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Thursday 31 March 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

Information from a reliable source has revealed that MTN Telecommunication Company has joined alliance with the Nigerian government to track down all phone calls and text messages of IPOB members and other genuine Pro-activists working tirelessly for the restoration of Biafra. One begins to wonder why a whole MTN would choose to drag its name to the mud just to please genocidal Nigerian government since IPOB is neither a terrorist group nor violent group.

Since the inception of Buhari as President of Nigeria, there has been a severe friction in the relationship between MTN and Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) as a result of failure MTN to deactivate 5.2million unregistered telephone lines before a deadline that was given. Subject to that, the NCC imposed a fine on MTN stating that they must pay 5.2billion dollars. MTN, afraid to lose over 10million subscribers in Nigeria have been in secret talks with the attorney general of the federation to see if the fine which seems too huge for the company to meet up with can be reduced.

The Nigerian government is said to be taking advantage of this weak point on the side of MTN to lure them into releasing vital informations on communications among IPOB members whose organised protests and activities is a giant tormentor to the evil practices of Buhari led government. As our source reveals, MTN using their Global Position System (GPS) network, are to tap into all calls and text messages of Biafran activists and making use of their sim cards in Nigeria after which they would submit the acquired informations to the Nigerian State Security service- SSS/DSS who would begin to abduct the activist base on the acquired information. It is not surprising that the fine imposed on MTN has now been drastically reduced to $3.9bn while several Biafran activists have continued to be secretly abducted, killed and buried in mass graves in several parts of Biafra land by unknown persons in the past few days.

This disclosed conspiracy between MTN and Nigerian government has sparked outrage among millions of Biafrans in Nigeria who have already threatened to destroy all their MTN sim cards.

In a related development, the spokesperson of Nigeria House of Representatives in a telephone interview he granted to Bloomberg media outfit has disclosed that they are investigating why MTN would seek negotiation with the attorney general instead of the NCC that imposed the fine on them. He went further to disclose that House of representatives has agreed that MTN must now pay $10.4bn doubling the amount imposed by NCC which was $5.2bn.

 Meanwhile Biafrans have described the decision of the Johannesburg-based MTN to sabotage the divinely ordained and mandated Biafra restoration as a "SUICIDAL MISSION" We are therefore calling on all Biafrans to boycott MTN for security reasons.


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