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Saturday, 12 December 2015

BREAKING: Kaduna Boils: Several persons are feared dead after soldiers reportedly opened fire on members of the Islamic movement

BREAKING: Kaduna Boils: Many feared dead as Shiites, military clash in Zaria

Several persons are feared dead after soldiers reportedly opened fire on members of the Islamic movement of Nigeria in their Husainiyya base in Zaria, Kaduna state.

A resident of the area, who claimed to have witnessed the incident, said a truckload of soldiers came to the Husainiya area and surrounded it and “all of a sudden we heard gun shots and many people died”.

“The soldiers are still there and they have evacuated some of the corpses while others were taken by the site members” the witness said.

Another witness told PREMIUM TIMES more than 20 corpses were laying on the ground.

“The soldiers have killed many people here, possibly up to 20,” he said. “The leader of the sect, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky is leaving his home to where the soldiers are. He is saying he does not care if he is killed too.”

The spokesperson of the Army, Sani Usman, could not be reached for comments at this time.

The News Agency of Nigeria is however quoting Mr.Usman, a colonel, as saying the clash resulted from an assassination attempt on the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai.

The Army spokesperson reportedly said it was some suspected shiites who first attacked the motorcade of Mr. Buratai, a lieutenant general.

PREMIUM TIMES is unable to independently confirm that version of event at this time.

There has been a history of violence between members of the movement and the military.

A similar clash last year led to the death of many members, including the sons of the movement’s leader, Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Details later..


  1. The zoo in its finest. Because a group of people attacked your army chief then any body around must die.
    The zoo armed forces strongest against unarmed civilians

    1. That is why it is a zoological country. No investigation to find out the culprits. Everybody around is now a victim

  2. With a confirmed murderer and terrorist sitting in Aso rock, that's what you get in the zoo. Yet some people don't seem to get the fact that Biafrans can be part of that madness called Nigeria. If the soldiers had to kill everybody around because an attempt was made on the life of army chief, they'll probably kill everybody in that state if as much as rumored attempt of Buhari goes out. The zoo is living up to its name.

  3. that's were u will see them in action, boko done finish una oh

  4. NEMESIS! THE LAW OF NATURAL JUSTICE - KARMA! The same thing that was done to IPOB members in Onitsha and other parts of
    Biafraland is happening to the Northerners. It's just the beginning.

  5. Lawless set of people, God has started punishing nigeria, and by d time he finished with them,there will be no nigeria to be found,
    Then concerning d case of Biafran & nigerian, God has assured Biafrans victory, for he have made it clear to us through our spiritual director DAT he will harden d hrt of our enemies against us in other to deal with them& use them to make more names for himself.
    when he handle d case of Elija and d prophets of Baal, they called him (oji oku Eli aja) meaning DAT he consumes sacrifice with fire.
    in d case of d Israelites and Egyptian in d red see, they called him osimiri NA elo indi iro,meaning d ocean DAT swallows enemies.
    Which name are u going give him? Biafran ,
    when he will finish liberating us from zoo, because he has started dis work, he will finish it...

  6. Am ashamed of d leadership of this country.Are they this docile in making use of their brain?Shooting civilians,they people they are supposed to protect in this manner. What a shame!Even animals in d zoo are more cared for that d citizens of this country. So,why do some of us get angry at calling d country a zoo?Tshwwwww

  7. God have start raining the rain of judgement on the zoo called nigeria. God bless Biafra


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