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Saturday 27 February 2016

THE HYPOCRITE: Ohaneze Ndigbo’s Failed Plan

THE HYPOCRITE:  Ohaneze Ndigbo’s Failed Plan

By Eze Oluchukwuamaka Adaeze
For Family writers

The headline news reads “BIAFRA:  Ohaneze Ndigbo holds talk with the presidency over Kanu”

( )

And I asked which Kanu are they referring to? Who solicited for their support? Whose course are they running and in whose interest because I am very sure that an average Igbo Biafran don’t know the body called Ohaneze Ndigbo. Who are they? What do they stand for? What is their Mission statement? Who do they represent? What is their landmark? What have they done for Ndi-Igbos?

How can this social group of Old betrayals claims to be working for the interest of the Director of Radio Biafra who has been under the CHAINS by the Nigerian government? Have they forgotten so soon? Let me refresh their mind a bit. On November 20th, 2015; this same group of miscreants released a press statement which Dr. Chris Elumomunoh in Awka said that Biafra died in 1970 when Gen. Philip Effiong surrendered to the Nigerian troops. In his words and I quote “NO RIGHT THINKING PERSON WOULD SUPPORT THE MADNESS BY THE YOUTHS WHO WERE BEING DECIEVED TO ENGAGE IN SOMETHING THEY CANNOT FINISH” (Http://

On February 12th, 2016, Ohanze Ndigbo in another press release said that Biafra is dead! (

Let me state but a few. Please beat me dear reader, how could a group hold talk to release someone whom they have denied, ostracized, condemned, wished bad and above all FIGHT AGAINST HIS LIFE MISSION OF RESTORING THE SOVEREIGNTY OF BIAFRA? Their actions could be justified assuming same person you claim to fight for has denounced his earlier stand or even has requested for your help. OHANEZE NDIGBO! Why are you crying more than the bereaved? Are you the only social group in existence in Biafra land? How many of them have been fooling around like you? Why are you posing as if Biafra is Igbo affair? Igbo is just a tribe out of other tribes that Biafra nation is blessed with.

Why are you talking from the two corners of your mouth? Today you ‘Reject’ Kanu and his activities, tomorrow; you are demanding that the federal government should release him? Who sent you? I am certain that no member of the IPOB have ever approached your dead social group for any type of help or sought for your assistance in any way.
When Ohaneze Ndigbo realized that Nnamdi Kanu is winning his case, they sought for a means to sell their own blood by Bribing and incorporating UWAZURUIKE to be the MASKED witness against Nnamdi Kanu. Of course your plot was unveiled and you want to cover your atrocities with CHAMELEON like action; trying to deceive the world to think that we are pursuing same course.

THE WORLD LISTEN! Ohaneze Ndigbos are FRAUDSTERS who will do anything to get their pocket constantly full with bribe from the Nigerian Federal government. They will stop at nothing in carrying out the bids of their buyers. If they could sell their own son Nnamdi Kanu, then be certain that they can do more than the current BOKO HARAM Terrorists if the doors to their flow-in of corrupt money are closed.

Nnamdi Kanu will certainly be free if the Justice is allowed to take place. We the IPOBs, have never and will never SOLICIT for the help of these corrupt SHYLOCKS. They are pursuing their own personal interest which we will do everything possible to mitigate because they are not in the interest of a common Igbo Biafran man. They are thieves and looters and BIAFRA as a nation found in Righteousness and Purity will not accommodate such adulterated corrupt groups. We are not afraid of their GUNS!
#Bafra_or_Death #FreeBiafra #FreeNnamdiKanu #Biafra_is_Real #No_Going_Back.


  1. Nne thanks for this post. God bless you. All hail great Biafra.

  2. I don't know who and what ohaneze stands for in this case. They should just stop fooling themselves. But I wonder why those so called elders are not ashamed of themselves, they have collect 500 naira each just for snuff and local tobacco. I don't want to write further, lest I insult somebody; but they should please stay away from this issue. Its more than what they think, not the Biafra they have sold, this is a new Biafra for youthful minds. In Biafra I stand.

  3. Iseeeeeeeeeee God bless Nnamdi Kanu! God bless Biafra!! Biafra for life!!!

  4. I can,t just understand why this men that called themselves Ohaneze are so troubled . They should be advice to step aside , and allow the God of Biafrans to perfect His work . This battle is the Lord,s battle and He will fight it to the end . Please allow God to finish His work .


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