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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Radio Biafra Director, Nnamdi Kanu Not Granted Bail, Detained In DSS Dungeon

The leadership of Intersociety is worried over the sketchy situation on the ground pertaining to a conditional bail purportedly given yesterday (19th October 2015) to Citizen Nnamdi Kanu of theRadio Biafra, which was widely reported in the print and online media within and outside Nigeria.

The widely publicized news of (sketchy) conditional bail, under reference, is by all intents and purposes, unreliable, sketchy and complicated. The legal and media angles to the said conditional bail are totally clothed with legal quackery and media mediocrity.

For example, the following questions were not answered in the referenced media report: Was Nnamdi Kanu arraigned before a named Chief Magistrate Court or charged before a named Federal or FCT High Court? If he was so arraigned or charged, what charges were preferred against him? Who stood as prosecution team, AGF or DSS legal department? Were the charges bailable if he was arraigned before a Magistrate Court? Who was the presiding authority, Chief Magistrate or a Judge? Are the charges against him, if any, known to the 1999 Constitution or its subsidiary criminal laws, with their penalties clearly defined in written law? What date is the returned or adjourned date?  Was Citizen Nnamdi Kanu represented by any legal team and what are the identities of members of his legal team, if any?

Apart from the clear absence of the foregoing ingredients in the said wide statement of his bail, our update investigation still indicates that Citizen Kanu was still in the custody of the DSS as at 7pm this evening (20th October 2015).

Pieces of information obtained by Intersociety  this evening from the top hierarchy of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)including  Office of Coordinator of Coordinators and Directorate of the State in UK and USA clearly show that Citizen Nnamdi Kanu is yet to be set free or released from the DSS dudgeon. In other words, he is still in detention as we write.
We advise the media practitioners and legal team handling and following the matter under reference to always cross-check their facts and do a thorough job before rushing to the press.

This type of half baked and contradictory information can have fatal effects on the detained Biafran self determination activist. Criminal and hired elements within State security organization can perfectly silence Citizen Kanu following this sort of confused and contradictory report and smartly exonerate the State Security agencies from any traceable culpability.

As we earlier demanded, Citizen Nnamdi Kanu must be charged to court of superior records or competent jurisdiction strictly within constitutionally or statutorily grounded offenses and clearly defined and written penalties or be released unconditionally and immediately.


Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chairman
International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety)
[email protected], [email protected]



  1. Nigeria has expired. Why are they afraid to discuss the authenticity of its continued existence? They want to poison Director Nnamdi Kanu. This expired country(Nigeria) is not civilized and cannot be civilized under its current composition. A sub-group of the entity is perpetually backward and uncivilized.

    Talking of he brown envelope, half-baked journalists, they are complicit and partners in the crime against Nnamdi Kanu and biafra. They can never verify information before putting it out their junkt in the public domain.

  2. It's indeed a grieve pity that Nigeria don't want to focus on the curse against her

  3. Has the zoo government actually acknowledged that Kanu is in their custody? Has anybody actually seen Kanu because I have not actually read so anywhere. This leads me to think that they may have already killed him with the order coming from Britain as terrorist Buhari wont order his killing if no major western power has given him the go ahead as he will need their support when shit hits the fan.

    I really hope IPOB and friends has a good stash of weapons as we have another civil war in the making. I hope IPOB is also actively seeking the support of the Chinese and Russians as I the zoo like during the last genocide war.

    My people, it is also extremely important that we dont try to be too arrogant and boastful as has been the case in the past thinking we can do everything on our own so the rest of the world don't leave us on our own at this critical time.

    God Bless Biafra and each and every one of us

  4. Wait oo!!! What is happening? Have they killed him or what are you people hide from us. We the youths need to know.

  5. What about the body guards that are always around him. Please let know our faith because we are ready to die fighting for biafra than dieing hopelessly believing in Nigeria.


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