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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Nigeria, The West African Zoo

Nigeria, The West African Zoo
By Tim Tochukwu
It has become obvious that a great number of Nigerians distaste the labeling of their country as a zoo by Biafran activists, especially Radio Biafra and Biafra Television. They also show dislike to their being labeled as the monkeys and baboons inhabiting the zoo.But having thought deeply about it from all ramifications, one discovers those Nigerians should actually be happy that Biafrans were magnanimous enough to stop only at calling their country a zoo. Nigeria is worse than a zoo. Nigerians should be appreciative of the magnanimity of those that describe them as monkeys and baboons in the zoo because they (as Nigerians) have actually acted worse than baboons and monkeys.
A major difference between animals and human beings is the ability for the humans to reason. But do Nigerians reason? No they don’t. From what has gone on with Nigerians in the past 100 years, it is most certainly apparent that they do not. But what they fail to understand is that by showing anger against what is obviously true and apparent to right-thinking people, they show themselves truly as monkeys and baboons.
They refuse to ask themselves some pertinent questions like: “Why are we being branded monkeys and baboons by these civilized, informed and widely travelled Biafrans?” Also, “why is our country branded a zoo by them when we have claimed to be human beings and civilised?”
Had they asked these questions, they would, for starters, have realised that zoos are created by men for their gains – for their financial, material and knowledge gains. Then they would have acknowledged the fact that Nigeria was not created for their benefit, but the benefit of those who created it, Britain. The fact that Nigeria has only bred criminals as leaders, who steal the country blind and deposit the stolen funds in Britain, and other western countries should have been enough reason for the so-called Nigerians to quickly dump the contraption, but they had not reasoned that way, simply because they are monkeys and baboons.
The fact that all Nigeria has succeeded in doing since 1914 when the British created it, was the killing of nothing less than six million innocent lives, should have been a good reason to dump it as a country. But like senseless monkeys and baboons Nigerians have continued to cling to the contraption as their country to their detriment, but for the gain of British politicians.
So are Nigerians saying they did not know that Nigeria was created by one single individual from Britain, Fredrick Lugard – a man whose sanity was very much in question at the time? Lugard was a man who murdered their (Nigerians’) fathers and mothers to take over their lands, and then forced them into an unworkable union, but they still revere his memory.
Which sane individual will not find it outrageous that Nigerians sat by and watched their government give an award to Lugard (posthumously), and even Elizabeth – two colonial agents of their brutalization and oppression? Why have Nigerians, even those who claim to be well educated been unable to reason this out? Today they are being ruled by a stark illiterate who has not certificate and they are not ashamed and they are not angry. But they claim to be angry when they are told the truth that they are nothing but monkeys and baboons.
Are Nigerians saying they did not know that Nigeria exists more as a business enterprise for Britain, and for British’s financial gains? Are they saying they did not know that Britain bought their land from Royal Niger Company at the cost of 865 thousand pounds?
Now, aside the ability to reason, it is a known fact that animals detest being in a zoo, and will forever seek their freedom when placed in one. That is why birds in the cage will continue to jump about it until they find a way out. You see the monkeys and baboons in a zoo, ever eager to get out – testing the bars and openings as they seek a way out. Open the entrance of a zoo or cage for one second, the birds and the animals with take flight.
But not Nigerians, supposedly human beings, who were placed in one large zoo called Nigeria. They are ready to die there and take others with them. With this stupidity, they go as far as shooting and killing those that that want out. So why should they be angry because they are called monkeys and baboons. Are monkeys and baboons not better than them?
Today they are jumping up and down rejoicing because Nnamdi Kanu, the man who told them to dump the zoo has been kidnapped by their government.
Zoos are also created for the amusement of those who created them and their offspring. Are Nigerians saying they do not know that Nigeria only exists for the amusement of civilised countries of the world? Were lawyers at Amnesty International (AI) not amused in London last year when they learnt that Benjamin Onwuka, the Biafra/Zionist Movement leader, who was detained by their government, was not arraigned in court many months after?
Are western peoples not amused when Nigerian rulers steal their resources to save in foreign banks, such as Britain, United States of America, Switzerland, and several others? In the end, such funds are used in developing those countries and not their own country (Nigeria). But how many of the citizens of those countries come to save stolen wealth in Nigeria. It is only baboons and monkeys that could not reason this out and be outraged by the practice.
But it appears one controversial Nigerian recently appeared to distance himself from Nigeria. Femi Fani-kayode wrote: “I will never accept the idea of living in a nation side by side with religious extremists who slit the throats of children, who habitually slaughter the innocents and who abduct and fornicate with small girls – animals who have no place in the homes of men”. Taken from another angle, you discover that a zoo is a regulated enclosure where the stronger animals are not allowed to prey on the weaker ones. But is that the case with Nigeria? No! In Nigeria, it is a terrible zoo where the people (baboons and monkeys) are not protected from the strong (the lions and hyenas), who butcher and kill them at will without anybody bringing the murderers to book. Nigeria, therefore, is one man-made zoo that almost everyone – except Biafrans – wants to continue to be in it, even if some of them end up rendering the others extinct. So, until Nigerians begin to act like human beings, they should stop complaining when people call them baboons and monkeys, or brand their country a zoo. They are worse!

1 comment

  1. Nigeria is a zoo till 2mrw, unless we get biafra.we biafrans are moving to the next level of our freedom.he who dont know should know known dat d time and hour is here.lets go back to our root.


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