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Thursday 12 November 2015

Biafrans, Time Has Come For Us to Return Home

Biafrans, Time Has Come For Us to Return Home
By Okonkwo Isaac Somto
(For Family Writers)

Biafrans I have a very strong message for you all and this message is to go home, invest, build and develop your lands. It’s time to go home and restore the glory of Biafra. Biafrans have been blessed and empowered by God almighty to dominate every land and place they live. They are strong and mighty, Biafrans are the Israel of Africa. They are a direct decedent of Israel and whatever they do prospers. They go to places they have never been to before and in a pace of 4 to 5 years they are doing great, prospering and dominating. God have made this possible for them and there is nothing any human being on earth can do about it.

And this have always brought envy and hatred towards the Biafran people. People begin to get jealous of them and where there is jealousy, comes hate. It’s not their fault, that they are the most influential, blessed and richest ethic group in Nigeria and in Africa. Biafran’s love to explore, they leave their homes and go to other peoples lands in search of greener pastures and when the get there, they make sure they work very hard to create a better life for themselves. They are very determined, courageous, and they are so blessed.

After the civil war Biafrans lost everything they had, I mean everything. Those that had millions and thousands in the bank before the war were given just £20. £20? Yes, just £20. Its sounds so unbelievable and impossible, but that’s how wicked and cruel the Nigeria government were. After all they lost in the war, families, properties and investments; they only got £20 from the Nigerian government to start over. That little to start over from a war that cost Biafrans everything they had.

I bet the Nigeria government were hoping that will be the end of the Biafran people. When I mean the end, am not talking about the race, which of course they will to put an end to, if given the opportunity, but am talking about their, wealth, prosperity and domination. They thought, they will never rise again after everything they went through. Of course they were right to think like that, after all anybody that got that little after everything they lost, will never hope to reach a greater height again. The Nigerian government and the British government where trying everything they could to make sure they frustrated and discouraged the biafran people into giving up. They promised to rebuild Biafran lands after the war and create a better infrastructure for them, but till this day they never did that. They abandoned every project and stop every work going on to redevelop Biafran lands.

Biafrans desired much more than they got. After all, the war was fought in Biafran land but instead the rebuilding started in the west. The Nigerian government never intended to restore all that was lost to the Biafran people. But to their disappointment and surprise Biafran’s were raising fast after the war. It wasn’t easy but they were getting back on their foot. They were working hard and were determined to succeed again. What happening today Biafran’s are the most blessed prosperous and hardworking people in Nigeria. They are back to who they were; strong, courageous and determined.

But the problem now is that Biafran has abandoned their lands and homes. They are now trapped and pinned, that most of their major investments and assets are now outside the shores of Biafran lands. I thought by now Biafrans would have learnt from the civil war, how the Nigerian government confiscated everything they had and left them with nothing. And now they have made the same mistakes all over again. Biafrans are not to be blamed for this; after all the Nigerian government made sure every development in Biafran lands were halted. The sea port were closed down, no major international airport, no standard hospitals, the roads are very bad, and no bridges. They made sure Biafrans were trapped in other parts of the country. Biafrans, even at that, it’s no excuse of abandoning your homes and leaving it undeveloped.

The Yoruba’s have even threatened to kick you out of their lands and Hausas made sure most you were driven away from their lands. The Nigerian government has been making sure; you all remained trapped and enslaved outside your homelands, so that you can keep developing other parts of the country except your lands. They made sure all your investments, business, properties and wealth are outside the shores of your homelands. And yet you all are doing nothing about it. It’s so sad, to see how well Biafrans have developed every part of Nigeria except their own lands. What a pity!
So Biafrans with all these things happening in Nigeria, don’t you think it’s time to return home? Yes, it’s time to go home and reinvest. After everything you all have done to help develop Nigeria, yet they still hate and despise you. They don’t like to see you prosper and when you prospering, they don’t want you to go home and rebuild your homes. Biafrans you must understand, there is no place like home. The honest truth is that, you Biafrans are slaves in other people’s lands and will continue to be slaves, until you realize the need to go back home and reinvest to build a better future for your generations to come.

You may disagree with me, but when the time comes you will still go back to your roots and it will be a shame, that after everything you have done to help develop other people’s land, that you go home and find your lands so underdeveloped and unstructured. There is nothing wrong in finding greener pasture somewhere else. But when you begin to prosper and succeed there, take your profits back home and invest there. Mark my words, Biafra will come and when it does, it will be wise to have all your investments back home. It’s never too last to start moving them now, but if you choose to remain where you are, that’s your business. Whether you like it or not, BIAFRA HAS COME!


  1. U make sense dieeeeeee... I wonder..... why r we repeating history? I don't think any Biafran wud still wait to b advised in this regard... it's nt too late like he said... AWAKE....

  2. Lol lies... ask urself why d igbos attacked first and carried out the 1st coup. Were their motives just? Or borne out of greed. Then ask urself if indeed they r granted biafra along with the whole south south, wld d leaders of biafra b open and fair to the minorities in their midst? What wld happen to the ogonis, ijaws, etc?

    The average igbo cannot stand to see a yoruba man as his equal how much less his president and u truly believe they wld step down for ogoniman to rule? Lolol

    The igbo hate every one including themselves. Imo vs abi a etc I'm from arbor n I remember clearly how we taunted that we rnt real igbos. Now time to share land/oil they suddenly remember we r one biafra

    1. Lies, these are all your personal thoughts, nobody need oil or whatever, everyone and regions would manage what ever resources they have in their domain. there are better life without crude oil and golds etc. dont you have sense of reasoning? how many city have oil in USA yet they all survive. how many city have oil in China yet they all survive. how many city have oil in Malasia and yet they survive; however you have the power to live your beggarly if you so wish.
      Why are the two seaports in Delta not functional, why are the two seaports in Rivers state do not bring in imported consumer goods etc, why is the seaport in calabar kept for minor export. but you answer one nigeria where every activity is centered in Lagos.
      Why cant we have international airport that works either in Asaba, Imo, Rivers, Calabar, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Anambra or Enugu where international flights comes in and go out. but you have only one in Lagos and other Nothern states.
      The ability to reason makes you a human if you dont reason adequately - here you know where to place yourself, I am not saying anything.

  3. Well as an Agbor man, if you strongly believe that you are of Yoruba or hausa/ fulani extraction then remain with them and be happy or better still continue to add h or v to your your Igbo name as others do. The none recognition of your arbor as Igbo was completely the making of your gullible political class who sold their birthrights during the Biafran war in order to gain favour from their slave masters who promised them political appointment during the war. Unfortunately you decided to hide your byline in the piece of trash you wrote. The truth remains that you feels inferior before an average Igboman if not you wouldn't talk about oil deposit in your father's farmland controlled 100% by few hausa/ fulani jihadists. If you actually know an Igboman, then you should have known the entrepreneurial prowess bestowed on them. If you don't know, the refusal to allow Biafrans go, is not because of oil but because Igbos holds and manage 75% of Nigerian economy. My dear Igbos can survive 100% without all current Nigeria oil deposit joined together. Honestly, Biafra as a sovereign nation, will take few years to surpass half of African economy. Let me inculcate it into your bereft brain, the Chukwuma Nzeogwu the leader of the coup you mentioned is from arbor or Agbor region. The choice is yours, Yoruba or hausa/ fulani?


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