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Tuesday 28 July 2015

The Devilish Pastor Who Performs Miracle By Feeding Members With Pant & Bra Arrested

Popular controversial South African pastor of the End Times Disciples Ministries, Pastor Penuel Mnguni, who is known for instructing his congregation to all kinds of unimaginable things such as swallowing snakes, eating bra and pants etc. was arrested by the South African police over the weekend but was granted bail July 20th.
The pastor, who is known for performing deliverance, was arrested by the South African police over the weekend but was granted bail yesterday July 20th.

The South African Society for Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals opened a case against the pastor late last week. The association says it will pursue a criminal case against him.

SPCA inspector Mishack Matlou said:

“We are conducting a preliminary inquiry with an intention of opening a criminal case against him. What we saw in the pictures is cruel. Imagine being eaten alive! This has to stop. He (the pastor) has now been charged with animal cruelty and will appear in court on Monday.”
The Interfaith Council of South Africa’s spokesperson while condemning the actions of the self-acclaimed prophet says the state cannot intervene because there is freedom of religion in South Africa and it’s up to religious leaders to self-regulate.

The controversial pastor appeared before a magistrate court in Pretoria yesterday and was granted bail of $120 (£77).

Just recently, the pastor ordered his congregation to undress and eat their clothes including their underwear.

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