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Monday 26 October 2015

Why Is Buhari the dullard of Daura Provoking the Biafrans?

It is obvious to all observers that President Muhammadu Buhari wants to re-fight the Nigerian/Biafra war. What is not so obvious is why and how such a war will benefit Nigeria. Could it be that PMB believes that he could wage two wars at the same time; Biafran war and Boko Haram war? Alternatively, is he trying to hide BH war by starting another war? I know that Mr. Buhari is a retired general who has not done much in his life besides being a soldier. However, what in the name of all that is bold and beautiful is he bent on inciting the peoples of SE and SS?
The arrest and detention of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu is the latest in unprovoked assaults on SE and SS people. Mr. Kanu is the managing editor of Radio Biafra, a news outlet that has not supported PMB’s administration. However, since when is a private news outlet required to be the government mouthpiece? There are opposition media in all democracies just as there are opposition parties. All are recognized and allowed space to preach their doctrines to those who want to listen to their message. This feature is the mainstay of a democratic government. It allows all voices to be heard even those who preach heresy.
It will be recalled that the first action of PMB administration was to exclude reporters for AIT television from participating in PMB’s press interviews. At the time, it was a punishment for airing unfavorable programs that did not edify the then candidate General Buhari. As the story reflected unfavorably on PMB, staffers were asked to take a fall for PMB. They were never punished or reprimanded.
The provocation of SE and SS by this administration has been exposed in the thinking, actions and the body language of this president and include:
Failure to include these zones in his innermost circle in the belief that he was choosing trusted people which by implication means that “these people” are not trustworthy
Failure to acknowledge that SE existed long before the amalgamation of 1914 despite public records verified by both history and archeology.
Failure to acknowledge the contributions of SE/SS people in founding the new Nigeria even though ”these people” were in the forefront of Nigeria independence and made huge personal and collective sacrifices for the actualization of one united Nigeria
Public statements like saying that Senator Ike Ekweremadu was unacceptable as Deputy Senate President even though he was elected by the same body that elected acceptable Mr. Saraki the Senate President. Mr. Ekweremadu’s deficiency being that he hails from the unrecognized and unrecognizable zone.
Now the worst case: the arrest and detention of one of the leaders of SE/SS by the name of Nnamdi Kanu for undisclosed charges. PMB has a solid record of persecuting journalist. Journalist become worse if the also come from SE and SS to booth.
This arrest has started rabid demonstrations in SE and SS as was predictable. It has also resulted in the arrest of demonstrators. This will incite others in demonstrating against an inhuman government and one that takes their views and feelings for granted. PMB is inviting anarchy in SS and SE probably to create a reason to reignite the Nigeria/Biafra war, which he is determined to fight. He might be looking for the final solution of SS/SE problem just as Adolph Hitler tried to do with the Jews.
There is just one message for those who plan to suppress a free people: they always fail; the holocaust, Armenian genocide, Biafran genocide stand as proofs that the oppressed survive AND THE VILLAIN PERISH.
The peoples of SS and SE will survive PMB, no matter his policies or ambitions.Mr. Kanu must be let go and all concocted charges against dropped. An apology is also necessary.PMB should take note.

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