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Tuesday 15 March 2016


By Ibeh Gift Amarachi
For Family Writers

The blood sacrifice occurring in Muhammadu Buhari's regime the President of Nigeria, is no coincidence but the overwhelming and heart piercing truth about the reality of several barbaric incidents going on. Buhari has been endeavouring to chain not just Nigerians but Biafrans through his barbaric and evil doings in the murderous establishment called Nigeria.

 One will wonder what this blood sacrifice under Buhari's regime is all about! Buhari and his cohorts should come clean and let the world know the real truth on why;

(1)It took him over a month before moving into Aso Villa after inauguration to carry out his Presidential duties.

(2)Buhari should tell the World why, he has been running away from Aso Rock by travelling to different countries and operating from Daura, if he eventually comes back to Nigeria from his embarrassing and unfortunate trips.

(3)Buhari should come out clean and tell the world the truth on the increase in incessant death with impunity against unarmed people in Nigeria.

(4)The tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's should let the World know, why there was a deadly Bokoharam strike in a Mosque which took away 26 Lives on May 30, that is a day after his Presidential inauguration and why a Suicide Bomber chanted "SAI BUHARI" before striking on the 1st of June, just three days after Buhari's inauguration as President of Nigeria?

  Let me highlight fact wise, Prominent Government officials who died within one Week under tyrant Muhammadu Buhari''s regime;

-8TH MARCH 2016: Two Army Officials who fought hard against Bokoharam who Terrorist Muhammadu Buhari's the Chief sponsor of Bokoharam publicly called the Islamic sect his Brothers,Major General Yusha'i Mahmood Abubakar the Chief Of Training and Operatives(Army) and Brigadier General MSA Aliyu the Acting General Officer Commanding 3 Division Nigerian Army,were killed in an Auto Crash along Maduiguri-Damaturu road.

-6TH OF MARCH 2016: Nigerian minister of State for Labour James Ocholi, who refused to join the delegates with Buhari to Saudi Arabia and Qatar to sign the Nigeria Islamization agreement died alongside with his Wife and Son in an auto crash, along Kaduna-Abuja road. It is paramount to state that, the Car which took away his Life, was a gift from tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's the President of Nigeria presented to him by same Chris Ngige the Minister for Labour and Employment, who collapsed while submitting Labour Budget in House of Assembly.

-10TH MARCH 2016: All Progressive Congress (APC) Vice-Chairman Ali Danmaray died in his Home, without true details of his death.

 It is needful some other tragic blood sacrifices are stated here, in other to let the world know why The Indigenous People of Biafra can no longer be forced to remain in this blood sucking murderous establishment called Nigeria

-FORMER KOGI STATE GOVERNOR-Former Governor Abubakar Audu of Kogi State who immediately after his election victory died mysteriously. He suddenly took ill and was being rushed to Abuja preparing to being flown abroad when he died on the 22 of November 2015. What a sacrificial lamb for the evil blood suckers in Nigeria!

-IPOB PROTESTERS: The Indigenous People of Biafra have recorded over One Thousand (1000) deaths of IPOB unarmed peaceful protesters, who were killed by tyrant Buhari's killing squad in disguise of Army. Some were killed while protesting from different regions in Biafra Land, whilst others killed in a Prayer procession, as in the case of National High School Aba on the 9th of February 2016. Over 13 IPOB with Biafra Flags were murdered by Buhari's boys and thrown into a Borrow pit and upon till today, Dictator Buhari's Government kept mute over this barbaric act.

12TH DECEMBER 2015 SHITE MUSLIM MASSACRE- Over Seven Hundred(700) Shiite Muslims were killed by terrorist Muhammadu Buhari's personal force,  men disguising to be Army officers and no apology was recorded to be tendered, rather he promised to clampdown on them if need be through his Boys.

BOKO HARAM KILLINGS- This is the World's deadliest sect, Buhari fought for when he rebuked Federal Government of Nigeria from trying to stop them and then pretentiously deceived Nigerians by promising he was going to stop the evil operations of the deadly sect when voted as a President. After his Election smuggling victory, Nigeria has recorded the deadliest attacks and death toll. A day after his inauguration, a deadly attack which took away Twenty six (26) Lives in a Mosque occurred. Two days later another attack took place, when a suicide Bomber chanted his name "Sai Buhari" before striking which took the Lives of 13. Two days later Eighteen (18) people were killed through another Bomb Blast in Maduguiri. Upon till today, there is still a dicey game exhibition between the chief of Army staff, minister of Information and Buhari over putting an end to Boko haram insurgency.

OGONI MASSACRE- over Fifty deaths were recorded, at Yeghe and Bori in Ogoni Rivers State, after tyrant Buhari's blood Suckers called Nigeria Army, invaded the area and killed innocent souls with impunity. When Turkur Buratai was confronted over this act against humanity, he justified it and tendered no apology.

AGATU BENUE STATE KILLING: The Agatu Benue State Killing carried out by Buhari's Boys in form of Fulani herdsmen, which took the Lives of over Two Hundred (200) indigenes of Benue State. The Fulani evil herdsmen invaded Benue State with sophisticated weapons, Children, Men and Women were massacred and sent to their untimely graves, by Fulani evil herdsmen and upon till today, nobody under Buhari's regime has deemed it fit to speak against such evil act.

Buhari's Government should come out clean and let the world know, what is truly going on in Nigeria and Biafra land. The nefarious acts, painful untimely death records and unforgivable evil against humanity in Buhari's regime should be explained to the World, because soonest the Truth must prevail.

1 comment

  1. The writer should always crosscheck his write up before posting. This particular one and other subsequent once are having some errors. please we are yet to get to 15th December, 2016 as regards to the shite paragraph.

    Thank you.


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