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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Ways Buhari Set Agenda For Inevitable War

 Ways Buhari Set Agenda For Inevitable War

Being excerpt of address delivered Apapo Oodua Koya,(AOKOYA) through Col Abimbola Sowunmi (rtd) to retired Yoruba junior officers recently in Kogi State

We need to educate Yoruba people, constantly, on how the Fulani has made war inevitable in Nigeria. Believe it or not. It will come. The best way to defend peace is to prepare for WAR. Here were the steps taken in the last 8 years by Fulani to set Nigeria on the part of war apart from the British plot to retain Fulani, the most retrogressive group, in power so as to keep Nigeria stunted.

1). Buhari and his Fulani kinsmen ab initio brought him to power in order to ensure the Fulani would be out of Government, but not out of power. For the 8 years, Buhari’s party, Congress for Progressive Change, CPC ruled Nigeria though in the name of All Progressives Congress, (APC). The CPC was the real party in power. It controlled all the major security organs of government. For the past 8 years, under the flimsy rehabilitation of terrorists, thousands of Fulani have been recruited into the Nigerian security apparatus through the backdoor.

2). The CPC officials stole the country dry. The agenda was to keep public funds in private pockets in order to prepare for the inevitable war. It is not just about corruption; it is about rogue stealing for a political agenda.

3) Buhari allowed armed Fulani gangs to have full dominion in all forests in Yorubaland, Middle Belt territories and in the South East. They have already established armed cells. The armed groups are in thousands. They will be used to torment and harass the country into submission either to force a military intervention or to destabilise any regime that is in power.

4) Buhari removed subsidy beginning from January 2022. The subsidy budget ended in May 2023. The second day he left power, prices of everything went up. This is a deliberate plan to create chaos that would lead to mass uprising which the Fulani, which is still better placed in the Army and all other security institutions, wants to explore. This is not to rationalise the profligate and corrupt regime that took over from Buhari.

5) Buhari and the Fulani cabal borrowed so much money to the tune of N37trillion. His government was using 95 percent of earnings to service debt. There is no way any government that succeeded him would make it. There is no miracle any government can perform. Buhari has already set the tone for inevitable misery and chaos. It is made worse because his successor has continued with the same pattern of exploitation and reckless stealing of public funds even in the first few months of the regime.

6) Buhari and his Fulani cabal took foreign funds and agreed to pay with crude oil. This will last for many years. As Nigeria sells crude, substantial part of the money would be deducted by creditors. This is a huge hurdle that will never allow Nigeria to survive the next two years. Fulani need this chaos to bring back the Army which structure remains in their hands. We must resist this by all means necessary.

7) Buhari armed the Ijaw in the Niger Delta. It was a political decision that many fail to understand. He gave N4b protection of pipelines to Tom Polo and also asked Asari Dokubo to protect Abuja-Kaduna highway with some 2.5billion given to his armed group. A lot of people fail to understand the reason. The Fulani want an alliance with the Ijaw which produce most of Nigeria oil. They calculate that the Ijaw needed to be fully armed for two reasons: To use them as ally to fight against Igbo South East and Yoruba South West when the war starts. When the war starts, they also wanted to retain and bargain for the control of many oil rigs they own in the Niger Delta. It is unthinkable that a FGN (Fulani Government of Nigeria) would provide so much money for armed rebels if not for its own strategic considerations. As we speak today, the Ijaws are armed to the teeth. In protecting oil pipelines, they have also used the opportunity to bring so many arms into their part of the country The Fulani calculates that with Ijaw fighting Yoruba and Igbo, the Fulani would negotiate a foothold in the Niger-Delta. The Fulani also calculates that a well armed Ijaw would ensure Yoruba or Igbo do not have access to oil and therefore would not deny the Fulani the chance of entering the Ijaw territory through a plotted alliance. You must have observed that Fulani armed groups are not present in Ijaw forests. Unfortunately, Tinubu came and rewarded the contracts to Tompolo. Disgracefully, Tompolo is even protecting the pipelines in Yoruba territories.


The Yoruba political class is empty. They can never save Yorubaland. They are barren and arid in ideology. The future lay in our own hands. We call on Yoruba people to prepare. Nigeria cannot survive the landmines laid by the Fulani. The landmines will soon begin to detonate one by one.

Plans of Parliamentary system to begin in 2031 is another Fulani agenda. That is the period the current regime will end. Its another plot to delude Nigerians and reinforce false hope. While the Fulani is planning for war, they are deceiving other Nigerians to have hope in a country they detest with cruel hatred. Nigeria only makes sense to Fulani if the country is under her armpit. Yoruba Nation, Prepare or be doomed. 


From Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) Public Enlightenment Bureau

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