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Tuesday 10 November 2015



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers)

No Northern governors killed Boko haram. Days after Buhari charged southsouth and southeast governors to suppress or stop Biafra agitation in what was an ultimatum, the signs are visible with Wike who has stood to be counted as a Nigerian and appease Buhari.  Recall that Wike is being embattled by APC and Buhari, there are strong indications he is playing the scripts of Buhari to gain ground. Meanwhile, Buhari who has charged them to be lawless by killing and incarcerating peaceful protesters will soon explain his role to ICC.

Wike should know that anti-people declarations will only affect him and all his effort will pay in kobo, Port Harcourt belongs to Biafrans and nothing shall take it away from us. It’s a very huge disappointment that Wike has failed to address the cause of the protest, he has failed to listen and solve the problem of the people of Port Harcourt. He has only but tapped the dictatorship that is in the blood of Buhari by declaring that Biafrans should not exercise their rights.

Hence Wike has chosen to toe the path of lawless, he should brace up to kill Biafrans and in the end he would lose FG and lose his people and will come back to zero. Wike has a way to win his ambition; he is a man we believed to be lawful and also a listening leader.

He knows our demand which is for Nnamdi Kanu our leader who is unlawfully detained to be released, once he is released then protests will stop but as long as he is there, southsouth and southeast will be economically crippled and our blood will fill his tanks, for killing us and demanding we don't exercise our rights, he should be ready to kill his people.

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