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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Until Nigerian government kill us all, this protest will continue.

 Until Nigerian government kill us all, this protest will continue.

Nigeria governments disobeyed the rule of law and upon that kill our people for protesting the unlawful detention of Nnamdi Kanu. We committed no crime, what we are asking is to be FREE. Freedom is not a crime!!, United Nations says that we have the right for self-determination, we have not killed anyone, since our protest we have been peaceful. All we are asking Nigeria is to obey the rule of law, obey court order by releasing our leader. We committed no crime!! Upon that, Nigeria government keeps murdering unarmed peaceful protesters!! Over 9 innocent peaceful protesters killed, many missing. Let the world take note, let humanity take note, let people of good conscience take note, and let freedom lovers take note. We Biafrans committed no crime. Nigeria Government murdered our unarmed sister!! Because of her death this protest will continue!!! NEVER shall we give up!!! Never shall we retreat!!! Until Nigeria government kill us all, this protest will continue.


  1. Biafrans may use the picture of the Biafran girl in blue shirt lying in a pool of her blood on protest matches abroad in particular. An enlarged picture of it will have its impact.

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  3. God is watching. Whatever man sows he will reap with his entire generations.


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