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Thursday 27 August 2015


Yoruba media we are IPOB not MASSOB

The Njiko Igbo Forum, a pan-Igbo socio-political association, on Wednesday, blamed injustice for the renewed agitation for the creation of the Republic of Biafra as well as the emergence of the pirate radio channel, Radio Biafra.

The president of the group, Okechukwu Obioha, who spoke to our correspondent in Enugu, said the country’s leaders should “let the sleeping dog lie” by refraining from statements and actions that fuel agitations for the Republic of Biafra.

Njiko Igbo was replying the Arewa Consultative Forum which, on Tuesday, carpeted Igbo leaders for supporting the activities of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra.

The Chairman of the ACF and former Inspector-General of Police, Alhaji Ibrahim Coomassie, at a news conference in Kaduna, had asked Igbo leaders to speak out against IPOB, especially on the controversial Radio Biafra, to show that they were not backing the secession agenda.

Coomassie said the issue of Biafra was settled 45 years ago, after the Nigerian Civil War.

He said the ACF was seriously concerned at the continued agitation for the creation of Biafra Republic out of the present Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“The ACF expects Ndigbo leaders to come out openly and condemn such agitations in the present-day Nigeria, just as it (ACF) and others condemned and berated the Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East region.

“We cannot afford to transit from one insurgency to another,” Coomasie had said.

However, reacting to the ACF’s call on Igbo leaders to speak out against IPOB and the activities of Radio Biafra, Obioha said the recent upsurge in the agitation for Biafra was as a result of the injustice against the Igbo.

He said the activities of groups like the ACF have contributed to the renewed wish for the actualisation of the Republic of Biafra among the people of the South-East.

Obioha stressed that Igbo leaders were not in support of the activities of IPOB.

But, in the same breath, he also said the issue of Biafra was not properly buried after the war, as claimed by the ACF.

Obioha said, “Inasmuch as we don’t like the abusive words that are being used by Nnamdi Kanu on Radio Biafra, even against fellow Igbos, the Njiko Igbo Forum wants to tell the ACF that is asking Igbo leaders to speak against IPOB to know that they are also part of the reasons the agitation for Biafra is rearing its head again.”.                          


Source Punch

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