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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Live update: Day 5 of Biafra Million man march in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) Biafra land

Mobile Police vans are heading towards Eleme junction, armored tank included.

Commissioner of police Ugwuocha is heading the blockade of Eleme Flyover. I counted five armored tanks. One lane has been blocked.

The shooting of tear gas continues!But we are still singing and dancing.
We are at artillery now. The crowd is increasing.

The police have barricaded 1st artillery bus stop, but we are surging forward.

They have started shooting tear gas @ 1st artillery bus stop
Dancing and singing continues in the midst of tear gas. Now they are shooting live bullets.

Army Helicopter is flying to and fro above us. Live bullet and more tear gas continue @ artillery bus stop.

Someone has been shot but I have no photo of him because of the crowd and my location. I can confirm someone has been shot!.
Reinforcement of troops and our crowd is increasing. There is a standstill in Ugwuocha now.  People's morale are high, and they have sworn they must cross!
Yes I 've been @ 2brigade junction watching event within the military to access intelligence PH is gradually locking up..Biafra frenzy has enveloped the city ....soon the shall be breakthrough.

The cloud has really gathered likely to rain, not only of whether but also of human beings..the road is gradually becoming empty of cars, but Biafrans crowded everywhere waiting to join the protest match...meanwhile police re-firing teargas and shooting live ammunition.... May heaven pull down the brick walls mounted by Police in Artillery Junction.

Another protest match has erupted from Rumoula heading to meet those from Aba....we are now at Airforce base junction.
The wall mounted by army airforce and police has fallen and Biafrans have taken over media is here…NTA AIT etc.

The rain has started in earnest yet Biafrans are not moved...actually there is now absolutely nothing to stop Biafrans....Buhari's despatched of the airforce, navy, army, and police not excluding military helicopters, teargas, shooting of live ammunitions could not stop the Biafra demonstration, Marvel.

The military doesn't want us to merge.

My nose is really hurting... The protest has been on, since morning... Right now, they are trying to disperse us... Armoured Cars are shooting in the sky... We are regrouping ourselves right now. The force men are now moving into every street in Rumukwurushi and Elelenwo...

I'm at a hospital along Elelewon road where an IPOB member is been treated for a a gunshot wound.


  1. We have come too far to go back therefore NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER!

  2. Bifraa is here, Glory to Chukwu Okike Abiama

  3. Chukwu Okike Abiama is our strength. Therefore, our expectation to actualize d Republic of Biafra shall never be cut short Iseee

  4. Chukwu Okike Abiama is our strength. Therefore, our expectation to actualize d Republic of Biafra shall never be cut short Iseee

  5. May God protect all biafra protest amen.


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