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Saturday 18 November 2023

Breaking! IPOB Inaugurates New Liaison Office And BTV In Padova, Italy

 Breaking! IPOB Inaugurates New Liaison Office And BTV In Padova, Italy

The Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu inaugurated a New Liaison Office and Biafra Television In Padova, Italy for Culture, Trades and Investments.

In the occasion graced by Mazi Tony Nzurumike (IPOB Deputy Head of Directorate Of State) and other top IPOB Executives, Biafrans turned in en masse to show their solidarity with the IPOB leadership and IPOB Italy as the gospel of Biafra restoration keeps getting spread to all corners of the World.

When Mazi Nzurumike addressed officiating Biafrans before he cut open the ribbon and led access to the new Liaison Office, he stated categorically that IPOB leadership continues to applaud Intrepidacious and resilient Biafrans who have stood strong with the IPOB-DOS throughout the turbulent times and vowed to shame the enemies. The IPOB Deputy Head of DOS made it clear that no amount of storms, waves, sunshine or rain matters any much to IPOB, stating that the movement's resolve is to see that the journey to Biafra restoration is consistently sustained until it's end.

Mazi Nzurumike further presented a speech to Biafrans during the ceremony at the new Liaison Office. In the speech which acknowledge the IPOB Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in absentia, honorable members of the IPOB DOS, persons of chieftaincy positions, clergies, IPOB coordinators at all levels and honest IPOB members worldwide, Mazi Nzurumike expressed deep delight for the event that eventually came through after over 3-years of several unforeseen obstacles and unprecedented setbacks; ranging from COVID-19 to the abduction of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by the Nigeria government.

The IPOB Deputy Head of Directorate Of State blessed the Name of Chukwu Okike Abiama for sustaining IPOB, but also attributes the victories of IPOB to the collective efforts and tenacity of the DOS, IPOB Media Warriors, Radio Biafra Presenters and others, stating that IPOB have come triumphant. Nzurumike made it clear that IPOB have secured one of the main reason that led to the loss of the 1967-1970 Biafra-Nigeria war, saying Britain took advantage of their monopoly of media to cause several blockades on Biafra

This inauguration of the IPOB Italy Liaison office is yet another stride by the current IPOB leadership headed by Mazi Chika Edoziem, proving that they have not only remained faithful to the assignment handed them by the IPOB Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but have done so in total commitment and devotion, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the quest to fully make the world aware of the injustice against Biafrans.

This inauguration further reaffirms the determination of IPOB to remain peaceful, and submitting all her activities under the ambits of all internationally established rules, regulations and customs guiding agitation for self-determination. It shows that the IPOB movement is indeed internationally recognized and respected as the true Biafran freedom agitation Movement.

As the ceremony drew near to it's closure, several comrades from Biafran coastal region took the stage and addressed their people in their own tongues. A solemn moment of prayer was also observed, wherein all in attendance and beyond were assured that their efforts towards the Biafran freedom cause are services to Almighty Chukwu Abiama, and shall be rewarded in due time by same God.

The IPOB leadership also assured Biafrans that all necessary efforts have been put in to see that the illegally detained IPOB Supreme Leader is released, and he will definitely join the IPOB family very soon.

So the ceremony came to an end with closing prayers and a follow up refreshment. 




Family Writers Press International, reporting.

Mass Grave: How Hope Uzodimma, Asari Dokubo Jointly Massacred Hundreds of Igbo Youths Since The Rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – Report

  Mass Grave: How Hope Uzodimma, Asari Dokubo Jointly Massacred Hundreds of Igbo Youths Since The Rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – Report

It was on the 18th of June 2021 that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped, tortured for eight days in Kenya and then extraordinarily renditioned to Nigeria.

Upon arriving Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu was bundled – while still in manacles – by the Nigerian Secret service (DSS) to the Federal High Court Abuja on 27th June, 2021 from where the news of his abduction and unlawful rendition broke.

Consequently, On July 5th 2021 one of Nigerian mainstream media platform – Vanguard News published a video on their verified Facebook social handle, where they interviewed Asari Dokubo. In the interview, Asari Dokubo while reacting to Kanu ugly ordeal, mockingly said that he told him [Nnamdi Kanu] that he would "smoke him out". 

Although, there is left of any plausible evidence to indicate that Dokubo actively participated or contributed in the logistical planning of Kanu's Rendition from Kenya, as all investigations has pointed to an international conspiracy by various western intelligence agencies such as the British Mi5 and American CIA alongside their Nigerian counterpart. The Buhari's administration who greenlighted the mission at the time, also did not have an extremely healthy relationship with the erstwhile pipeline contractor, to have roped him in, in such a sensitive state operation. However, this has not stopped Mr Dokubo from continuously claiming sole responsibility of Kanu's Rendition.

Six months later, Family Writers Press International obtained a video clip made by Asari Dokubo, where he threatened and suggested that every member of the Indigenous People of Biafra movement, which he – Nnamdi Kanu leads – should be hunted down and killed across Igbo territory. It is important to emphasize that, it is the same IPOB that is a non-violent Self-determination Movement demanding for a United Nations supervised referendum. The same IPOB that is made up of the old, young, fathers, mothers, youths and even the elderly. 

Not long after, the menacing Ebubeagu Militia created by the Southeast Governor's Forum to rival the Eastern Security Network – which was formed by the IPOB Leader to curb the unabated terror activities of the Fulani herdsmen in the East after the Federal government and its security apparatus failed to decisively intervene as the terrorists ransacked communities, farmlands, bushes. Killed and raped while destroying local agricultural products – began to wreak havoc. The Ebubeagu millitia not only aimed at rivaling the ESN, it turned on the harmless Indigenes which it was ostensibly created to protect and began  terrorising them. This was to demonize and blackmail the ESN of being responsible, while simultaneously trying to divert their attention from their primary assignment which was to evict the terror herdsmen.

And, on 23rd July 2022, Family Writers Press International after a robust investigation on the Ebubeagu militia and its ensuing reign of terror, published an article titled; 


Some notable extract from the piece which confirmed that indeed, Hope Uzodimma struck a deal with Asari to draft units of his loyal gang cum Private military company (PMC) made of ex-Niger Delta militants into Imo State and South East, to wreak havoc and perfect the itching wish of Asari Dokubo in the core Igbo hinterland. Read some part below; 

"According to an audio call obtained by Family Writers Press International, which was recorded between a brother who resides in North America and the leader of Ebubeagu militia, Mr Izuchukwu Akuegbulanwa. While interacting, this brother calmly asked the militia's boss about the composite of the notorious Ebubeagu militia that have been committing gruesome killings in Imo State. Mr Izuchukwu while responding honestly acknowledged, that most men in the Ebubeagu group are from Kalabari and Port Harcourt and some few others are Hausa people from northern Nigeria".

ALSO READ: Asari Dokubo behind the Killings In Imo state — IPOB Says

The above undoubtedly indicts Asari Dokubo in the rampant killing of Igbo youths, which has been taken place for the past two years. If you can recall, How Hope Uzodimma was swift in exonerating the Ebubeagu militia from these crimes. Because he needed to protect the perpetrators so they could continue their brutality against the people unabated. 

From our private investigation, most of the crimes committed in the core Igbo hinterland were done by Asari Dokubo boys who as acknowledged by the militia group's boss, occupies around 90% of the entire Ebubeagu militia and directly takes executive orders from Hope Uzodinma and the erstwhile Governor of Ebonyi State – Dave Umahi, both of whom have sworn that they will destroy the IPOB movement. Thus, they use the crimes of the Ebubeagu militia to blackmail the movement and the Eastern security network under its Command, while working hands in gloves with the Federal government.

 READ HERE: Hope Uzodinma, others, contracted Asari Dokubo Militia Against South East - IPOB

We also uncovered that the killing and beheading of the late Anambra State lawmaker, Hon Okechukwu Okoye was done precisely by bands from the Asari Dokubo's PMC working in the Ebubeagu militia and the operation was full total knowledge of the Imo State Imposed Governor, Hope Uzodimma.

Asari Dokubo also cited in an interview few months ago, that that his men are in various states across the Igbo hinterland. He later revealed that although he had withdrawn some units of group operating in Anambra State.  However, they are still very active in other states in the core Igbo Region.

With all elucidated above, it is crystal clear the series of mass graves being recently discovered in various locations in the South East like in Anambra – where a staggering number of 322 people were slaughtered and dumped in a mass graves by supposedly yet-to-be identified criminals – were done by these gang of reprobates masquerading as Ebubeagu militia, who are cropped from the Asari gang.  

Today, Hope Uzodinma and Asari Dokubo have breaded lots of criminals in Igboland, whom they have also lured a proportionate number of Igbo Youths, into the business of kidnapping for ransoms, incessant killings of their victims who may not meet their demand and sorts of despicable crimes against humanity. While Asari Dokubo used IPOB as a pretext object to project his hate, his true intent was in reality against the Igbo nation who unfortunately begot his grandfather. In Igbo proverbs it is often said that "the child who will kill his father, should not come forth".

Igbo Youths of the hinterland have paid the price of this hate with their lives alongside, but not necessarily IPOB members for the past two years. Most of them were caught and branded IPOB members, so they can be extorted and killed with their organs harvested to be sold.

It is imperative to state unequivocally, that the crimes of these men will not go swept under the carpet, neither will they escape reckoning in due time. Hope Uzodimma and Asari Dokubo have killed and wasted the lives of not only Igbo Youths, but also Ijaw Youths whom they have deceived and used to perpetrated all sorts of crime, while they cut backdoor deals with the oppressors at the expense of these Youths. Ijaw People must intervene or play the "ethnic card" when the time for justice comes. 

Written: By Ifeanyi Chibueze James 

Edited: Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For: Family Writers Press International

Monday 13 November 2023

Nigerian Elections Are Over, But Should They Be Forever Over In Biafra Territory?

  Nigerian Elections Are Over, But Should They Be Forever Over In Biafra Territory? 

The above question is borne out as a matter of sincere curiosity and necessity, in consonance with what that has transpired over the years in Nigeria since 1962 – when the first Post-Independence census was conducted. But, more significantly what happened this year 2023, during the presidential general election and the subsequent governorship election which was concluded few days ago in Imo, Bayelsa and Kogi State respectively.

As usual, the elections were characterised with violence and unimaginable state fraud against the helpless electorates. Rigging and Electoral malpractices was brazen and unapologetic. In Imo State, police officers were responsible for ballot snatching and political thuggery. The officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) went to polls with already filled and written ballot sheets, and the modern Digital Vote Counting Machines/Mechanisms (BVAS, IREV) were reported to have malfunctioned on the get go, as obtained also during the presidential elections in February.

The truth is that recounting the ills and abnormalities that occurred in the Nigeria 2023 Elections is exhaustive and disgusting at same time. But it is important to document them, for posterity and referral purposes.

For what it is worth, The Indigenous People Of Biafra movement, took a neutral posture in the seasonal elections which commenced from November 2021- November 2023, unlike its initial policy of election boycott it has applied in yesteryears. This neutral standing was inspired by the popular enthusiasm of the masses in the East, who were convinced that they could exact the desired change with their voting cards – although they were admonished against that beforehand. 

Yet, even at that, IPOB still encouraged and maintained that the will of the people should be respected. And in the recent Imo elections, IPOB emphatically warned that the subversive tendencies of INEC and its officials can no longer be tolerated, and should they go with their nefarious plans there would be consequences. Unfortunately, INEC went on with those plans and rigged the polls in favor of a stooge who was Imposed on the people of Imo State by the supreme Court, four years ago.

Thus, on this premise shall we make our inferences. 

For years, the IPOB movement has endured overtures by the political class mostly from the Eastern stock to withdraw her policies of boycott during elections, most of which they movement caved to, and lifted the boycott orders in exchange for certain negotiated political/economic deal with the Federal government for people of Eastern Nigeria. Most of these deals never came through after IPOB had lifted the boycotts or opted for neutrality.

The most recent of them was the infamous "2023 Igbo presidency" campaigns – which as a result, led to the Illegal Proscription Of IPOB by the Southeast Governor's forum and Ohaneze Ndigbo and the bloody massacres that followed suit. They did not only fail at achieving the objective, they never accounted nor explained to the people why they failed till this moment.

Rather, they are engaged in shifting the blame on the crop of leaders who were at the helm of leadership at the time, as the ones responsible for the failure. But, was this not supposed to be an Institutional goal, instead of certain individuals or personality's project? This goes to show the level of irresponsibility which the political elites from the East exhibits. This also indicates that those advising IPOB to go all the way into the Nigerian politics as the easiest means to achieve her objectives, will immediately back out when the chicken comes home to roost. Abandoning her at the crossroads.

In light to the forgoing, it is imperative for the sake of securing lives and properties of the People in Eastern Nigeria who are always at the receiving end of the institutional rascality, manipulations and destructions done by the political class or their recruited agents during elections, that IPOB bans the activities of INEC across Biafra territory and further sealing off its offices. Rather than just calling for boycotts or no elections occasionally. The very Institution that facilitates the fraud and travesty every four years, should cease operations in the East until meaningful reforms are conducted in the system.

This method does not connote the application of Violent attacks on the INEC infrastructures or its personnel rather through systemic and Conventional, legal means in line with International laws of self-defense and preservation of lives and properties. Just like the formation of Eastern Security Network, which was borne out of necessity, to curb the menace of the rampaging Fulani terror herdsmen, after the Nigerian security forces failed to do so.

This in any way does not also affect IPOB's status as a non-violent Self-determination Movement which is still demanding for a United Nations supervised referendum. IPOB is not against any democratic process, but reserves the right objects to any process whereby those citizens she fights for their emancipation, are indiscriminately sacrificed for the benefits of the gluttonous minority. And the Western countries who readily claims to be the pioneers of modern democracy, but failed to intervene in sheer ineptitude and mediocrity going on in Nigeria perpetrated by the political class against the incapacitated masses, also has a disproportionate amount of blame to take.

Written By Family Writers Press International.

Russia's Inroad To West Africa: What This Entails For Indigenous Africans In The Region

 Russia's Inroad To West Africa: What This Entails For Indigenous Africans In The Region

Few weeks ago, we discussed extensively how West Africa has been and still is the most fortified stronghold of the Imperial West, in Africa. Deep, insightful analysis and inferences was objectively given. However, it would be a shame if we also fail to bring to the consciousness of the African people precisely the Sahelians, about the happenings in the neighborhood, and the roles other state actors could play in the affairs of the region. This would help the people to have a balanced view and make a healthy calculation of whose side should be best to tilt towards – East, West or neutral. Hence, the objective of this piece is to lay bare the facts as we possibly can, and let the people be the judge.

Not long ago, The Russian foreign ministry officially announced or indicated its interest to join in the maritime patrol activities in the Gulf of Guinea, as her western counterparts has been doing for decades. Some months earlier, a member of the IPOB Directorate Of State, Mazi Chinasa Nworu while decrying the exploitative activities of the collective West in the region under the pretext of combating piracy and other maritime crimes, suggested that Russia might as well join the West in the fight against "maritime crimes" in the Gulf Region, so they all could have a field day together. Afterall, they are all experts and could achieve greater results working together.

But it appeared that the comment did not go down well with the powers that be. There was a swift and decisive response from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Meta social platform – where the opinion was made. The post was immediately pulled down, and he lost access to his account for about a month. This goes to demonstrate how jealous the West is in protecting her Imperial stronghold from interference of other state actors especially its sworn enemies. 

In fact, some experts and geopolitical analysts holds the opinion that the Russia-Ukraine war was incited in 2022, so as to compel Russia to roll back her military assets [Wagner] advancing from middle east states like Syria to North African countries like Libya Algeria, and further down south towards the Sahel such as Central African Republic, Mali, Burkina Faso and recently Niger Republic. All of l aforementioned [In Africa] fell on the scope of influence of Paris and Washington. 

However, just as the incitement of the war and subsequent vehement rejection by the West –of the April, 2022 ceasefire agreement between the Russians & Ukrainians – could not stop Russia from simultaneously pursuing her foreign policy objectives, while prosecuting a heavily-funded proxy war back home right at her borders. So did the banning of the Pro-Biafra movement Senior official by Facebook did not deter Russia from indicating interest in Gulf Region later on.

Not only is Russia engaging up north Sahelian states as mentioned earlier, she is also strengthening relationship with some Gulf Countries such as Equatorial Guinea. Few days ago, the President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema, was in Moscow for a bilateral talk with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. A variety of issues were said to have been discussed ranging from security, economic cooperation and the global food crisis, owing to the war in Ukraine and the western sanctions on Russian products. 

But, most significantly the two president reportedly discussed the possibility of Equatorial Guinea to host the Russia-Africa summit in the near future. This is not only strategic but also symbolic.

Since the era of colonialism, the African continent has always been treated as a jungle and farm where raw materials are harvested and waste materials are dumped with impunity. Africans have continually been treated as beggars on a global stage, whose immediate survival depends on grants and aids from gracious overlords. African presidents and leaders are occasionally drawn from their various Countries and region to attend one summit or another, with one country or another of the developed world. However, the initiative to host the Russia-Africa summit on Africa soil, can only suggest that the Russians are sincere in their intentions and approach of cooperation with the African continent.

It is important to emphasize, that the global food crisis which has taken toll on the African continent and its people is not as a result of the laziness or nonchalant attitude of Africans to be able to cultivate, feed themselves through their naturally endowed arable lands Rather due to terrorism, ethnic and tribal conflicts [E.g The Fulani terror herdsmen Menace in the Sahel Region] inspired by geopolitical and racist contentions mostly by foreign state and non-state actors, which has forced African agrarians to flee their agricultural obligations, in order to save their lives, by living in refugee camps.

Thus, invariably compelling them to depend on handouts graciously given by whosoever that deems fit. Just like the impune oil exploration of Western companies have destroyed the aquatic lives in various African countries and regions like coastal Nigeria, denying the Indigenes access to clean water or farming activities and forcing them to depend on the outside for terrestrial and aquatic agricultural products for survival.

While Russia has stepped in to help Africa solve the food crisis in the interim, by sending tons of grains to African countries – after the United Nations food initiative ordinarily called the Grain Deal, which was intended for the same purpose, failed. She is also sending fertilizers to African farmers for free to boost local food production.  And also sharing nuclear technology with various African countries like Egypt, Burkina Faso, Mali to strengthen energy sufficiency in these countries. 

As President Nguema plausibly said during an interview with the Russia Today (RT) Media platform, after meetings with President Putin. 

The African continent and peoples are not involved in the business of forming belligerent alliance intended against anyone in particular, rather are seeking for objective partnership with countries that values and respect the African dignity and perspective, not relationships driven by colonial and imperial mindsets. The room for win-win cooperation for all parties is wide open, as long as mutual respect is applied accordingly.

The African People are entitled to the right to self-determinate over their lives, culture, sociopolitical autonomy and sovereignty as well as their natural resources. And they are willing to share and cooperate with anyone as far as their worldview and opinion are respected. This is the position of Africans and this is why they are vying for better and alternative partnership outside the western scope of influence. And this trend most likely continue if the West does not review its policies towards the African continent and its people.

Written By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

Sunday 12 November 2023

Biafra Self-determination Quest And The Hegemon Of The World Unipolar System

  Biafra Self-determination Quest And The Hegemon Of The World Unipolar System

For clarity sake, the concept and exercise of Self-determination as a right, is the process in which indigenous peoples around the world are entitled to determines their Political, Sociocultural and Economic future. It is simply a moment and means through which the people decides to take hold of their destinies into their own hands. Whereas a unipolar global system refers to a situation whereby a country, state or Bloc under the condition of global monopoly enjoys a preponderance of power with no viable competitor states. 

The United Nations charters wholesomely guarantees the right to self-determination as an inalienable right for all indigenous people on Earth. However, the unipolar or Western rules-based-order system, strives to determine how, when and to whom this principle applies to, and this only occurs when their various national and collective imperial interests are guaranteed. 

Historically speaking, empires have come and gone. And while these empires had, and enjoyed their moments of glory, they also experienced and fought capable rivals whom eventually at some point either subsumed them or facilitated their total demise, took reins and began the process of consolidating their own empires. The British empire, French, Austria-Hungarian, German and Italian, Spanish – all of whom partook in the Berlin conference of 1884-1885 otherwise called the Scramble for Africa – has all been collapsed in the global Hegemon Bloc Known as the West or the global North, spearhead by the United States of America from the other side of the Atlantic.

Hence, we aim to elaborate how the Western rules-based-order system operates solely on capitalist profiteering rather than established principles as it claims on the surface. The ongoing wars in Ukraine and Gaza shall be cited. But not without highlighting the stark hypocrisy it exhibits, by maintaining dead silence in the open, while covertly supporting the Nigerian government to criminalise and suppress the plausible call for a referendum for the indigenous People Of Biafra, seeking Self-determination in Eastern Nigeria. Both narrative will be placed on parallel lens for simultaneous evaluation in one piece.

Per mainstream narrative, The Russia-Ukraine Conflict began on 24th February,2023. Although from the Russian viewpoint, the war started much more earlier. In light of the infamous maiden institutional coup of 2014 which saw the democratically elected president of Ukraine overthrown by the popular western-backed color revolution, and the installment of a more hawkish and aggressive governments towards Moscow. Coupled with the witch-hunt of ethnic Russians living in Eastern Ukraine, Crimea Peninsula by Western Ukrainian Nationalists, as well as the unabated encroachment of various NATO belligerent strategic formations [conventional military assets & Biolabs/weapons] inside Ukraine which shares a common boundary with her Russian neighbor.  As the rift between the two entities – Western NATO military alliance led by the USA, and the Russia Federation continues to spill without control.

The intentions of those who collectively incited Ukraine against Russia, was to inflict a strategic defeat on the nuclear power nation and balkanize it further, as they did with the collapse of the erstwhile USSR in 1991 and planned to do farther, in order to enable them unchecked access to the Russian Natural resources, until Vladimir Putin took power and stopped them. 

Nonetheless, the war in Ukraine a year later has resulted to an utter failure, as Ukraine continues to loose lands and boots simultaneously. Although, the Chaos of wars are immensely beneficial to the western military industrial complex, whose inventory machine needs steady heat supply, for weapons mass production at all times.

It is Important to emphasize that the ring of the neo-capitalists who owns military industrial complex, also runs the big pharmaceutical companies as well as the mainstream media, and have their lobbying strap in and around the United Nations and other global agencies such as the World Trade Organization and the WHO. And they most definitely have an unflinching edge on the policy makings in Washington, Brussels and the rest. These are the people who have the sociopathic view of an overpopulated world, that needs an urgent cleansing and reduction in mass by the most distasteful means possible.

Fast forward to October 7th, 2023, After the war in Ukraine has resulted to colossal losses not only to Ukrainians but also to their Western backers whose egos has been gravelly bruised by the Russians on the battlefield. Another war broke out between Israel and Hamas in the highly combustive West Asia Sub Region [Middle East]. The world was rattled by the gory scenes of vicious military campaigns inside Israel territories by Hamas militants. The killing of most Israelis in their homes, as non-combatants was to say the least, horrible and condemnable. 

Surprisingly, it occurred that the Israeli government had a strategic goal to achieve with the unfortunate Hamas debacle – using the Invasion as a cover to criminalize the legitimate self-determination clamor for a two-state solution, to solve the decades-long Israeli Palestinian conflict. For years, the Israelis has capitalized on the ugly ordeal of the Jewish Holocaust during the second world war, to rally global support and sympathy as victims of a grand conspiracy of extermination. While this is undeniable, it however cannot serve as pretext to ride on, to subjugate and cleanse others of their rights and lands as well. 

Acknowledged, that the Palestinian Struggle have more or less, over the years fallen into the geopolitical interests of Israel’s foes and are therefore weaponized and fashioned to suit their interests. Nonetheless, this issue can be resolved amicably before it spirals into a regional conflict like the Israeli-Arab war of 1967 and the Yom Kippur war of 1973. This time around it would be more catastrophic as the sophistication of then, in terms of military and technological compared to now are simply incompatibility.

 The Jewish Holocaust was indeed a colossal tragedy where an estimated number of six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazists, and on this premises do the contemporary Israel stands to unleash their venom immeasurably on  Hamas militants and civilians alike resident in the Gaza strip.  But comparatively, Africans have experienced much tragedy greater than the Jewish Holocaust.

From the era of transatlantic slave trade which lasted for over 400 years, down to the European colonial era in Africa where millions of Africans lost their lives. For Instance, in Congo which the Belgium King Leopold II, took as his personal property, he massacred over 15 million Congolese mercilessly. Or is it the subsequent but less acknowledged Biafran genocide of 1967-70 where the conservatively estimated number of 3.5 million people mostly children were killed with the most horrible means [Starvation].  Should all these people weaponize their ugly ordeal and make an opportunity of it? Should the Congolese begin to launch revenge attacks on present-day Belgians across Europe and elsewhere? Should the Biafrans begin to engage in indiscriminately violent attacks even suicide missions on the coalition of nations [primarily the British that rallied them], who conspired to exterminate them 50 years ago? Ofcourse The world the world scornfully object to this. 

In May 1969, at the height of the Biafra genocide oil explorers from Italian oil company ENI, allowed into Biafra precisely in Kwale Present-day Delta State, were sabotaging the state by giving out information on military formations to the invading Nigerian troops. They were arrested by the Biafra security forces and the world came to quake. But this was the same world who turned a blind eye as the government in Lagos and the British exploited starvation as a legitimate weapon of war, against the incapacitated Biafrans.

The world came to a unipolar stead on the issue of Biafra in the 20th Century because of the defiant resistance of the Biafrans who fought with almost nothing from the outside for 30 months. Today, the Western war hawks plays both sides by support Israel with military armaments, which in turn compels the opponents to equip Hamas and other militant groups like Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen to keep the fight going. This is in the ultimate benefit of the military industrial complex and the sociopathic globalists who wants the world depopulated, anyway. 

The only means to disarm those who have taken the world hostage for their imperial interests is to support the Global South coalition for peace led by the East Pole [BRICS]. Where justice, mutual cooperation and benefits is the watch word. This is the only guarantee for peace not only in the Middle East, Ukraine but also in West Africa, Nigeria where a time-bomb is also ticking speedily again.


Written by Mazi Daniel Chibueze

Edited By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Introspection On Some Of The Insightful Quotes Made By Mazi Onyeukwu JCI During His Last Broadcast On Radio Biafra

  Introspection On Some Of The Insightful Quotes Made By Mazi Onyeukwu JCI During His Last Broadcast On Radio Biafra

On the 3rd November 2023, The IPOB Deputy West African Representative and his panel of historical analysts came on Radio Biafra to continue the discussion pertaining the identity crisis that has bedevilled the Old Eastern Nigeria and its people. During the course of the lectures, various indelible hints and quotes were emphasized. Thus, this article is aimed at analyzing and elaborating on some of them, to bring about easier assimilation to our audience, particularly to Biafrans in the coastal region where this identity crisis is more prevalent. One of those hint he dropped during his speech and submission was;

 "You Can Only March To Greatness As A People Only When You Attain Self-discovery"

First, It is Important to reinforce that emergence of the indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a freedom fighting movement was not only to restore a sovereign and independent Biafra Nation, but also to restore back the people's mental reasoning and self-esteem. As well as to unify the people against artificially induced ethnic resentment, which came about as a result of the divide and rule tactics which the British government deployed as a sophisticated weaponry to hold Biafra down in perpetuity.

 This was obtained in the Will inks commission where they [Britain] consciously stoked up tensions, by classifying existing nations as minority tribes and manipulating them to view their neighbor [Igbos] as their enemy who wants to overrun them, because of their diminished status. This was classic subversion otherwise called Divide-Rule Tactics to ensure a never-ending crisis for the benefit of their imperial interests.

Notwithstanding, The IPOB movement have stayed through to her convictions and objectives from her days of inception till date. Offering In-depth lectures on history and educating the people of the need for self-discovery and acceptance, while simultaneously advocating for the Political and economic Independence of the Biafra people in an amalgamated Nigeria by demanding for a referendum to enable the various nations in the East who were involuntarily lumped into the Nigerian union, to determine their future and destiny.

Hence, the educative series of lectures by Mazi Onyeukwu JCI, and his team from various nations and ethnic groups in the East on Radio Biafra with a captioned theme of "Who is a Biafran?" is simply one of those programs aimed at ensuring that these historical backlog and obstruction are cleared to facilitate the reinvigoration of the camaraderie between the people of the East, which had existed thousands of years before the advent of European colonialism in Africa.

 It is basically laying bare the historical facts for the people to inner study, ponder upon and begin the journey of attaining self-discovery and join the popularly call for Self-determination to rebuild the downtrodden image of the black man, to prove that we [Africans] are capable of running our day-to-day affairs without the interference, guidance or babysitting of the Western countries. This is the core principle of the Bịafra dream and revolution, as boldly encoded in the Ahiara Declaration of 1969. 

To be able to fight for our independence and sovereignty and prevail, we must unitedly pursue mental sanctity, enlightenment and discipline to immune us from the divisive ploy of the Enemy who are committed in halting our collective prosperity by all means. For our pain is their gain. This is why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – who is being Illegally incarcerated by the Federal government– and IPOB has remained steadfast and consistent in the Biafra project of emancipation.

Therefore, it is time for the people to shun hatred and self-denial, as the enemy knows us way more than we can fathom. In their discreet moments and minds, we are profiled and classified as the same. Expendable pawns who can be manipulated to kill each other while they sit calmly by, and exploit the proceeds of our sweat. It is high time that all hands join the deck, to demand for the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and a date for the Biafra referendum and to ultimately accept that the only true salvation for the various nations in Eastern Nigeria is a restoration of a Independent, Sovereign Confederate State of Biafra.

Written By Sabinus Gabriel

Edited By Augustine Chibueze

For Family Writers Press International 

Monday 6 November 2023

History, The Foremost Essential Fabric That Binds A Nation

  History, The Foremost Essential Fabric That Binds A Nation

“A generation which ignores history has no past and no future.”

 This was according to the renowned American Author Robert Heinlein (1907-1988)

The importance of historical studies in a society as a form of social discipline which underlines the people's past, present and helps shape their future. However, this is ultimately based on the people's ability to accept their reality and forge ahead in unison towards achieving collective success and development.

The historical bond that connects Biafrans, as a race and people was unraveled by the IPOB Deputy West African Representative, Mazi Onyeukwu JCI alongside his colleagues during a landmark educative Radio Biafra program/series themed;  "Who is a Bịafran?

Under the subtopic of;  What makes an Edo Man, a Biafran"

During the lectures, the guests analytically outlined the historical relativity and sociocultural similarities between the indigenous People of Edo [Iduu, Igodomigodo] and the rest of other nations that constitute the Biafran family, not minding the erroneous narratives and notions that had floated around for decades alleging that the ancient Iduu-Eri Kingdom that existed for millennial before, had descended from the subsequent Yoruba kingdom of Ife. This is not only historical blunder, but an insult to historical studies and civilization.

It is imperative to beam emphasis and highlight some of the cultural traits that an average Edo man possesses, which speaks volume of his basic proportionality and relation towards the  Eastern hinterlands [Igbo,Anioma etc] than  Westwards [Yoruba or Odudua Land].

For Instance, the indigenous dress codes of the women in Edo is practically the same with the ones domiciled in the Eastern hinterlands and thereabouts. In Africa, the method of identifying a people through the dress pattern of their women folks is unarguably the most accurate and proficient. Owing to the plausible notion of African women being the preservers of every nation's mundane cultural practices and norms. They are the nurturers of the homes and in turn the society.

Furthermore, the attire and costumes of the King/traditional ruler, his staff of authority, the historic palace and it's architectural designs of the Bini kingdom are in close parity with those from the Nri dynasty in the Igbo hinterland. The attitudinal disposition and resilience in the pursuit for success which are often misinterpreted as being domineering by others as also exhibited by the people of Iduu [Edo].  the languages and its synonymity, names of places, market structures and many more intrinsic, similar features. 

One of the guest speaker, Mazi Udoeya from Bini during his analysis had stressed the importance of this popular campaign to arouse sociocultural and historical consciousness of the people especially as it pertains the Biafra Struggle for liberation. He said that not doing so would have been catastrophic.

In his words; 

 "Had it been we had Biafra ten years ago without knowing who we are as one people, we would've been like South Sudan, fighting and killing each other."

Hence, it is an imperative for people of the Eastern region to inquire and understand their historical antecedents, accept them with open minds and arms, as that will invariably be in their interest in the long run. As rightfully stated by the German-American historian Hajo Holborn, “History gives answers only to those who know how to ask questions.”

So we [Biafrans] need to start asking critical questions!

Written By Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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