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Saturday 18 November 2023

Mass Grave: How Hope Uzodimma, Asari Dokubo Jointly Massacred Hundreds of Igbo Youths Since The Rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – Report

  Mass Grave: How Hope Uzodimma, Asari Dokubo Jointly Massacred Hundreds of Igbo Youths Since The Rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – Report

It was on the 18th of June 2021 that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped, tortured for eight days in Kenya and then extraordinarily renditioned to Nigeria.

Upon arriving Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu was bundled – while still in manacles – by the Nigerian Secret service (DSS) to the Federal High Court Abuja on 27th June, 2021 from where the news of his abduction and unlawful rendition broke.

Consequently, On July 5th 2021 one of Nigerian mainstream media platform – Vanguard News published a video on their verified Facebook social handle, where they interviewed Asari Dokubo. In the interview, Asari Dokubo while reacting to Kanu ugly ordeal, mockingly said that he told him [Nnamdi Kanu] that he would "smoke him out". 

Although, there is left of any plausible evidence to indicate that Dokubo actively participated or contributed in the logistical planning of Kanu's Rendition from Kenya, as all investigations has pointed to an international conspiracy by various western intelligence agencies such as the British Mi5 and American CIA alongside their Nigerian counterpart. The Buhari's administration who greenlighted the mission at the time, also did not have an extremely healthy relationship with the erstwhile pipeline contractor, to have roped him in, in such a sensitive state operation. However, this has not stopped Mr Dokubo from continuously claiming sole responsibility of Kanu's Rendition.

Six months later, Family Writers Press International obtained a video clip made by Asari Dokubo, where he threatened and suggested that every member of the Indigenous People of Biafra movement, which he – Nnamdi Kanu leads – should be hunted down and killed across Igbo territory. It is important to emphasize that, it is the same IPOB that is a non-violent Self-determination Movement demanding for a United Nations supervised referendum. The same IPOB that is made up of the old, young, fathers, mothers, youths and even the elderly. 

Not long after, the menacing Ebubeagu Militia created by the Southeast Governor's Forum to rival the Eastern Security Network – which was formed by the IPOB Leader to curb the unabated terror activities of the Fulani herdsmen in the East after the Federal government and its security apparatus failed to decisively intervene as the terrorists ransacked communities, farmlands, bushes. Killed and raped while destroying local agricultural products – began to wreak havoc. The Ebubeagu millitia not only aimed at rivaling the ESN, it turned on the harmless Indigenes which it was ostensibly created to protect and began  terrorising them. This was to demonize and blackmail the ESN of being responsible, while simultaneously trying to divert their attention from their primary assignment which was to evict the terror herdsmen.

And, on 23rd July 2022, Family Writers Press International after a robust investigation on the Ebubeagu militia and its ensuing reign of terror, published an article titled; 


Some notable extract from the piece which confirmed that indeed, Hope Uzodimma struck a deal with Asari to draft units of his loyal gang cum Private military company (PMC) made of ex-Niger Delta militants into Imo State and South East, to wreak havoc and perfect the itching wish of Asari Dokubo in the core Igbo hinterland. Read some part below; 

"According to an audio call obtained by Family Writers Press International, which was recorded between a brother who resides in North America and the leader of Ebubeagu militia, Mr Izuchukwu Akuegbulanwa. While interacting, this brother calmly asked the militia's boss about the composite of the notorious Ebubeagu militia that have been committing gruesome killings in Imo State. Mr Izuchukwu while responding honestly acknowledged, that most men in the Ebubeagu group are from Kalabari and Port Harcourt and some few others are Hausa people from northern Nigeria".

ALSO READ: Asari Dokubo behind the Killings In Imo state — IPOB Says

The above undoubtedly indicts Asari Dokubo in the rampant killing of Igbo youths, which has been taken place for the past two years. If you can recall, How Hope Uzodimma was swift in exonerating the Ebubeagu militia from these crimes. Because he needed to protect the perpetrators so they could continue their brutality against the people unabated. 

From our private investigation, most of the crimes committed in the core Igbo hinterland were done by Asari Dokubo boys who as acknowledged by the militia group's boss, occupies around 90% of the entire Ebubeagu militia and directly takes executive orders from Hope Uzodinma and the erstwhile Governor of Ebonyi State – Dave Umahi, both of whom have sworn that they will destroy the IPOB movement. Thus, they use the crimes of the Ebubeagu militia to blackmail the movement and the Eastern security network under its Command, while working hands in gloves with the Federal government.

 READ HERE: Hope Uzodinma, others, contracted Asari Dokubo Militia Against South East - IPOB

We also uncovered that the killing and beheading of the late Anambra State lawmaker, Hon Okechukwu Okoye was done precisely by bands from the Asari Dokubo's PMC working in the Ebubeagu militia and the operation was full total knowledge of the Imo State Imposed Governor, Hope Uzodimma.

Asari Dokubo also cited in an interview few months ago, that that his men are in various states across the Igbo hinterland. He later revealed that although he had withdrawn some units of group operating in Anambra State.  However, they are still very active in other states in the core Igbo Region.

With all elucidated above, it is crystal clear the series of mass graves being recently discovered in various locations in the South East like in Anambra – where a staggering number of 322 people were slaughtered and dumped in a mass graves by supposedly yet-to-be identified criminals – were done by these gang of reprobates masquerading as Ebubeagu militia, who are cropped from the Asari gang.  

Today, Hope Uzodinma and Asari Dokubo have breaded lots of criminals in Igboland, whom they have also lured a proportionate number of Igbo Youths, into the business of kidnapping for ransoms, incessant killings of their victims who may not meet their demand and sorts of despicable crimes against humanity. While Asari Dokubo used IPOB as a pretext object to project his hate, his true intent was in reality against the Igbo nation who unfortunately begot his grandfather. In Igbo proverbs it is often said that "the child who will kill his father, should not come forth".

Igbo Youths of the hinterland have paid the price of this hate with their lives alongside, but not necessarily IPOB members for the past two years. Most of them were caught and branded IPOB members, so they can be extorted and killed with their organs harvested to be sold.

It is imperative to state unequivocally, that the crimes of these men will not go swept under the carpet, neither will they escape reckoning in due time. Hope Uzodimma and Asari Dokubo have killed and wasted the lives of not only Igbo Youths, but also Ijaw Youths whom they have deceived and used to perpetrated all sorts of crime, while they cut backdoor deals with the oppressors at the expense of these Youths. Ijaw People must intervene or play the "ethnic card" when the time for justice comes. 

Written: By Ifeanyi Chibueze James 

Edited: Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For: Family Writers Press International

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