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Monday 22 June 2015

Boko Haram terrorist killed 30 in Maiduguri fish market bombing. Terrorists elect Buhari go and bomb Boko Haram in Maiduguri

Two suicide bombers that snuck their way into crowded Maiduguri fish market and waited upon innocent traders to converge for prayers before detonating themselves had caused the death of at least 30 persons, according to witnesses account.
Hospital sources confirmed that about 30 persons had died and many others injured.
The two suicide bombers were identified as teenage females who concealed lethal explosives in their hijabs.
A witness told PREMIUM TIMES that while the girl that caused the first blast was able to kill many traders and injured several others, the second one who appeared to have developed cold feet after the first attack, blew herself up as she was fleeing away from the crowded market.
Idrissa Idi, who retails smoked fish in the market told journalists in an interview he granted in Hausa said, “the two young girls that caused the explosions were in their teenage ages”.
“The first girl waited for the traders to commence prayers before she crept upon them and detonated the bomb, killing a large number of persons and injuring many. Some of our fellow traders said they saw the young girl wandering about shortly before the prayers,” he said.
“We all heard the second explosion coming not less than five minutes after the first blast. Those that were close to the scene said they spotted the female teenager running before she blew herself up, near BEWAC complex along Baga road,” Idi said.
Other witnesses said the girl may have suddenly become scared following the way people reacted to the first blast.
She did not go very far from the market when she exploded also, and she was the only one that died, the witnesses said.

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