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Thursday 12 November 2015



Great People of Biafra.

As the supreme leader of The INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA (MAZI NNAMDI KANU) the Director of Radio Biafra /Biafra Tv is still held against his wish because he seeks for his freedom and that of his Beloved nation Biafra, His arrest by DSS under Muhammadu Buhari Government has been condemned by the amnesty international , human right activist groups worldwide and government of the world .

I want to refresh the memory of all the anti Biafrans who cares to read from history. Those of you that always lament and pour your fear about another civil war break out in Nigeria because we the Biafrans request for the restoration and total sovereignty of our one and only nation Biafra.The fact of the matter is that we the Biafrans are already in battle field with the Nigeria /British oppressive state since (1945) as they massacred us in millions and continued killing us after the end of that genocidal war against us that took the lives of over 5.2 million Biafran.

Currently We 're being massacred in the churches, marketplaces and even on our farm land, our mothers and sisters 're  being raped and killed by Hausa/Fulani herdsmen on daily bases in Biafra Land, We 're already in the battle field fighting to survive from being rendered economic destitute by the Nigeria Hausa/Fulani Yoruba oligarchy ,W e are in the battlefield,  we re battling against the impoverishment of our people. We 're battling against the subjugation and arbitrary killing of innocent BIAFRANS, humiliation and deprivation of our human right in this damnable contraption entity called one Nigeria.

I seize this opportunity to remind those demented fools and cowards that are running away from these aforementioned fact which led to the (Aburi Accord) in Ghana .after the accord Gen Gowon's inability to the establish and sustenance of that (Aburi accord )signed by himself and Gen Ojukwu under the watch of late Gen Ankara the then Head of state of Ghana which led to the civil war upon Ojukwu's announcement and report on that which was agreed and signed in Ghana which is true (CONFEDERATION) .

In conclusion, I want you to read this great quote from our late Great leader, the first President of The Republic of Biafra, Gen DIM CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEGWU  OJUKWU, and I quote ....

“I regret the disabilities of the war. It was a choice: it was either to become a #slave of the Hausas in that time or to do what we did. And up till tomorrow, whenever I’m given the opportunity to choose, I’ll reject slavery.”

This quote was made by the late Hero himself, the Peoples General, The Moses of the children of BIAFRA, the fearless son of the first African Millionaire (Sir Luis Ojukwu ) and a great father of The Biafrans from the Land of the rising sun.

This movement and agitation for NNAMDI KANU'S release and  Biafra freedom must continue until NNAMDI KANU and other Biafran Activist under Nigeria /British custody are released, finally until the full sovereignty of Biafra Nation is established there will be not Peace for Nigeria.

It's Biafra or Nothing ...

Therefore to all one Nigeria apologist, you can choose to remain as a Nigerian but we the (IPOB ) Indigenous people of Biafra choose to be free people and our Freedom under our nation Biafra in non-negotiable.Enough is enough. Gone 're the days when men cowardly act like women, Now the youth have grown, the truth about their past which was swept under the carpets for the past 48 years is currently made available before them, they have rightly known their right and have chosen to die as Heroes fighting for their right to exist and be recognised as a People instead of dying on daily basis as cowards under this grave enslavement of the Hausa/Fulani British forceful marriage of 1914.

Thank God for NNAMDI KANU,

Thank God for Uche Mefor,

Thank God for Barrister Emma Mezu.

These are the three wise men from the east.

Thank God for Radio Biafra, the (Ogbunigwe) Atomic Missile that it's explosion is only designed to destroy and wipe away all the junks peddled by the Hausa/Fulani Yoruba Gutter Media since 1960, it was designed to give the oppressed people of Biafra back their freedom physically , mentally, ideologically, spiritually and otherwise.





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