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Saturday, 13 February 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Family Writers
You shall kill us no more, but they will dare to kill us more
  How sweet your life, is how sweet our lives you take, we also want to live
Unarmed Biafran killed by Nigerian soldier
No one is killed and remains to be killed when his killer is a serial killer
  Let us die with a shred of honour, die defending our precious lives
  Let us save our lives from talons of hawk before losing it
  Common sense, peace and law have all failed in carnivorous Nigeria
  Nnamdi Kanu have been seen as a noise maker that deserves their cage
  Only because he wanted them to learn, think and avoid
  But they believe only weak men learn, think and avoid
  They want to taste death, see death before they believe death
  They have seen our placards,fliers and flags as AK47 and bombs
  They have engaged us in battle even-though our placards and flags don’t shoot
  We have only received their bullets, wailed, screamed and groaned
  Our widows and widowers wail every night and day
  They have lost their spouse’ to the murderous Nigerian military
  Beside is a screaming child, he has lost his mother and father
  We are orphaned for being lawful and peaceful
  UN deceived us that 2007 charter is binding but it’s death sentence to us
  The world have neither said a word nor sent a hub for our death to be averted
  Let us defend our lives, our lives that worth not world leaders attention
  A dove cannot live with a monster, we shall transform into a monster
  A monster but a monster with but consciousness of defense
  This is a journey, second journey of the monkeys that never learn
  The banana enjoyed in 1967, the monkey hopes to enjoy again in 2016
  The banana they ate has learned not to ripe again
  And they shall starve and starve to regret this second journey
  Activation of self-defense is only but embryonic war
  The monkeys will still sojourn, with hope the banana is ripped
  But now the journey can still be stopped, they would be deaf
  Until they get to a point of no return and found out the banana is not ripped
  They might destroy the banana plantation, but can not destroy all
  Starvation shall kill them, and the banana will replenish and ripe afterwards
  One thing is sure, the monkeys will regret their second journey
  This self-defense is only to stop our death we cannot any longer bear
  Even the whole world share our pains, commended our elastic perseverance
  Sympathy we have all over the world and no more shall the innocent perish


  1. This is a great piece of ingenuity, the soul of the oppressed and future of the hopeful is well represented, stay on!

  2. Simply amazing poem and piece of writing.

  3. Please how do i get my armunition? I am a young biafran who want to defend his people

  4. Ipob,Massob and Niger Delta militants must meet to set up an underground independent gorilla resistance group trained for surgical operations.Their job is to identify any soldier police or even judge that kill biafran protesters,then trace them,their children,wife where ever they in the world and sort them out.
    This will not amount to outright declaration of war and Ipob must never accept responsibility for any killing,in order to remain in the good book of Western world.
    We can't talk peace to lawless people we must have some underground defense mechanism,this group will even do other stuffs for funding.

  5. What a melodious writes up? In biafra we shall all perish and there will be no retreating and absolutely no surrenderring. We must match on cuz is either biafra or we all perish!

  6. we need weapon for selfdefence pls all our co-ordinator come together and make us proud we are ready to die more and more because for me it is better to die for something than to live for nothing! am ready to sacrifize my life for biafra! Long Live BiaFra! Long Live My Father's Land!! Long Live Director #NNMDI_KANU!!!


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