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Sunday 6 December 2015

Great Quotes by Nnamdi Kanu

Great Quotes by Nnamdi Kanu
By Okonkwo Isaac Somto
(For Family Writers)
Nnamdi Kanu

Director Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of Radio Biafra, IPOB worldwide, and her forces. Nnamdi Kanu is a living legend for Biafrans worldwide. In his effort to restore Biafra and Free Biafrans from their enslavement by the British-Nigeria government, Nnamdi Kanu has said words of wisdom when addressing the agitation of Biafra. People have misunderstood the words he's being saying. He calls Nigeria a Zoo, Because Nigeria consists of many people who behaves like animals. A country where Police officers, fight themselves like animals over N20, he also calls them baboons and monkeys, because people with normal senses will not shoot unarmed civilians.
Nnamdi Kanu is a man who has been blessed with wisdom and Bravery from our creator.  For this reason I decided to compile some of his famous quotes. 
Some people say he preaches hate messages to people, but Nnamdi Kanu is not preaching hate messages rather the TRUTH.
These words are -
1- We are the Children of the Most High; we even show it in the names we bear.
2- Agboghu Awusa (Rochas) has decided to work with the Northerners by bringing in Muslim Leadership in the land.
3- Biafra as a Religion.
4- Nigerians do not like the Truth
5- The Media has been corrupted & painted as Saints, while people lavishes in lack of Knowledge due to the corruption made in the media. Evidence shows that Yoruba’s are more into Journalism than others. For this reason, they (Nigerians) stand guilty as charged!
6- So, before you act or write, let your conscience judge your soul. Remember, no matter how hard you try to hit it, one day it will get open.
7- We welcome every group agitating for Biafra as long as you are doing it in truth and honesty
8- Nelson Mandela doesn’t live in a mansion. Mahatma Ghandi never lived in a mansion. Martin Luther King Junior never lived in a mansion. Che Guevara never lived in a mansion. What are you doing with landed property? What are you doing with wealth if you are a freedom fighter? We work ourselves to put our money in Biafra. The glory of your people being free is your gain. Nigeria can do anything it likes; I am interested in Biafra alone
9- You cannot actualize what is already in existence (Biafra)
10- Mind you, we are not actualizing but realizing Biafra because Biafra already existed
11- When you are in a freedom fighting movement, the leadership of that movement is not very important, what is important is the ideology that underpins the entire movement
12- Biafra is puritanical in the sense that it doesn’t like contamination with any other thing and that is why we are suffering today.
13- The ideology of Biafra is the freedom, the emancipation of all the Biafran people which means that all the people bound genetically, cul­turally and by the same value system.
14- The way out is total freedom for Biafra because Nigeria will not be free unless Biafra is free.
15- We are not against Nigeria.
16- We must make it abundantly clear that Biafra is not the antithesis of Nigeria
17- We want Nigeria to be one should they feel to engage in the exercise but what we are saying is that you are keeping us in bondage
18- We are asking people to leave La­gos, leave where you are in Europe, in America, in Asia, wherever you may be, travel to the village, if you come back the same person, then you know something is wrong with you because where we come from is decaying
19- Biafra land is in absolute and unimaginable poverty which nobody can cure unless we have Biafra.
20- I will destroy Nigeria with the weapon of truth.
21- Radio Biafra is the most listened to indigenous broadcast out of sub Saharan Africa.
22- We welcome every group agitating for Biafra as long as you are doing it in truth and honesty.
23- Our relationship with genuine people within MASSOB pursuing Biafra in truth and hones­ty is sound.
24- What we abhor is the leadership of MASSOB because the leadership of MASSOB is corrupt.
25- You see anywhere in the history of modern freedom fighters where you jettison freedom fighting and start looking for chieftain­cy titles? You abandon freedom fighting to start pricing the cost of cement and sand to go and build a house.
26- Have you heard anybody else come out to say what Boko Haram is doing is bad and must be matched? The answer is no.
27- What Boko-Haram is doing to us is not only abominable; it is absolutely unacceptable to us
28- If people are exchanging the lives of our people for money, for jeep for what they can get, their days are numbered.
29- Biafra will be realized both legally, politically, socially and oth­erwise.
30- One thing is for certain, Biafra is coming. Nobody can stop it. No amount of intimidation, arrest, torture, deprivation will stop Biafra from coming. It is already ordained.
31- We are not talking about the Biafra that these new age churches preach ask­ing us to leave everything to God. We are not leaving everything to God, we are asking God to give us the power to be able to do things when we start, you should tell your readers that the world will not even be able to contain us. What Boko-Haram is doing will appear like a tea party when we start our own. The reason being that, we have not done anything in this country to deserve the treatment that we are getting.
32- They say don’t break away and be Biafra, we agree to remain in one Nigeria, what are we getting today? Punishment, Death, Disaster upon disaster. You are living in a country you call your own and you are dying every blessed day. Is it a country?
33- If they are killing us in these numbers because somebody who answers an Igbo name is in Aso Rock what do you think will happen when an Igbo man is there? They will slaughter all of us.
34- They killed Aguiyi Ironsi and from that they massacred everybody. Isn’t that enough to tell the Igbo people that you are not wanted in this country?
35- Even the Ohanaeze that we are hoping and praying should be constituted in a way to reflect the wishes and aspirations of our people is now dancing to the tune to whoever pays them highest.
36- One governor in the South East comes out and say I will develop my state and make it better, they will impeach him and put somebody else in there and we are very docile and doing nothing.
37- Let’s make this very clear, if we don’t fight for Biafra to come, many more Boko-Haram deaths will happen.
38- They will come in forcibly to Islamize us. It is now happening in Imo State. The entrance to the government house has an Islamic symbol there. I challenge anybody to go and have a look. It is happening.
39- They are building their Islamic centers. I am not against any religion. Islam if practiced very well is a wonderful religion, I have nothing against it but you can see the creeping Islamization we are experiencing and that can’t continue.
40- It is for everybody to listen to Radio Biafra
41- Everybody should cultivate and develop the habit of making sure they have the Biafran consciousness in them, in truth and honesty.
42- We don’t want the Biafra of the old of deception deceit and lies. Biafra rep­resents light. We have no mixture with darkness.
43- Anytime you stand upon the name Biafra to lie and to cheat, you are finished. You cannot accomplish anything.
44- What are we doing in Nigeria? What have you gained in Nigeria? Do you know that oil is in Imo State before any other place? Do you know that Shell was in Owerri before any other place in this country? Is it fair that we from Biafra cannot make use of Calabar or Port Harcourt sea ports?
45- Why must I be in Ohaozara and import a car through La­gos, does that make any economic sense to anybody?
46- A country that claims it is developing? In a country where crude oil comes from the ground, yet, you can’t produce electricity and you are telling me you are human beings? I don’t want to belong to that country, God forbid!
47- I am Nnamdi Kanu; I am the Voice of the Voiceless People of Biafra, Africa and the world at large.
48- I am a representative of truth and Honesty, I am an epitome of Kindness and LOVE, I am a paragon of Liberty, I was born a libertarian an activist and Orator, I am Nnamdi Kanu, Radio Biafra is the like a Child of my Brain, which through I have succeeded airing my gospel of redemption to the world, I am Brave and never afraid to unveil the truth even before my enemies.
49- I am Nnamdi Kanu, I am whiter than white and whiter than snow, and my mantra is (Eziokwu Bu Ndu) which means "Truth is life" inIgbo language.
50- I am Nnamdi Kanu; I was born to liberate my people the (Biafrans) from this shackles of Darkness man made contraption that has enslaved them since 1914.
51- I want you all to know that anything or names you claim as a nation under Nigerian government will fail you all, our name is Biafra
52- My Love, passion and agitation for freedom for the People of Biafra and the rest of African Nation must be achieved, and we shall be free from this mental and Colonial enslavement, they will kill us, they will arrest us, they will intimidate us, but at the end we shall win, and my people shall be free and Biafra shall come.
53- I encourage you to stand strong and be fearless as Biafra shall take care of the families of the demised heroes and heroines when Biafra is restored, and they shall be remembered as heroes forever.
54- I plead that you all should open your doors and extend your hands of support to all Biafran’s in every Biafra states where this movement is taking place.
55- Those business/ traders across Biafra Land, it’s time to shut down your shops and join this movement, your future is better in Biafra as a Biafran than the peanuts you are benefitting which fell off from your masters table
56- I want you to know that the Nigeria Military that are pulling their triggers killing our people are the Hausa/ Fulani Boko Haram boys in Nigeria military uniform, our quest is just; we request only for our freedom to be free as a People.
57- Our resolve cannot be defeated nor intimidate, our togetherness as one people from every part of Biafra is currently our strength.
58- I am very optimistic that the youth of Biafra and parents outnumbered those that benefit from this fraudulent one Nigeria apologist at the seat of power.
59- Our Brothers from river line area, I love you so much for standing up and acknowledging the fact that we are the same blood, and together we shall march down this tower of Babylon (Nigeria) because at the end Biafra will come.
60- We are formidable
61- My goodness me
62- May chukwu okike abiama strike me dead the day I betray Biafra/Biafrans
63- The British Government is so evil that they love Nigerian oil more than they care about the lives of Nigerians
64- If it requires me to give my life for the realization of Biafra, I will give my life gladly
65- Biafra is a spirit
There are many more quotes by Nnamdi Kanu, feel free to add your own below.

Nnamdi Kanu Words of Wisdom!


  1. 66- Sometimes I wonder why God created black man/people.
    67- Mad people.
    68- OkoroHausa.

  2. It's very clear and direct. Antagonistic and wicked individuals who don't acknowledge truth will perish with lies. Nnamdi Kanu is always clear and direct. Whatever Nigerian government is planning against the Truth will perish with lies. The Accuser of our brethren has already been thrown down!

  3. It's very clear and direct. Antagonistic and wicked individuals who don't acknowledge truth will perish with lies. Nnamdi Kanu is always clear and direct. Whatever Nigerian government is planning against the Truth will perish with lies. The Accuser of our brethren has already been thrown down!

  4. Even Obama is listening....the angels are listening, em do they have mobile communicating device? Well, even the angels are listening! This is Radio Biafra!

  5. Nde ara!!! Mad people everywhere!!!

  6. I feel like breaking through DSS wall and get that Nwa Chineke out of that dark place.

  7. "Africans can't even reason, just because they are black"

  8. Fuck shit... I feel compelled to tear down Dat cell wall n instead of him to b Der, I shud replace him... he needs to enlighten us D more n bring Biafrans more united... ohhhhhh... wht a wicked world we r in... wer truth is buried n lies r accepted... it's a shame!


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