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Monday 19 October 2015

The British-Nigeria State Terrorism; and the Conspiracy of Silence and Disinformation

The above photos are slain Biafrans whose crime was holding a peaceful march in solidarity for the restoration of Biafra. On August 30 2015, the British-Nigeria Navy touts wielding AK47 riffles unscrupulously mounted road blocks in search of trouble. According to an eye witness who called live into Radio Biafra broadcast, the Navy intercepted the crowd of about 200 peaceably marching Biafrans at the road block. One of the navy touts stepped to the roadside and made a phone call. Having apparently received a command from the other end of the phone, the Navy tout asked them to keep marching. As the defenseless IPOB evangelists continued going their direction, the British-Nigeria Navy touts suddenly opened fire from behind the crowd as they scampered in all directions for their dear lives.

Two victims, Maduka Obasi and Ebuka NNolum, in the pictures above seized breathing in the pools of their own blood; a third person was mortally wounded but survived, and over 20 others were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.  As usual, the entire British-Nigeria state apparatuses are in denial; while the press are lying, obfuscating, and conjecturing. Since then, the harassment and mass incarceration of Biafrans suspected to be gathering under the banner of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) or listening to, or even wearing head phones has been ongoing at the command of the Islamic terrorist President of British-Nigeria.  Britain, the architect of British-Nigeria for her part pretends to see and hear no evil and continues to support their Muslim puppets who share nothing in common with the British except criminality. Ironically, Biafrans share the same value systems as British.

Since his inauguration, Buhari has continually hounded members of IPOB, Radio Biafra, and those who are exercising their fundamental freedom of speech, association, and agitation for self-determination; arbitrarily abrogating nationally and internationally recognized human rights; and daring IPOB to respond so that he will latch on his preconceived raison d’├ętat to facilitate his nefarious plot to label IPOB a terrorist organization.  The nagging question now is what must Biafrans do in the absence of the terrorist state’s woeful failure in her most fundamental duty to protect the lives of all persons within her geographic station? And why is the international community silent?
Clearly, rather than protect, British-Nigeria relentlessly subjects Biafrans to systematic terrorism and intimidation, with criminal intent to erode their inert capacity to defend themselves. British-Nigeria has been fatal to every aspect of Biafran’s existence. Her modus operandi is endless terrorism, genocides, massacres, and intimidation, all of which raises here a pertinent question about self-defense.
Self-defense you would agree is a universal human right that allows a potential victim of crime to use appropriate force in defense of their life, property, family, or neighbor. Self-defense thus is intrinsic to life itself, as well as property ownership. To deny anyone or any group of people the right to self-defense is to deny them the right to life and as such a crime against their humanity.  To deny therefore the Indigenous People of Biafra the right to self-defense is to relegate them to the tyranny and mercy of their oppressors (British-Nigeria Muslims and their British puppeteers).  But this is what the Islamic Terrorist Nigeria state expects Biafrans to be acclimated to.
Make no mistake; IPOB will inevitably assert her inalienable right to life. But the workers of darkness will seize that day to label them terrorists, especially with the help of British’s presence in the United Nations Security Council; British media bureaucracy; and her international partners and associates.  Do not be fooled. Biafrans are not, have never been, and will never become terrorists.  But you bet they will defend their lives and property by all means. Terrorism, senseless murder, and lying are the exclusive domain of Satan and his children. 
As you dig for truth, care must be taken not to dabble in anything written by the wolves parading themselves as journalists in British-Nigeria; or by her conspiratorial media bureaucracy; or by British imperialist media bureaucracy (BBC, etc.) Nowadays, British-Nigeria has gotten very creative. They know the entire polity is saturated with murderers and liars and nobody believes them; so they bribe foreign media outlets and outsource foreign journalists to lie in their behalf and launder their horrible images.

What you can do to help?  Support the immediate and unconditional restoration of Biafra’s independence from Britain, and her shameless African puppets. Raise your voice to your representatives and political leaders and call for a referendum or automatic dissolution of this terrorist haven. And sign the petition to Boycott Buhari and British Nigeria. And please spread the word. Thank you and God Bless. 

By Ndubuisi Anukwuem
Follow Twitter: Insearch Justice

1 comment

  1. united nation should know that our director Nnamdi kanu is freedom fighter not a terorist
    and my mothers are been shooting death in biafra land now as i speak an the world is silent about it why
    no news caried it the world kept quiet?


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