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Friday 26 February 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Family Writers

Dr Ifeanyi Ubah

If i will go for a passionate politician, i will go for Dr Ifeanyi Ubah. I am not going for him because we bear same first name or i have a special likeness for him, i am going for him because he is a successful business man who went into politics and never allowed the dirty games of politics attack his conscience. Yes, almost all his investments are not at home except sports but let this be my personal thought as am entitled to it. He might have allowed his interest override the total well-being of Biafrans and seems to remain high and solving one out of millions of our problems.

When there was fuel scarcity and we were yearning for a solution, he went into his reservoir and released millions of liters of fuel to ease our longing. The reality is that the harsh economic policies by Buhari is a deliberate effort to attacking Biafrans. Northerners do not drive cars and so the fuel queue does not concern a high percentage of them, it bangs on the head of Biafrans who rather live as tenants to own a car.

The issue of Dollar came up and Biafrans are being ravaged, Buying and selling is our last destination and the sky-rocketing Dollar is a great afflictions on business. The government is less concerned because it does not affect high percentage of his people, Biafrans are at the receiving end and the government dare not take desperate measures to checkmate this frustrating increase. Yes, it affects all Nigerians, they are shedding tears but in this hardship Biafrans are smiling, because others can at least feel what being a Biafran is like, have a taste of it and know why we choose death over staying in Nigeria again.

Looking into the eyes of Dr Ifeanyi Ubah yearning for the position of a consultant to enable him tackle the unavoidable increase of Dollar. I can only see a man touched by the peril of his people and a man passionately but discreetly running to the aid of his own. The truth remains that Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is making a wrong save and there is need to let him know we need the right save.

There is need to save lives of Biafrans before considering their well-being, if the state of living is saved and we lose our lives then of what gain is the move? On the contrary, i see a man that lie to his people and deny his people, i see a man that tries to steal his people and subject them to sweet-coated sufferings. I see a man that never learned from Nnamdi Kanu that wealth or status should not be placed before your people. I see a man that have learned not to make sacrifices but guard his wealth, a man that want to keep giving his people fish without making ocean for them to fish on their own.

I appreciate Dr Ifeanyi Ubah very much for his concern to assisting our people but this time around we need more than assistance on stomach infrastructure. Biafrans- his people are being murdered everyday, there is ongoing genocide in Ogoni, Aba, Anambra, Portharcourt, Delta etc. What has he done to stop death? what has he said concerning the incarceration of the leader of his people? what has he said to the disobedience of court orders? what has he said to his people that refused to carry arms but placards and are being killed everyday?

There is a gross neglect of entire Biafran people, Ohaneze Ndigbo have talked to a certain extent but Buhari have neglected them in all their demands. Niger delta militants have asked for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and Buhari neglected them. Col. Joe Achuzia have demanded the release of Kanu and Buhari neglected him. Asari Dokubo, Bishops, all religious leaders, Youths and student organizations have done same but he neglected everyone.

This is without doubt negligence of everything we are and believe in and a clear exemption from agenda. It means we cannot do anything and anything can be done to our people and nothing will happen. But i am filled with joy that Nnamdi Kanu has united Biafra, no more southsouth and southeast, the fear factor might not be there now but until we shake this contraption. What has Ifeanyi Ubah done to save our faded relevance in Nigeria? Instead of wasting time for personal glory on dollar, let him boast or stake his 500bn assets that genocide will cease in Biafra.

Finally, there is need to also stake my career as a journalist that dollar will never fall. There is no amount of prayer in Saudi Arabia, killing of Biafrans and fighting of Nigerians called criminals that will bring down the rate of dollar. A prophet told you that Naira will be as worthless as a tissue paper. Let no man dare the God de most high and only the demands of the prophet will restore everything and take everyone to the next level. God is fighting His battle and not even the devil can stand against the consuming fire of the old.

1 comment

  1. Great from family writers. Our people are very gullible and fall to all manner of rhetorics. A country cannot prosper when its various components/tribes hates each other. Infact there is no way islam and christianity can mix and be at peace with each other under one administration. This is the nonsense of nigerian contraption!
    Dollar is not coming down until biafra is restored because the price of oil is down for this purpose from chukwu-okike abiama


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