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Saturday 11 July 2015

Hypocrisy of Britain’s national student union joins campaign to boycott Israel but rejects condemnation of ISIS, but supporting evil Nigeria

London – The National Union of Students (BUS) in Britain has voted to join a Palestinian group that campaigns for an economic and cultural boycott of Israel. The vote which took place on Tuesday 2nd of June in London was proposed by the student union of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.
The Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) as explained on the group’s websitewas established in reaction to a call by ‘Palestinian civil society’ in 2005 seeking to make Israel comply ‘with international law and Palestinian rights.’ The statement goes further to say that ‘A truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid is rapidly emerging in response to this call.’
The BUS vote in Britain is not the only one neither is it the first. In many countries, young people, especially students in universities are being targeted and convinced to join the movement to boycott Israel. Several American Universities have come under pressure by Student bodies to boycott, divest or stop any collaborations with Israel.
Academic and educational exchanges is not left out. In 2013, the American Studies Association’s (ASA) proposal to boycott Israeli universities led to strong reactions from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, and other well-known universities. Speaking on the matter then, the Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust called such educational boycotts “a direct threat” to “ideals which universities and scholarly associations should be dedicated to defend.”
The boycott movement is indeed growing and spreading to businesses and even sports is not left out. The head of Orange telecom of France was reported to have said Wednesday, June 3 while in Cairo that his firm was considering pulling its brand out of Israel. And recently, FIFA was asked by the Palestinian authority to have Israel expelled from the body.
As the call to boycott Israel increases, it is remarkable that there is not much being said regarding the onslaught of ISIS as they march ever towards Damascus killing, raping, taking prisoners of women, children and young girls and causing mayhem in every city, town or village they capture.
Ironically, the British Union of Student who voted to boycott Israel, rejected a proposal to condemn ISIS insisting that doing so would be ‘Islamophobic.’
Photo Credit: pooyan via Compfight cc


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