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Saturday 24 October 2015


Yakubu Gowon a killer of children
By Oscar Onyeani Umah
(For Family Writers)

I don’t like to do this, but situation has prompt me to rebate on an article on titled Gowon dismisses potentials Birfran threat (  But before I move on, I would like to state it here that Gowon is a day dreamer or maybe he is suffering from an old age sickness called senility and has exhibited extreme naivety to issues he has not single clue about despite been a former heads of states just like his brother Buhari because if he is with his senses he would known that what is obtainable now was not the same during his time in power and so equating 2015 to 1967 was just a gimmick or political propaganda but let him fold his arms and watch as Biafran State emerges and I promise him that the reason why he is still alive is just for one reason and which is. He will die in the hands of a Biafran Solider or a Biafran man.

Yakubu Gowon
The 1967 civil war between Nigerian and Biafra was just a rehearsal of what is about to come because Biafran entered into that war empty handed but were able to contain a whole country like Nigeria with Britain and some other powerful country who they misled for good three years.  Biafra manufactured their own ammunition, trained its solider and with no external help from anywhere but the same cannot be said of Nigerian who had arms delivered to its doors step by some misled countries. Never mind, this is not the main issue I want to discuss here, Yes it could be said that Pro-Biafran protesters are just small boys  according to Gowon who have no idea what war is and what the civil war cost zoo but who care to know what it cost them, let me ask Gowon a simple question…The ongoing war in many parts of Africa and the world today are been fought by young men and woman, little between the ages of 14 to 50 and even in his house the BOKO-HARAM boys are just within the same age range but has Nigerian been able to contend them? So you see Gowon is just a day dreamer, there is an adage which states and I quote, when death wants to kill a small dog it does not allow it to smell the taste of a feces and that is the state of Gowon’s mind as this moment.  Col Joe Achuzie was a Battle field commander who fought till the end of the war and he is still ALIVE today telling the true story of the war and It’s a pity that 95% of Biafran youth were not allowed to read about the history of that GENOCIDE committed against their people at school.

But according to Col Joe Achuzie he states. But for a group of people trying to make it look as if Biafra looked like a lily-livered army or a rag-tag army, no. No rag-tag army at all could hold a well-equipped army like Nigerian army to ransom for three years, and he continue, The only thing, I repeat, is that the ground strategy adopted by Biafra made it possible for Nigeria to remain till today, so for an elder states man like Gowon to states lies on Channeltv  is the highest degree of evil and he will live to regrets and for his information Nigeria is centered on a tripod, whichever way you push it, all that come to the surface are the Hausa nation, the Yoruba nation and Biafra nation. Each of these nations has minorities. Today, that entire people talked about as the minorities within the East, within the Biafran Igbos because of economic interest. If oil has not been the main source of income for the totality of Nigerians, nobody would care how the Ijaws, how the Itsekiris, the Ibibios, Kalabairis, the Efiks and so on, are faring.

For those who don’t know the ethnics groups above’ve been in existence before the arrival of the Europeans and have its own system of government in place, the pogrom that happens before will happen again but this time it will be in North. I call on all none northern living in the north to live as soon as they can, the Biafran state must stand and this is just a road map to that effect and we are not deterred by the brutality of the police because they can do much more than what they are doing it does not make any different to us Biafrans, Just this morning on Rhythm FM 93.7 a program hosted by one Segun Badmus with hungry barrister Odili condemning the  protest and I asked myself if he is truly a law practitioner because he lack the basic fundamental human principle and rule of law as for the idiot Yoruba presenter claiming the protest was to declare Biafra has he not heard his brother are calling on Biafra to stage a demonstration in Lagos for them to raised the Oduduwa flag and declare their state but we will not do it now or never let them fight for themselves and not to use the hard work of our Leader Dr Nnamdi Kanu to foster their interest and he should know that Biafra is like a ball throw against the WALL and now been bounced back to them.
God Bless Biafra.

The struggle continue until Victory is achieved


  1. Dear Oscar
    This composition is very poorly delivered with rag tag facts scattered around like shit that just hit the fan. I do believe that the present political arrangement in Nigeria isn't fit for purpose but to be so rude and careless in trying to make the case for independent Biafra is putting people off. Pouring insults and scorn on Gowon is okay if it makes you feel good but not talking about Ojukwu who abandoned the Biafra project and ran away with his family to stay alive and well while Igbo children were dying from diseases, malnutrition and guns, bullets and bombs is a bit like blaming everybody else but yourself.

    The civil war was fought gallantly by the Igbos who believed in Biafra. The Igbos that suffered most were the ordinary well meaning people including innocent children who paid dearly with their lives. Do you think that another civil unrest or war is the way forward for the Biafran project?

    When you start the war I hope that you'll hang around to the end - win or loose. I am aware that away from the noise is a decent law abiding and progressive silent majority of Igbos who believe in a better One Nigeria.

    The pro-Biafran drums is very loud but the dancers are very few.

    1. I do not expect much from Gowon. When you start with lies and evil, you need more lies and evils to cover the initial lies and evil. Gowon killed more 3 million Igbo children and denied their surviving parents the means of livelihood in his 20 pound policy, abandoned property policy, and indigenization decree. He probably thought that everything about Biafra has been, to use his words, ‘dismissed’. But no! There were remnants, there were survivors. Those remnants and survivors will hunt him to his grave. Gowon is about 85 now. He should pray he gets to 90. But even if he crosses to 95, the day he dies, Biafran flag will still fly in the East. The death of Ojukwu has not taken the zeal for Biafra away. There are more Ojukwu’s now around.


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