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Sunday 21 February 2016


By Eze Oluchukwuamaka Adaeze
For Family Writers

There are many ways to constantly suppress someone and remain in charge of them. Some of these ways include physical strength, political ability, socio-economic strength, language strength and Image power! The Americans, the British and other developed countries have evolved through these processes and realized that the best way to enslave someone is by DAMAGING their IMAGES and Idolize yours so that they will rather die protecting your image than theirs. It is called “Mental Slavery”.
Studies have proven that psychological slavery is far more effective than physical colonization.

In the case of Africa in large, the whites came and made us first; detest our color, hate our language and murder our culture. By constantly preaching to us how salvageous and barbaric we are in nature, with time we believed them and got to the stage of hating whom we really are. We gave in to their all wishes and adopted their method of Religion, language and even mode of dressing plus general lifestyle. The food we eat and how we eat them, the way we speak and how we should speak etc.

This state of inferiority complex did not just happened; it started with the colonization, then the subtle but consistent flagging of our culture as unworthy of human beings. When they were certain that their mental slavery has taken 100% effect, they pretended to have given us Independence (ofcourse we all knows the truth of who are still in charge of African government in totality).

Having stated the obvious; I wish to bring this Image mental slavery to the Nigeria/Biafra situation.

When Nigeria was created, even the creator was convinced that it is a set time bomb that would eventually blow. Why because; the culture and religion of the West-North and South-East people were completely in opposite. Prior to colonization by the British Government, the South-East has a decentralized administrative system which was characterized by the principle of acephalous (absence of a centralized government).

It is therefore a chiefless society which was segmentary and egalitarian in nature. There was no supreme king like Oba and Emirs in the North. With this system, they accommodated all at the same time, leaving nobody agitated or the feeling of being left out. The opposite is the said to be of the Northern and Western region who had already instituted central Power in the form of the Emirs and the Obas.

Nevertheless, they went on and merged the four regions together. They have also foreseen the Intellectual prowess of the South/East people. How ambitious and hardworking they are. They knew that if they ally with the South/East, within a short period of time, they will be dragging the world’s power with them (just like the case of China today). This quest for total control pushed them to ally with the North/West people who seemly are less ambitious but power hungry.

But, my interest is not in all these at all. My interest lies with the mental damage they have caused the conjoined four regions; subtly, they imbibed into us lies that bind. They encouraged other ethnic groups (North-West) to see the South-East to be the enemy whose sole purpose is to rule them and deprive them of their right, which if the table is turned, is what is happening to the South-East indigenes today.

They branded the South-Easterner names like; Money mongers, Power thirsty, Travelers, Business Brains, selfish, too much hard-workers, domineering etc. Truth be told; the mentioned name and more were actually a good quality any nation is supposed to have in-order to be relevant, but the Igbos as the South-Easterner is generally referred to as; blessed with those attributes caused the colonial masters to see it as evil.

Funny enough, same attributes were what the colonial masters have that spurred them to leave their continent in search of virgin continents to conquer and rule. These same attribute was what helped them build their countries to the enviable positions they occupy today. They Idolized and immortalized their Images by constantly encouraging us to see nothing good in ours. Everything WHITE is of GOD but everything BLACK is of the DEVIL. (What an irony), Mental slavery indeed. I recommend you watch “MEN who built AMERICA” documentary.

Same South-Easterners whom they were afraid of never cared to initially fight back until Ojukwu like a voice in the Wilderness sounded a wake-up call to his people. But due to the level of mental slavery of the Nigerians by their slave masters, even within the citizens of the South-Easterners, sabotage became the result. After the war, they nailed the coffin that they wished will bury us permanently by building distrust and resentment between the Southerners and the Easterners. They encouraged them not to trust each other. They told them they are not trust worthy. They sell to them whom they should be instead of whom they are. Many bought their lies and merchandized the quest for the Independence of the People of Biafra which of cause heightened the popular brand they gave us “Never trust an Igbo man To Lead You”. Why are they so Afraid of IGBO BIAFRAN?

When it seemed like all hope is lost, another voice in the wilderness, this time 100% more sincere, committed and passionate about the sovereignty of Biafra sounded a call that Billions spread across continents have answered. They have given IPOB many names like cult group, miscreants, jobless etc yet the call still resound stronger every day. This very man is Director Nnamdi Kanu. The man the federal court of Nigeria wishes to Judge by using masked witness!

Those same people who were lied to about trusting an Igbo Biafran man, those people who are constantly reminded of  having nothing in common with the East are beginning to realize that these lies was set up by the colonial masters so that they can still be in charge of the ill-formed country called Nigeria. They have decided to come back together again and become the formidable family they were before the intruder set in to destroy their trust of each other. It is easier to break a single broom stick, try breaking a bunch of tied broom sticks…

South-East are one they sing, we are tired of your divide and rule methodology. This time, your media power cannot limit or scatter us anymore. Although we have value for lives and properties, we believe in live lets live system but you have pushed us to the wall by constantly killing us while we protest unarmed for our freedom. You wish us to hate the Hausa/Fulanis and the Yorubas who happened to share common boundaries with us by inciting them to act as instruments in your hands. We know the truth but the fact remains that ENOUGH is ENOUGH. If the afore mentioned choses to remain ignorant of your mental slavery, we will fight back to regain our freedom first, then you will have more reasons to be afraid of us.

As reported by the “Nnamdi Kanu: Militants declare war on FG Call on United Nations to prevail on govt” Initially, they were instructed by the Nigerian Government not to report on anything that has to do with Biafra.  But today… No headline news is complete without the mention of Biafra struggle to becoming a sovereign Nation.

South-East is one and has embraced the pursuit of Biafra. But the slave masters still wishes, Nigerians and the entire African nations to beg them to give their endorsement before this will happen. Yet we have intellects in Africa, Nigeria, and Biafra land. Is it not time we embrace ourselves and be independent of the slave masters? Are we not tired of being constantly reminded that we worth nothing without them, that they remain superior to us? Are we not tired of being humiliated and insulted? How we go through eyes of the needle just to secure a visa to their countries yet they can come into our country anyhow and anytime they wish with less stress. Are we not tired of being SLAVES?

This is not just a wake-up call for IPOB but to Africa in whole. Let us call to end this mental slavery because we have all it takes to lead them in return if we so wish. Before God, all humans are equal whether Black or white. We have what they don’t have, the human capacity, natural resources and beautiful cultures. Arise Africa, Arise IPOB, arise the rest of the North-Westerners. Restore the dignity and beauty of Africa which has been bastardized for such a long time.
#FreeNnamdiKanu #FreeBiafra #FreeAfrica

1 comment

  1. Of course the wind has blown, the covered secrets are uncovering all the lies that bind. Africa wake up.


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