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Saturday 13 June 2015

Criminal Tinubu Attacks terrorist elect Buhari accuses him of Betrayal and backstabbing

The National Leader of the All Progessives Congress, APC, Idi Amin Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has berated Ayatollah President Muhammadu Buhari, over what he called his betrayal of the party.
Tinubu, in an article in the Nation Newspaper on Wednesday, titled: “The untold story of PDP’s coup behind Saraki’s Senate Presidency”, accused President Buhari of displaying neutrality in who emerges as the Senate President without due regard to the fate of the party.
According to Tinubu: “Despite the choice of National Assembly leaders being a mixture of party politics and legislative duty, the aloofness, or the perceived neutrality of the President allowed the ‘fight’ within APC to fester until it went of hand.”
Tinubu further explained that the invitation of the APC lawmakers to the International Conference Centre, ICC, was said to be at the behest of the President; shockingly, the President did not show up.
“The bewildered 51 APC Senators, who were waiting endlessly for the President in ICC, watched the proceeding of the inaugural session from a nearby TV box.
“Before the 51 APC Senators could race down the five-kilometre stretch from ICC to the Assembly Complex, Saraki had emerged as an unopposed candidate.
“To add insult to injury, President Muhammadu Buhari neither showed up nor sent apology to the stranded Senators at the ICC.
“They were left at the mercy of troops from the Brigade of Guards, who had already been deployed in the centre ahead of the supposed arrival of the President.
“Unfortunately, there was no communication between his office and the 51 APC Senators who heeded his invitation.
“It was around 10.35am, we saw that the inaugural session was already on and Saraki had been elected. If we were to be defeated, it should have been done on the floor.”

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