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Sunday 8 November 2015

"Millions Man March": Biafrans will Not Be bullied

"Millions man march": Biafrans will Not Be bullied
By Okonkwo Isaac Somto
(For Family Writers)

IPOB peaceful protest

With protest going on, the call for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and the freedom of the Biafra people, the Nigerian government has yet again killed innocent Biafrans protesting. The Nigerian armed forces keep killing unarmed Biafrans, marching for their right to be free. Peaceful Biafrans was killed in cold blood in Onitsha, A combined team of the zoo Police, Navy, and Army, shot, killed and jailed innocent Biafran citizens. When it comes to fighting Boko-Haram, the Nigerian armed forces flees from battle and are scared for their lives, but when it comes to killing unarmed civilians they become ruthless and very bold.

Boko-haram have killed thousands people and yet what has the Nigerian Government done about it? Instead they run like children looking for candies and chocolates. Biafrans have been protesting very peacefully for some time now, without guns and arms, instead they are being massacred and killed like animals. Who is the terrorist? The Nigerian armed forces or Nnamdi Kanu? The whole world is watching and is aware of what is happening in Nigeria, they know the truth, Nigeria is coming to an end.
 Nigeria doesn’t respect International Human right law, all because they have guns to fight against unarmed Biafran civilians. They can go ahead and declare Radio Biafra (RBL) and Biafrans a terrorist organization, but that will certainly not stop Biafra from coming. Nelson Mandela was once declared a terrorist by the international community but at last he got freedom for the South African people. I believe in self-determination and I know that Biafra will be restored. The worse thing about all this is that the countries that talk preach and emphasize about human rights law and freedom of speech are just staying silent and looking away as if nothing is happening.

IPOB member killed by Nig Police
They look at Biafrans as people who are confused and not worthy of their time. But one thing is certain, this killing of innocent Biafrans will not continue for long. Because it seems that until Biafrans decide to carry arms, that’s when they will get the attention and the freedom they have been denied. The Nigerian government may think Biafrans are stupid and foolish, because they are keeping quiet and watching, while their people are been killed on a daily basis.

The world, must understand that Biafrans will no longer tolerate this injustice and wickedness from the British-Nigerian government. We have had enough, and enough is enough! We have been backed against the wall, and soon they Nigeria government will understand the full meaning of being backed against the wall. The Nigerian government is not diplomatic, all they understand is violence. And for years now, Biafrans have tried to be diplomatic but the Nigerian government don’t understand the language of diplomacy, all they understand is the language of violence and soon Biafrans will be forced to speak that language too.
Nigerian Media No longer broadcast the truth. No media outfit in Nigeria is reporting the fact that Biafran people are been killed on a daily basis. African Independent Television (AIT) that normally broadcast the truth no longer do so because of the fear of Nigerian government intervention, due to the fact they were suspended some years ago by The Federal Government of Nigeria. The Nigerian Television (NTAplus/NTA1) has never for one day broadcast the truth, NTA is the worst Media in Nigeria, A Government controlled Media that strongly believes in lies. This is the so called Nigeria media, who write and broadcast lies about the Biafrans people. They are liars and thieves, paid by the Nigerian government to write rubbish and lies.

I call on Buhari to stop killing Biafran’s and release Nnamdi Kanu. It is unlawful to still detain Nnamdi Kanu after competent court ordered for his immediate release after meeting his bail conditions. Its time they release him or face the wrath of the Biafran people. Biafrans will continue to protest and demonstrate, until Nnamdi Kanu is set free from illegal detention.


  1. Definitely no amount of intimidation will stop us even death!!! We are highly formidable and ready to die! Our Movement will turn into in-revisable full blown revolution from next week, State of emergency and military forces will never stop what is to come. You can release Nnamdi Kanu NOW!!! Or face a total collapse of this Country Nigeria (ZOO). We will not boost of our capacity in times of war! But we resolute for our sovereignty. Be warned!!!
    Very unfortunate! The terror of security agencies’ against Biafrans as instructed by the chief terrorist (Buhari) the inhuman maltreatment and massive kings that is ongoing in Bayelsa State, Rivers State, Abia State, Anambra State and in other Biafra Land in the last three days can never be over emphasize, the murderous Police and army took our Cell Phones and push our men and women from Mbiama Bridge into lagoon in Bayelsa State and point their goon shooting indiscriminately to ensure that no one survived the horror; this is wickedness I have never seen before. What about the Biafrans that was loaded in trailer Inside Bori Camp (Military Barrack) in port haircut on that 6th evening and drove them to unknown destination toward Elele in Rivers State with clear expiration from the commander in charge of Bori-camp instruction for total extermination of these Biafrans and mass burial. As am writing now, no one have hear any information about them nor aware of the way about of these Biafrans numbering over hundred and ten. How Can we keep quite as they have direct instruction from Hausa Fulani President Buhari to exterminate us? The World Must come to our rescue.
    Yesterday the Police and Army permanently stop us, two polls to Nigeria Television Authority in Aba and insisted to shoot us dead if we make move! It is a purported act to prevent NTA from caring the NEWS! And this was after they have short one of us and shattered his lips with live teargas bullet, which have been undergoing emergency treatment in an undisclosed hospital while many others sustain various degrees of injuries in the morning hours of the day. Already the Nigerian Government have pass a decree that any Radio station or Television Station whether Owen by Government or by private individual should not talk about our protest or Biafra! A total intimidation against Biafrans… But am console that the whole wold is hearing us and we are making front page news in various international prints and televisions. ALL HAIL BIAFRA AND OUR FALLING HEROES!!!
    For those of us that report that police and Army is with us: HEAR ME WELL they are not with us! If they see you in any remote area or where no one is seen you, they will shoot you or take you to unknown destination for massacre! That is NIGERIA POLICE AND ARMY FOR YOU!!!!


    I will march amidst guns and bullets
    staging but a peaceful protest
    For what cause I uphold is true and just!

    My brothers, mothers, fathers and sisters has been shot
    Some killed and more killings there to come
    But that doesn’t scare us anymore
    Instead death seems to be scared of us
    Armless as we’re, our collective slogan is our weapon
    We’ll use it until victory is achieved!

    I will march unrelenting and unbroken
    Chanting the Biafran anthem
    I will march with others in solidarity
    Until our feet are swollen

    Come rain come sun
    The struggle has already begun
    It’s not the drums of war that beat but the drums of self liberation
    Soon the world we hear of this sound
    Soonest a world assemble would be summoned

    There and then we’ll demand for our freedom
    We can’t continue to wait till their kingdom come
    Why are they scared of a referendum?
    We need a nation of our own
    Biafran is our country and home


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