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Sunday 14 February 2016



Our world is changing from good to evil because good men consciences are scarred with hot iron. What we are suffering today in the post 9/11 world system is mostly due to the negligence of yesterday’s leaders towards grooming and breeding of evil. Today the world is watching and muted at the emergence and resurgence of a Hitler in Nigeria, General Mohammadu Buhari and his state sponsored terrorism over Biafrans that is ongoing now in Nigeria. The Hitler of Nigeria has chosen to hit hard on Biafrans on the street with his Army which comprise soldiers and incorporated and conscripted Boko Harams members. While most state actors create terrorists cells separately for their evil machinations and interests as we see today in Arab world, Nigerian Hitler, General Buhari is rather incorporating the Boko Haram terrorists group into the state own Army for jihadist purposes against Biafrans. With dual intentions of killing Biafrans in Nigerian Army serving in North East and to post the conscripted Boko Haram foot soldiers down to Biafraland for massacre of Biafrans, as they have been doing almost every day with the latest on 9th February, 2016 at Aba that saw the downing of over
22 protesters.
Biafran Peaceful Pretester brutally gunned down

While the pre 1939 world leaders frowned at German Hitler and brought to a stop his callousness. The post 9/11 world leaders of our time (Obama, Cameron, Ban Ki moon etc) are sponsoring the Nigerian Hitler to cause as much damage as possible on Biafrans, with Barak Obama donating 24 armoured tanks to Buhari and David Cameron donating 17 Snipers, what else does this HITLER want?   

Why will the world supervise the theatre of pogrom preparation meant for the extermination of Biafrans just as Adolf Hitler carried out the Jewish Holocaust of 1941 to 44? Is the world not aware that the next step this Nigerian Hitler attempts to carry out is Biafran holocaust; since the world denies  the genocide of 1967-1970 on Biafrans, which HITLER Buhari was one of the master minds. All the materials and plans are already on the table of Britain and Obama (who defied all odds to install a certified terrorist as president in Nigeria, despite not being qualified) for approval. As we speak, the gradual implementation of this heinous plans is on; from the recent shooting of armless Biafran protesters on a football field praying with BBC, CNN, VOA ALJAZEERA, etc not reporting on it. The world leaders have soon forgotten that the serpent they refuse to kill will sometime turn to dragon. Today you might be enjoying your coffee in Oval Office, 10 Downing Street while Biafrans are downed in their hundreds by your endorsed Hitler, but we assure you that what goes around comes around.
Boko Haram terrorists in the army
Below are some of the strategies employed to speed up Biafran holocaust by the Nigeria Hitler Buhari.
The first attempt towards this plot was the raw approach of moving down captured Boko Haram terrorist prison inmates down to prisons in Biafraland with weak and vulnerable facilities, so as to sneak them into Biafraland at night for mass killing of Biafrans. This attempt was foiled by the eagle eyes of Biafrans which led to mission recruiting of these terrorists into the Nigerian army and moving them to Biafraland for the dirty job of killing anyone that mention Biafra. For rewarding Boko Haram acceptance of the deal, Buhari stated before the members of EU Parliament that he has mandated the army to observed strict human right while dealing with the Boko haram (terrorists), but when it comes to Biafrans, Hitler Buhari instead chose to gruesomely slaughter the armless protesters at their prayer ground with no observation of  even “animal rights”. The Nigerian Hitler and his army should be watched closely by international observers as there is mass relocation of Boko Haram terrorists to Biafra land with the sole aim of using them to annihilate Biafrans. This plot is not hidden as many Biafrans serving in Nigeria army and some of the non Biafrans in Nigeria army have confirmed the plot.  


Biafra land is under occupation now. Biafra land is under siege as these marauders have taken every nooks and crannies of our land, killing, maiming and incarcerating our people for just demanding for Biafra. Many were killed and their remains stolen for no reason by the Nigeria Military. While hospitals were invaded and those taking treatment were whisked away in pains to unknown destinations and nothing has been heard about them till date. It is time the world bodies beam their searchlight on this horror of African  Hitler, Buhari before it is too late. Selling of arms to Nigeria should be halted, because, he is using it to equip his Boko Haram soldiers to kill Biafrans. Hitler Buhari is recruiting Boko Haram terrorist into the army and the world is looking the other way or unconcerned. Let it be known to the whole world that Biafrans warned.

We might not keep watching this Hitler Buhari and his murder squad killing, maiming and incarcerating us, we have right to self-defence as enshrined in UN laws. The world should as a matter of urgency call Hitler Buhari to order before he drags west African sub-region into an open pit of hell which will leave all in regrets. We Biafrans are peace loving people that only ask for our freedom as enshrined in UN charter. This request does not amount to treason. 

Written  By  Okoro Austine

Edited  By  Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa

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