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Saturday 28 November 2015

"it's time to throw away the struggle for resource control and accept your history"---Nnamdi Kanu


By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(Family Writers)

Niger Delta acceptance of IPOB was a matter of realization and repentance. Day in day out Nnamdi Kanu kept hammering the so-called Niger delta militants on the need to forfeit militancy for Biafra restoration, his words " how will people keep bombing pipelines and risking their lives, contaminating their land and leaving her people under severe condition, it's time to throw away the struggle for resource control and accept your history and origin as Biafrans, forget your pockets and fight for your futures, restore your country and this oil you fight for will be yours entirely". At first due to his blunt approach to truth, Nnamdi Kanu vigorously shredded Niger delta and they acknowledged his boldness to truth though it was a bitter truth

Nnamdi Kanu
Until Nnamdi Kanu was arrested, nobody knew the impact of Radio Biafra on the people of south south. Arrest of Nnamdi Kanu gave a better test to the resolve of entire south south, Porthacourt, Delta, Bayelsa and Cross River in their millions showed solidarity and like a miracle it took us by surprise. The repentance and realization was overwhelming despite the strict order that militancy must stop as IPOB is a law abiding and peaceful people

However the rate of pipeline vandalism was cut to zero since the resurgence of IPOB and few elements that prove stubborn left with nothing but rebuking. Responding to the discipline that's the banner of indigenous people of Biafra Niger Delta militancy was abandoned and today there is significance of law and order. They have realized and accepted their origin and have the enthusiasm to restore their father land.

IPOB is known for lawful and peaceful approach to the restoration course and Niger Delta is not exception of it and any contrary act depicts non compliance and will grossly be condemned by IPOB. The major reason for the existence of IPOB is to curb and put an end to militancy which only causes harm than good to Biafrans and by virtue of this deserves praise than propaganda.

1 comment

  1. Nnamdi Kanu is a machine,indeed he lambasted niger delta miltancy for over six months,every day of his broadcast.TRUTH is like pregnancy,you can never cover it with any thing.TRUTH also is like Gold,it will never change its colour.''you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free'' yahweh Jeshua/Jesus said.FREE AT LAST.TRUTH is the hottest/most expensive commodity in nigeria,truth is LIFE,remove truth from life next thing is DEATH.where do you find TRUTH in nigeria,from the least to the greatest.FINALLY TRUTH/LIGHT will swallows up darkness/NIGERIA.Because the children of GOD must enjoy the goodness of GOD and the beautiful land HE/GOD has given to them.The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof.Again the forces of evil will never prevail against the forces of good. Jehova/GOD,Chi ukwu okike Abiama remains on his throne.Biafra must come then the rest of nigeria people,Arewa,ODUDUWA wil enjoy their lands too because HE/GOD is the GOD of all.Egbe bere Ugo bere,let EAGLE pirch and let Kite pirch too.LIVE AND LET LIVE.let the owner own his or her thing indeed.It is not EVIL.


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