concerning Russia and Israel's role during the Biafra genocide and security leak from the Nigeria government. IPOB leadership is intelligent enough to make decisions as it affects the aspirations of Biafrans. We decide who are our friends not Britain nor the Nigeria government.


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