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Monday 3 August 2015

The Search for Human Heads To Bury Ooni Of Ife With Fuels Controversy

We are therefore warning Biafrans and concerned Nigerians to be careful, especially those in yoruba land.

Reliable palace insiders said on Saturday that the body of the paramount ruler left London in a chartered air ambulance on Friday and was taken to the palace under the cover of darkness.

The body, our sources said, is now lying in a secluded part of the palace called Ilegbo, a sacred place where all Oonis commune with their ancestors.
Ilegbo, we understand, is the place where highly-prized rituals take place within the confinement of the palace.
The commencement of the Oro festival, our sources said, signaled the beginning of the final rites of passage for the departed Ooni.
The Oro is expected to last seven days after which the Ooni would be committed to mother earth at a private ceremony within the palace.
Palace chiefs and notable personalities from Ile-Ife have consistently denied reports that the revered monarch had passed on, a news item that first broke on Tuesday.

You may begin to wonder why there is controversy on the death of an 85 year-old monarch leader whose death should signify celebratory of life. The controversy and the steady denial of the state of the late leader is a strategic plot to buy time for the Yoruba traditional priests and chiefs search for human heads the Ooni of Ife will be buried with. 

It is important to note that the burial ritual of this monarch leader is highly concealed, so concealed that even the female children of the Ooni is not allowed to see the body as it is being laid to rest.  
Only the monarch’s male children and highly ranked priests and chiefs are allowed to access that innermost recess of the palace and sight the Ooni’s remains.

“Even the Oba’s female children can’t come here, tradition does not allow them to sight the Oba at this time,” says one of the interviewees 
The plan, and the search for human heads that will be used to bury the king began as  soon as he died in London, a secret source revealed to us; Ooni of Ife burial will require about 10-15 human heads.
Those who should know said the traditional chiefs had to declare the annual Oro festival on Friday in expectation of the arrival of the corpse.

Their visit to the Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, on Thursday and a closed-door meeting with the governor heightened anxiety that the Ooni might have actually passed away.
They however emerged from the meeting insisting that the Ooni was in good health. On its part, the Osun state government is yet to make any comment on the matter.

The secret source that revealed this evil act to us made it clear that there is also controversy on the preferences of the heads that will be used. It is one thing to ask for human heads but it is entirely a different ball game deciding whose heads are going to be used. Preferences matter in this case, it could be virgins in that case females, it could be first born males or it could be random foreigners in Yoruba land, it depends on the kind of homage the priests and chiefs want to attribute to the late leader. 10 - 15 human heads seems outrageous but with the extended time gained from the controversy the late Ooni of Ife might end up getting surplus. 

We are therefore warning Biafrans and concerned Nigerians to be careful, especially those in yoruba land.

Mr. Sijuwade, crowned Oba on December 6, 1980 is widely believed to have passed away since July 28, 2015.

Sahara Reporters contributed to this news. 

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