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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu, Nigeria, under Buhari, appears not to have learned anything.

Here is the Time Magazine eyewitness account of what happened in Kano in the days preceding the declaration of the nation of Biafra by Ojukwu.
“The massacre began at the airport near the Fifth Battalion’s home city of Kano. A Lagos-bound jet arrived from London, and as the Kano passengers were escorted into the customs shed, a wild-eyed soldier stormed in brandishing a rifle and demanding Ina Nyamiri –the Hausa for, where are the damned Ibos?
There were Ibos among the customs officers, and they dropped their chalk and fled, only to be shot down at the terminal by other soldiers. Screaming the blood curses of a Moslem holy war, the Hausa troops turned the airport into a shambles, bayoneting Ibo workers in the bar, gunning them down in the corridors, and hauling Ibo passengers off the plane to be lined up and shot. From the airport, the troops fanned out through downtown Kano hunting down Ibos in bars, hotels and on the streets.
One contingent drove their Land Rovers to the railroad station where more than 100 Ibo were waiting for a train and cut them down with automatic weapon fire. The soldiers did not have to do the entire killing. They were soon joined by thousands of Hausa civilians who rampaged through the city, armed with stones, cutlasses, machetes, and home-made weapons of metal and broken glass. Crying Heathen! Moreover, Allah! The mobs and troops invaded the Sabon Gari (strangers quarters), ransacking, looting, and burning Ibo homes and stores and murdering their owners.
All night long and into the morning the massacre went on. Then tired but fulfilled, the Hausa drifted back to their homes and barracks to get some breakfast and sleep. Municipal garbage trucks were sent out to collect the dead and dump them into mass graves outside the city. The death toll will never be known, but it was at least 1,000. Somehow several Ibo survived the orgy and all had the same thought: to get out of the North.”
Another journalist, Walter Parrington of the British Daily Express had this to say:
“I do not know if there are any Ibos left in Northern Region … for if they are not dead, they must be hiding in the bush of this land that is as big as Britain and France. I saw vultures and dogs tearing at Ibo corpses and women and children wielding machetes and clubs and guns. I talked in Kaduna with the charter airline pilot who flew hundreds of Ibos to safety last week. He said ‘The death toll must be far more than 3,000’ … One young Englishwoman said, ‘The Hausas are carting hundreds of wounded Ibos to the hospital to kill them there.' I talked to three families who fled from the bush town of Nguru, 176 miles north. They escaped in three Land Rovers from the town where about fifty Ibos were murdered by mobs drunk on beer in some European shops.
Another Englishman, who fled the town told of two Catholic priests running for it, the mob after them ‘I do not know if they escaped: I didn’t wait to see. …. . A lot of the massacred Ibos are buried in mass graves outside the Moslem walls”.
“In Jos Charter pilots who have been airlifting Ibos to Eastern safety talked of at least 800 dead. In Zaria, 45 miles from Kaduna, I talked with a saffron-robed Hausa, who told me: We killed about 250 here. Perhaps Allah willed it. One European saw a woman and her child slaughtered in his front garden after he had been forced to turn them away”.

People involved in that so called "Igbo coup" are:

1. Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu (Delta Igbo)

2. Major Adewale Ademoyega (Yoruba) author of "Why we struck"

3. Capt. G. Adeleke (Yoruba)
4. Maj. Ifeajuna (Igbo)

5. Lt. Fola Oyewole (Yoruba) author of "The reluctant rebel"

6. Lt. R. Egbiko (Esean)

7. Lt. Tijani Katsina (Hausa/Fulani)

8. Lt. O. Olafemiyan (Yoruba)

9. Capt. Gibson Jalo (Bali)

10. Capt. Swanton (Middle Belt)

11. Lt. Hope Harris Eghagha (Urhobo)

12. Lt. Dag Warribor (Ijaw)

13. 2nd Lt. Saleh Dambo (Hausa)

14. 2nd Lt. John Atom Kpera

What I am seeing here today is the result of Nigerian govt banning the teaching of accurate history in our schools. How is this an Igbo coup?

By Prime Ogbonna


  1. According to news reports I have seen, even BBC, that devils broadcasting corporation was also at the forefront of announcing to the savages that that it was an Igbo coup. It seems that they played a major part in also inciting the Fulani/Hausa savages to start the gruesome attacks on the Biafran civilians.

    Before Boko Haram, there's always a major season every few years of masssive killing of Biafrans and destruction of their properties.
    It should be a duty of all born Biafrans that we must free ourselves from these devils who have always killed our people. For it is a crime against humanity that we continue to be in the same country with these devils.

  2. They never give the killings of Ibos at bukuru rail terminus in Jos where they were lined up as animals to slaughter. Nigeria can never be better because of many innocent blood crying day and night. Biafra is the solution

  3. Just in Kano and environs alone, what about the mass slaughter of Ibos into River Benue which turned the River red for several days; Ibos who managed to escape from Northern cities on their way to South and East were all trapped and slaughtered into River Benue. Am a good Christian and keep Christ's commandment of "Love your neighbor". Let Housas and Yorubas be my neighbors, I will love them, but if Britain and Lucifer keep on making them my country-mates, then I have my reasons to hate them without bound because they cannot be my country-mates, and at the same time, my neighbors. Biafra is my country.

  4. This information is a light to what Britain is calling igbo had they said Biafran coup that would have sound understandable .Other tribes in Biafra land must undersand one thing Britain and Hausa fulani and yourbas alway refare to Biafran as Igbo because they know that Igbo tribe is the Backbone and the turnig point of the nation called Biafra.Apart from Igbo having five states as it it now in this zoo Nigeria other neiboring states has some Igbo speaking people as the indigenes of thier states.Britain always refars Biafran as Igbo in order to inflict internal divition on Biafrans.Biafra as a nation must fire BBC to a curt of law for instigating the Killing biafrans.Biafrans must be wise.Beafra or Death.


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