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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians, Evangelist Lotachukwu Okolie the man that Stolen Biafra Defence fund was yesterday hospitalized & under police surveillance facing deportation

''Too many chiefs and not enough Indians'' is the best idiom to summarize these people. Many of them believed that Biafra restoration movement was an avenue to start making money but alas, they met their Waterloo one after the other when they realized that it's not a child's play. What is the need to start castigating someone that was divinely called to champion a course? For the sake of forgiveness, I won't list names of those that are long forgotten and shouldn't be remembered that were once around at the inception of this movement but one name that needs to be mentioned is Okolie Lotachukwu.

This fellow has been a mouthpiece of the long forgotten fellows and he never stopped castigating the efforts of Radio Biafra London up till the date nemesis caught him up and he opted to committing suicide by stabbing himself in the abdomen. People do say that karma is a bitc* but I beg to differ. When the Bible instructed in 1st Chronicles 16:22 that ''....touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm'' it was referring to someone like this clown and his ilks. The question is this, how could Okolie Lotachukwu who claimed he was called by some strange and foreign gods opt for suicide all because he was meant for deportation? This is what our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been saying. That ''we should be wary of such people.''

''Beware of false prophets. They come in sheep's clothing but inwardly, they're ferocious wolves.'' Mattew 7:15. This is exactly the fate of a false prophet in the person of Lotachukwu Okolie. This is a person that kept bragging that he was called by some gods to preach their gospels but only for his gods to instruct him to threatening Norwegian police with knives and opted to either jump from the window and commit suicide or stabbed himself but he chose the latter. Which god directs the follower to commit suicide and even filmed his suicidal mission before? 

Lotachukwu and his ilks have never seized to castigate the good works Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is doing via Radio Biafra London up till nemesis visited him. ''The chickens are gradually coming home to roost'' and they're all gradually, individually and collectively reaping the deadly fruits of their vain labour. Nobody dare tamper with an heavenly ordained mission; Biafra restoration via Radio Biafra London without receiving the due and prompt repercussion of such dastardly act! Lotachukwu is a case study even for those that still nurture another silly attempt. Beware! Hence, you find yourself/yourselves in a dire straits.

There are times in life when issues, circumstances and conditions leads one to start chasing shadows. The Biafra restoration movement has been an age old movement that has seen all sorts of men of different fields, opinions, ideologies, agendas and above all deceits come in the guise of fighting or yearning towards the restoration of the Creator's own kingdom on planet earth; Biafra. That being said, the 21st century has borne with it people of different fraudulent characters that the adjective simply to qualify such group of people is APPALLING.

Radio Biafra London under the leadership of our amiable leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has made it possible for Biafra to be a force to reckon with when it comes to the sphere of ''NETIZENS i.e internet users'' in this 21st centuries. Histories and lessons about the genocidal war on Biafra by the Hausa Fulani and Nigeria that is the rave of the moment on the internet, our rights as Biafrans, what Biafra is and was and what Biafra is to becoming in the nearest future was and is being taught on daily basis in this citadel of learning; Radio Biafra RB London by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been a thing of jealousy among those that claimed they are agitating for Biafra's restoration but not in truth and honesty.

The year 2013 was a year in which a whole lot of Biafran souls were awakened to the Herculean task of coming together towards our dear homeland's restoration. Within a space of months, Biafrans presence was recorded in more than 80 and I mean eighty countries in the world and counting. Men of goodwill quite for real understand the meaning of truth and they will understand one when they hear the truth. That being said, different men joined the movement towards the restoration call.

Who are we to know that most of these men and women are evil minded and never meant good for Biafra, the leadership of Radio Biafra London and the movements at large? Time they said heals all wounds. This movement has endured a bunch of aspersions from the very people we believed that are pioneering this movement in the right directions. Had the creator of heavens and earth not on our side, our images would have even long been forgotten because many of these people were hell bent to see Radio Biafra London becomes an history.

There are things that shouldn't be done and some should be done. When it comes to propagating the Biafra restoration movement, Radio Biafra London has stood the test of time and overcame every obstacles along the way. Therefore, I'm using this medium to reach out to many more that think they can pull down this good work of Radio Biafra to stop chasing shadows and have a re-think. Hence, Lotachukwu's case will be a child's play to what will be bestowed on them and their race.


  1. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians, Evangelist Lotachukwu Okolie the man that Stolen Biafra Defence fund was yesterday hospitalized & under police surveillance facing deportation Jealousy Quotes

  2. Pathetic to use the Radio that Biafrans like Lotachukwu sweat night and day to fund to be used in blackmailing and setting them up for the enemies to destroy them!
    The fools that has been blackmailing their fellow Biafra brothers for their worthless positions and power forget that soon they will be left alone to face the real enemies, then they will wish they had not been foolish to destroy their own with lies and innuendos.
    Anyone still follow this evil gang holding Biafra Radio and 'IPOB' hostage must wake up now and leave those wicked souls that are actually enemies of Biafra within, even as they pretend to be 'fighting for Biafra. They have nothing but mindlessly taking money from poor Biafrans and creating one disaster after another for Biafra.

  3. I am Evangelist Lotachukwu Okolie, writing from Norway as Mouthpiece Of the forgotten people of biafra. I SAW THIS FALSE PUBLICATION ABOUT ME IN SHOCK,I would like to advise the writer to quickly remove this article or write what I represent as other world newspapers wrote before he/she incure the wroth of God upon them and family out of hate, this article does not represent me, i did not stole from anybody rather i invested much to the progress of biafra restoration movement in truth and honesty & thereby attracted much enmty,envy and name calling..
    I will never mix the service to God with worldly business,,,,If my foundation is not of God it would have crumbled long ago and man's evil plans against me would have worked. I stand as mouthpiece of God on earth, it will remain so until I am done with my God's given earthly work..
    Pls advise ur colleagues to refrain from attacking God's anointed because it put ones family in no good, it makes one useless,it kills...
    BIAFRA must be restored, all hail Biafra.
    From Evangelist Lotachukwu Norway..


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