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Monday 1 June 2015

Enter The Biafra Times

A time comes, in the life of a people, when initiatives must be taken, at all costs, to confront evils that beset them. For Biafran people, that time is now and the establishment of The Biafra Times is one of the many initiatives being taken to confront the evil, which is Nigeria.
Biafrans have been despised in the artificial contraption called Nigeria, simply because they are the people God created them to be. They have been deprived, persecuted and inflicted with so much hardship simply because they are blessed people. Up to six million of them have been brutally murdered by Nigeria; their culture has been destroyed; and their aspirations brutally subverted in furtherance of an islamisation agenda by their oppressors. Their rights have been trampled upon; their resources plundered; and their sovereignty seized, even as the oppressors have completely pushed them out of governance into the backwaters of the economy.
We in The Biafra Times are aware that these were made possible by sustained lies told by Nigerian media, under the control of the Fulani and Yoruba. The lies they have continuously woven to hoodwink the gullible among Biafrans, and turned their thinking upside down.
It is for this reason that The Biafra Times has come with a mission. That mission is to shoot down every lie told by any Nigerian media outfit. Our style is not the “bang news” which hides the true nature of what is being reported. Our style is to make meaning of every news item, exposing the mindsets behind the news.
The Biafra Times is not on this mission alone. It is doing it with Radio Biafra (RBL) – the sole Biafran radio broadcast medium currently on FM in Biafra-land, which is broadcasting also on the Internet; and on cable. Biafra Cable Television (Biafra TV) will soon hit the airwaves across many countries of the world.
We are conscious of the fact that “lies told for a long time begin to look like truth”. We are equally conscious that lies go a long way in shaping people’s sensibilities, and in addition, we are aware of the many lies, half-truths, the evil schemes Nigerian leadership has deployed over the years to hold down the people. Today, truth is here. The Biafra Times is bringing (truth like never before) because Chukwu Abhiama is our redeemer.
To accomplish our mission, we will clear away all cobwebs of lies and deceits; and do away with all sediments of misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda that have (over the years) been piled-up on the minds of our people. The Biafra Times will put truth in the right places.
Apart from our conscious determination to destroy lies and its foundation, especially as it has to do with Biafra, we have come to make sure that truth sets free.  The words of Yaweheshuah (Jesus Christ) are important in this, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8: 32).
The truth of Biafra is coming as Emile Zola recorded in her insightful comment that “when truth is buried underground; it grows, it chokes, it gathers such an explosive force that on the day it bursts out, it blows up everything with it.” Nigeria and all her lying leaders will be blown off in the coming days and months. The Biafra Times will see to that.
We are not ignorant that from now it will no longer be rosy for a lot of people. But we work with the wisdom that is in the words of Gloria Stainem, knowing that for truth to set free, “first it will piss you off”. Many will certainly be pissed-off in the coming weeks and months as they come in contact with the truths in our publication. We have no apologies; truth is our guiding light; Biafra is our goal. In the end, all good people of goodwill and truth will definitely appreciate the coming of The Biafra Times.
Welcome to the dispensation of truth; the berthing of The Biafra Times, which is heralding the physical berthing of the sovereign and independent state of Biafra. Welcome!

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