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Sunday 14 June 2015

Enugu State Police Command on Saturday raided a baby factory arrested 9 pregnant girls

The Enugu State Police Command on Saturday raided a “baby factory” and arrested nine pregnant girls in the process.
“On the part of the owner of the factory, he claimed that he got a provisional approval in October 2007 from ministry of women affairs and social development Enugu State to admit and shelter pregnant women in his hospital called ‘Tex Hospital and maternity home’, and that the hospital is no longer functional, hence he is now running the home from his house.

“He also admitted that under the authority, he was supposed to inform the social development and women affairs within 24hrs of admitting any pregnant woman”.

Meanwhile, some of the girls claimed that they were raped by unknown persons and that they found succour in the home.
One of them claimed that she was raped and that she could not report to her parents until pregnancy resulted, leading to her being forced to marry an old man or leave the family.

This, she said made her to seek for assistance through one of her relations, who directed her to the home.

Source newnigeriaworld

1 comment

  1. Poverty have reduced our people to this, some of us no longer respect life according to our culture. It is shocking that some Igbo men and women are into this disgusting and shameful business. May Chukwuabiama deliver his own people. Biafra is the only solution


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