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Saturday, 27 February 2016



Nigeria is the worst corrupt political entity to live in or be part of. Every part of the contraption is engulfed with deceit, corruption and evil. This irreversible cankerworm called corruption has left no stone unturned in the Nigeria system. From the Executive to the Legislature and the Judiciary, the rate at which Nigeria Government through the judiciary are extorting Money from the detained IPOB peaceful protesters, is totally astonishing and hurting, IBEH GIFT AMARACHI OF FAMILY WRITERS granted an interview to IPOB peaceful protesters who were recently released from the Prison custody and other detainees still in Nigeria Prison custody. Over Five Hundred IPOB protesters are still in various Nigeria Prison custody, because they couldn't meet up to the outrageous bail charges and those who could make it out, haven’t recovered from this very barbaric robbery act by the Nigeria Judiciary.

MR ANYANWU UCHENNA a released IPOB peaceful protester who was detained on the 20 of October 2015, in the first Peaceful protest that took place in Rivers State Biafra Land stated "I was among the first peaceful IPOB protester who was forcefully detained in the first protest that took place on the 20th October in Igweocha Rivers State BiafraLand. I was captured alongside other protesters and was sent to Mini-Okoro Police Station and then to State CID and finally to Port Harcourt Prisons. I protested with just my Playcard, Wristwatch and Phone and they were stripped off me. The Court gave me bail charges of Four Hundred Thousand Naira (#400, 000, 00) Level 13 Civil Servant to stand as my surety and then Thirty Thousand Naira (#30,000) verification fee, which took away almost all I had. Before the painful bail charges were fulfilled, we were assaulted and tortured in Prison. I am calling on the Human Right organizations to please come to our aid, because the Nigeria Judiciary is really using IPOB detainees to make Money for themselves".

 MR OBILOR ONYEKA stated "Nigeria Judiciary is really stealing from the Indigenous People of Biafra by tricks. I was released from detention after paying Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000), a level 14 Civil Servant came and stood as my surety and then Thirty Thousand Naira (30,000) verification fee was paid. Over Fifty Two(52) Indigenous People Of Biafrans are still in Port Harcourt Prisons where I was released from, not because they don't want to leave, but because they couldn't meet up to the outrageous bail charges. I pray and wish that the World will come to our rescue, so that our Brothers and Sisters will leave that Prison where they are assaulting us as criminals"
 MR NWOLISA CHUKWUNONSO a released IPOB protester stated "My sister, Nigeria is indeed a contraption and corrupt Country, one shouldn't be part of. I was amongst the Peaceful protesters, but was caught in a Shop along side with my sales girl on the 10th of November during the second Igweocha peaceful protest, where we ran for our safety when the Nigeria Force was shooting sporadically. They came to the Shop and picked all IPOB protesters with Biafra Flag, including my Sales Girl. I was given bail terms of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000), Thirty Thousand Naira (#30,000) verification fee and level 14 Civil Servant as surety. It took me, over Five months to fulfill this outrageous bail charges. My sales Girl is still in PortHarcourt Prison, since we couldn't raise such huge amount of Money to meet her bail charges.

DESTINY AMUCHE the Sales Girl of Mr Nwolisa still in Port Harcourt Prison stated "I was detained alongside with my Boss Mr Nwolisa,in the Shop were we ran to safe our Lives from the gunshots of Nigeria combined force, following the second IPOB peaceful protest that took place in Igweocha on the 10th of November. We were taken to Mini-Okoro Police Station and transferred to PortHarcourt Prison. I am still here in Prison Custody, because I can't meet up to the high bail charges of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000),Level 14 Civil Servant to stand as surety and Thirty Thousand Naira(#30,000) as verification fee. I wonder where a sales girl likes me will get such amount of Money? I'm living with my Brother in Igweocha Rivers State and he fends for me, while I work as a sales girl for Mr Nwolisa. The World should come to our rescue because they are not only maltreating the men, but me a female. The Human Right organisations should come to our aid, because this violation of our rights is painful". Following this interview, one will understand that the Nigeria Judiciary has been raped. Why will such outrageous bail charges be given to armless Peaceful Protesters, whose only crime was exercising Self-Determination and as well demanding for the release of their Leader Citizen Nnamdi Kanu? What a murderous and human right violating establishment called Nigeria led by Mohammadu Buhari. The Indigenous People of Biafra are calling on Human Right organizations and every believer of Justice and Freedom, to come to the aid and rescue of Biafrans subjugated to torture and slavery in Nigeria Prison Custody.

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  1. Very cruel country, treating innocent protesters as criminals...There's no going back on Biafra.


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