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Monday 15 February 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Family Writers

Justice John Tosho might not find a reason to praise Nnamdi Kanu, he might see him as a man that wants to divide Nigeria and so deserves to be jailed for life or sentenced to death by hanging. This is more so because he is Buhari’s stooge and everything about Kanu is negative to him. John Tosho has also failed to listen to his colleagues, somebody like Falana called for the release of Kanu and other lawyers who have done same while absorbing Kanu of any offence. Even NBA chiefs have publicly said that Kanu has done nothing that is offence to the Nigerian constitution. He seems to be deaf to voice of reason because there is a voice of hatred echoing in his head.

There are many people making one demand or another in Nigeria, they have all taken up arms, destroying properties and kidnapping foreigners which a part of Biafra as illustration. In a quest to control the resource in our states, they took up arms and finally amnesty was cracked out. Militants in southern Biafra destroyed government oil installations, killed soldiers and soldiers killed back. The event played out because they demanded something from the Nigerian government. Boko Haram came up with a demand, they bombed and maimed people, destroying properties and lives of innocent people. Soldiers are vehemently killed and millions got displaced. A part of Nigeria was turned down and with just time, Boko Haram will spread to other parts of Nigeria and nothing will stop them. Boko Haram took up arms in demand of something and Nigerian government is begging them for a round table talk.

In 1999, MASSOB was inaugurated by Col Joe Achuzia and Uwazurike took the leadership of MASSOB. The aim of MASSOB was to restore Biafra but along the line, MASSOB went astray and involved in so many unlawful acts. Kidnapping for ransom and high rate of indiscipline was recorded under MASSOB. Until Uchenna Madu took over the reign of MASSOB, it was a threat to the immediate society. Now Nnamdi Kanu took the centre stage for the restoration of Biafra, very much a learned guy. Recall he studied in London and managed white men in what I will describe as offering wisdom to them. Instead of taking up arms like every other person, he wisely took up media. He opened a radio station in substitution for arsenal and chose to make use of his mouth instead of making use of trigger. He laid everything bare on the altar of freedom of speech.

He decided to behave differently and avoid the way every other person had followed. Firstly, radio Biafra was to sensitize Biafrans on the need to be law-abiding and disciplined, shun violence or anything that will be offensive to local and international laws. The aim of Radio Biafra was to educate Biafrans and wider world, disclose histories we never knew and set the pace for reconciliation. The major thing about radio Biafra that should be praised is truth, if Saduana of Sokoto said Biafrans should be hated, relegated and chased away. There is need to let us know hence we become careful and follow him with equal measure.

Kanu has never killed or anyone killed for him, he has never coerced anyone into unlawful act neither has anyone coerced him. He has followed due process and strictly relevant laws. Biafrans were sensitized to an extent that millions could come out in a protest and not a single pin will be lost. Nigerians have killed unarmed and peaceful Biafra protesters, there have been provocations of all kinds but Kanu’s people continued being lawful and peaceful in-tune with what Kanu taught them. Instead of praising and encouraging Kanu, Justice John Tosho chose to immorally and partially handle the case of such man with such record. Justice John Tosho must understand that Buhari to have paid him to jail Kanu will only affect posterity very badly. People must look at Kanu and follow his ideology of talking matter than gunning or bombing matter. Let Justice John Tosho not tell the younger generation and this generation that going about demands without gun and bomb will land you into prison. We are curiously watching how this will finally churn out, if freedom of speech will land us in prison then there is need to start thinking otherwise.


  1. everybody knows de truth and truth shall prevail wwhether tosho like it or not.


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