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Tuesday 22 December 2015



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers)

This confusion is spilling beyond control and the world wouldn't stop laughing. Just reading the reactions of Nigerians over press statement made by Lia Muhammed, I could not hold my pity any longer. After eight months of leadership without any tribunal case, an express handover of power by Jonathan, a government is still telling its subjects that they are suffering because of past government. Nigerians have waited tirelessly to hear or see the solution of which why they were voted, it was to solve problems they felt the previous regime could not execute.

To us Biafrans we are very happy that Nigerians are suffering, at least they will be convinced that Nnamdi Kanu is fighting to save Biafrans from leadership wreckage. Nigeria is beyond repair and that is why slaves (Biafrans) wish to go back home while Nigerians enjoy the beauty of their home. The confusion is overwhelming, in the case of Nnamdi Kanu, their confusion shines brighter than any other thing.  UN charter on the rights of indigenous people which gave indigenous people right to self-determination, self-determination in the sense that they are legally free to demand for sovereignty However there are legal and illegal means this can be achieved, by war (force or illegal) or by legal means (peace) legal means which implies pressure for grant of freedom within the ambit of law. Meanwhile, Nigerian government signed the charter and domesticated it thus giving Nnamdi Kanu legal backing to clamor for Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu smartly chose to peacefully pressure for freedom. Firstly he opened a legal radio station that propagates freedom for indigenous people of Biafra, it's note-worthy that radiobiafra pays taxes to her majesty's government in London with their head office over there. Recall that on coming back to Biafra land, he was arrested and charged in two different courts that judged and ruled that Nnamdi Kanu has no case to answer and should be unconditionally released. In what appeared to be the festering dawn of dictatorship, Nigerian government continued the detention of Nnamdi Kanu against the numerous court orders. In October, the world conference of indigenous people was held in Los Angeles, represented in the conference were Nnamdi Kanu and indigenous people of Biafra by one Dr Iroanya.  Nnamdi kanu who subsequently signed the certificate of recognition as the certified leader of indigenous people of Biafra acquired beyond limit the legitimacy of IPOB.

By way of designating IPOB unlawful organization is nothing but the confusion that pervaded this government owing to lack of educative governance. Nigeria has defiled everything sacred about constitution and opposed the world government, the reason the world is silent while impunity goes on against its law is unfathomable to me. Nnamdi Kanu has not fought Nigerian government, neither has he killed a Nigerian nor anybody killed for him. In as much as he has said everything say-able to attract attention to the call of Biafran freedom, Nigerian government should accept it in good faith that there is no treason attached to this. Nnamdi Kanu wants Nigeria to give Indigenous people of Biafra independence and if asking for independence is treasonable felony, then Nigeria should first withdraw its signature and announce their exclusion from the endorsement of UN charter on rights of Indigenous people.


  1. If you're a citizen of a country call nigeria you have remember that your parents don't obey court order.


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