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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Is Nigeria a Zoo?

Is Nigeria a Zoo?
By Ben Durueke
(Posted by Family Writers)

law makers
One of the allegations against Nnamdi Kanu which has led to his continued incarceration by Nigeria government is that he calls Nigeria a Zoo and those who live in her animals. To address this issue, it is important to allow Nigeria define itself in view of this assertion.
But before Nigeria helps us define itself, it is also important to note that in the album "Gang Affiliated", by Gospel Gangstaz, part of the lyrics of the song says: " I'm in a zoo called America, Trapped in a cage called the hood".
Those who called America zoo were not arrested or jailed. Why? The country practices freedom of speech and understands that the use of zoo is denotative and allegorical. For Nigeria, ignorance is a virtue!
What is a Zoo? The Free Dictionary defines zoo as:
1. A park or an institution in which living animals are kept and usually exhibited to the public.
2. A place or situation marked by confusion or disorder: The bus station is a zoo on Fridays.
3. A place, activity, or group marked by chaos or unrestrained behavior.

Please consider the definitions in number 2 and 3. In all truth and honesty, can one say Nigeria is a zoo? Let Nigeria answer!
Is Nigeria not marked by disorder and confusion?
Is the situation in Nigeria not marked by lawlessness?
Do we not see unrestrained animalistic behaviours?
Is there no impunity in Nigeria that the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer? Can we pretend that there is no confusion in the land from leaders to the led?
Take for instance, Nigeria's law stipulates that an arrested suspect is presumed innocent and should be charged to court within 48 hours of arrest, but as a country that is confused and lawless; whose leaders have no respect for the law and are lawless, Nnamdi Kanu had been arrested and kept in terrible conditions contrary to the law of the land. Which country does a thing like if not zoo? Nigeria's leaders behave unrestrained. It is among animals that you see unrestrained behaviours and impunity in high places.
A court of competent jurisdiction had granted him bail yet he has not been released. This is the sort of thing you can see in a zoo and among animals, the use of brute and illegal force against people not minding what the law says.
The strong can deal with the weak and get away with it as it happens in animal Kingdom, zoo. Nigeria is confirmng and proving Nnamdi Kanu true every other day in his submissions.
Which country on earth has been dubbed as a place where nothing works? Nigeria and that makes her a qualified zoo! No electricity. No pipe borne water. No good road. No effective transport systems. No good hospitals. No world class infrastructure. Yet billions of dollars are voted for all these and siphoned!
The situation in Nigeria is Zoological.
Which one country on earth is a major oil producer but the majority of her citizens wallow in abject poverty? Nigeria and that makes her a zoo!
Which one country on earth will a coupist who destroyed democracy come back 30 years later and win a democratic election, reaping from what he destroyed? Nigeria and that makes her a zoo?
Which one country hates her youths and makes no provision for their future? Nigeria and that makes her a zoo!
Which one country do youths flee to other countries that it suppose to be better than in millions in search of greener pastures yet it makes no effort to make life better for its people? Nigeria and that makes her a zoo!
Which country on earth will a sitting president call his ministers noisemakers? Only Nigeria and that makes her a zoo! Which country on earth will a president refer to those who didn't vote him as 5% and threatened to treat them unfairly and those who voted him as 97% and promised to give them attention ? Only Nigeria and that makes her a zoo.
It takes intelligence to know that zoo is a slang and representative of a place marked by underdevelopment, unemployment, youths' restiveness, confusion, disorder and lawlessness and to that extent, Nnamdi Kanu is simply stating the truth. Nigeria had an opportunity to proof him wrong by behaving like a civilized country with human face and character but it disgraced itself.
The recent unlawful, illegal and wicked arrest and detention of Nnamdi Kanu without following the due process of the law further makes him a hero who properly situated Nigeria and called her Zoological Republic, Zoogeria or simply Zoo.


  1. It is not only a zoo but a country where it's President & DSS are kidnappers who r demanding 2m ransom from Kanu.
    Shame on them.


  3. Nigeria is more than a zoo... where somebody from the north will come and barn somebody from the East from attending family meeting. Because He is A police man


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