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Thursday 3 March 2016

Five Killed as Yorubas Clashes with Hausa traders in Lagos

Five Killed as Yorubas Clashes with Hausa traders in Lagos

Published By Family Writers

No fewer than five persons were killed and several cars vandalized on Thursday in an inter-ethnic clash between Hausa and Yoruba traders at the popular Mile 2 area of Lagos.

Scores of people with varying degrees of injuries.

The clash lasted for hours before soldiers of the Nigerian Army and police personnel drawn from Rapid Response Squad (RRS) and Area H, restored peace to the area.

The fracas started off as a quarrel between Northerners and some Yoruba traders before it quickly escalated, claiming lives and properties, including the destruction of stalls and cars.

For hours, the rampaging factions armed with dangerous and offensive weapons like guns, broken bottles, cutlasses wrecked havoc on the market, destroying and burning down stalls.

THISDAY gathered that the clash was caused by an Hausa motorcyclist who hit a female trader and attempted to flee to safety despite pressure by passers-by to take her to the hospital.

Egged on by his fellow Northern motorcyclists, who had by then besieged the scene, the bike rider allegedly refused to offer help, insisting that the union of motorcyclist should do so.

The Okada rider was said to have reasoned that since the union was always quick to collect tolls from them, they should also take care of the hospital bills from accumulated tax.

Angered by the standoffish attitude of the riders, an argument ensued and later led to a fight, after the Yoruba traders left only to regroup and come back.

Having regrouped, they invaded the market, chanting war songs as they allegedly attacked the Hausa traders, who were mostly at the area where tomatoes, beans and pepper are sold.

In the process, several stalls were burnt, while three Hausa traders were said to have been killed.

1 comment

  1. They should kill themselves for all i care. #BirdsOfSameFeather
    Where 2 or 3 Hausa/Fulani are gathered in the name of allah, Bloodshed is there.
    That's how they go about causing havoc, killing innocent people in their fatherland.


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